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It’s scary to think what Remy Ma will be teaching the child she’s currently carrying. On “State of The Culture,” where she serves as a panelist, she’s made some incredibly ridiculous statements. Statements that can only be described as anti-Black and anti-women. In addition to her defending Bill Cosby, a convicted rapist, against the many sexual assault accusations, saying it’s ok for White people to use the N-word if they’re doing it without hate, now she’s speaking about R. Kelly. And given the other two examples, I’m sure you can imagine that it’s problematic.

In the most recent episode of “State of the Culture,” the panel spoke about the upcoming Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly. All of Remy’s cohosts seemed to be on the same page.

Scottie Beam said he needed to be banished. Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins said he believes he’s a monster. Joe Budden acknowledged that he had enough information to say that R. Kelly did the things he’s been accused of.

“So he went to trial for it before. We had video of him intimate with an underage girl…I didn’t look like…most rapists don’t eat your ass. So you get acquitted and you still get banished and you’re still a monster…”

“Even the lair that you’re talking about it wasn’t the women that were complaining it was the mothers…It’s so weird that we live in a world where women and men do some sick sh*t and they be with it. If your daughter’s 14, 15, 16, 17 and she wants to f*ck a guy who’s twenty anything and thirty anything, you’re fighting against it. I’m not saying that he’s right…But from history he’s been labeled as being illiterate. He’s talented but he’s not the brightest person… I remember that first case with the urination and all that, it was sort of in his defense. I’m not taking either side…How do you combat somebody who likes younger women…What about the parents that are okay with it?

Is it also the climate right now? For anybody who’s been accused of any type of abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse. There’s this movement and rally to bring them all down… I’m a little bit more cautious with using certain words like “got away with it” because I know how this society works. ‘Oh we missed you last time so now we’re going to get you this time.’ In some instances, you get convicted whether you’re innocent or not. You got convicted, you’re guilty. Or you get not convicted but somebody accuses you of some sh*t and we believed it, you’re still guilty. I’ve known people who’ve been in that situation, so I have to use words like alleged…or ‘If this is true.’ I just want to take that into consideration too.”

The disappointment is real. Not only because Remy’s comments put onus on teenage girls and her parents instead of the grown ass man sleeping with them. But also because it’s clear that her opinion is an uninformed one. I understand that America is quick to condemn people. The court of public opinion weighs heavily on a person’s perceived guilt or innocence. But there are too many facts staked against R. Kelly for us to be taking these allegations as hearsay. I’m not going to run them down anymore because we’ll be here all day. But from Aaliyah and the illegal marriage, to the women who’ve spoke out recently, to Kelly’s own ex-wife, to the decades worth of research journalists have unearthed about Kelly’s settled cases, to people in his camp speaking openly about his sickness, there’s more than enough evidence to point to R. Kelly’s sickness and the abuse he’s inflicted on Black women for decades.

And while her own interaction with the law might give her a different perspective on all of this, the least Remy could do was direct her inquiries to the right person. The girls, regardless of their willingness to be with R. Kelly, have nothing to do with his alleged abuse. The fact that they’re underage or being physically abused, is enough to absolve them of blame. And it’s unfortunate that she’d rather call the justice system into question and speak about the fickleness of public opinion than discuss the ramifications of these alleged actions or at the very least, the impact a relationship with R. Kelly has had on these women.

Another week, another letdown. You can watch Remy’s comments in the video below.

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