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When a man decides that he wants to marry a woman, he’ll pull out all the stops to make the magical moment when he asks that burning question a truly unforgettable one. But what about the time leading up to the proposal? Specifically, how do you even know that he’s about to propose to you at all?

Luckily, there are signs to look for that will tell you all you need to know regarding whether your guy is ready to ask you to spend eternity together. From the subtle to the overt, there are key behavioral traits and actions your man will display when he’s about to pop the question.

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He Plans A Top-Secret Trip

There’s always time for a baecation with you and your boo, but when your guy is ready to propose he may exhibit different vacation behavior than in the past. If he’s designated himself to be in charge of everything about the trip and he’s being all around secretive about what the trip entails, then you might want to be on guard.

Planning something special while keeping you in the dark about the details is one of the more obvious ways to be on alert that a proposal in near. To be safe, make sure you pack a few of your best dresses and lingerie, just in case you have something to celebrate while you’re there.


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He’s Constantly Talking About Your Future

Many men shy away from talking about the future concerning their relationship, which means that if your man is doing the opposite then something may be up. If he’s talking about your relationship years from now, mentioning starting a family or how he would like to be married someday, then he’s already throwing out some serious hints.

When he starts to discuss the future, engage him, but still play it cool and allow him to go through with the big finish…asking you to marry him. Talking about the future also lets you know of what you can expect when you do indeed get married because he’s already expressing what he wants.

Ready To Propose 4

Black couple paying bills. (via Getty)

He’s Curbed His Spending Habits

Look, an engagement ring is a very expensive purchase, especially if your soon-to-be fiancée has lavish taste. This means that unless your man is balling out of control, he’s more than likely going to have to save up for your ring.

If you’ve noticed that he’s shopping less, not going out as much or has stopped traveling as frequently, then he might be saving his paychecks for an engagement ring you’ll absolutely love.

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He Casually Asks Your Ring Size

There’s really not completely subtle way to ask this question, but he may try anyway. You could be on the sofa having a intense Netflix bingeing session, when he asks your ring size out of the blue. Well, that’s a question that always has a purpose behind it, so be on high alert.

The key thing to do is keep calm when you answer him. Just as casually as he asked, answer him the same way so that you don’t make him nervous and throw him off his plans to propose to you properly.

Ready To Propose 6

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He’s Having A Lot Of Conversations With Your Family Without You Around

If you’re lucky enough to have a traditional man, the he’s going to want to propose to you in a very traditional way. This usually means that he wants to ensure that he has the blessings of your family to marry you before he actually asks.

Notice him hanging out with your family or talking/texting with them on the phone without your knowledge? Then, he’s definitely up to something and that something is probably setting the stage for a family-approved proposal.


Ready To Propose 7

Groom pouring champagne for bride, bridesmaids and best man, smiling. (via Getty)

He Starts Commenting On Other Married Couples

Whether he’s commenting on the married friends in your circle or mentioning the married couples in your family or his, openly expressing his feelings, positive of course, about married couples means he’s thinking along those same lines.

Listen to him closely. Is he verbally admiring the way another couple maintains their marriage? Has he mentioned that he’s asked a married couple for their tips to making their union last? If so, not only is he likely getting ready to ask for your hand, but he’s also serious about making the marriage last.

Ready To Propose 8

African American couple laying on lounge chair. (via Getty)

He’s Been Reminiscing About Your Relationship

When you’re getting ready to embark on a major life decision, it’s normal to start reminiscing about the past. This is especially true regarding relationships.

If you start to notice that your guy has been extra sentimental lately and talking about the origins of your relationship and how you ultimately fell in love, he’s probably more ready than you think to get down on one knee.

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He’s Not Hanging With His Friends As Much

With such a major life change looming over him, your man might need a lot more time to himself to focus on what he’s about to do. This could signal that he cut out the time he would usually spend with his friends and instead choose to be with you as much as possible.

Besides, men (single and married) have a tendency to try to talk  other men out of getting married and you certainly don’t want that negativity ruining your impending proposal.

Ready To Propose 10

Young couple in bedroom with birthday cake. (via Getty)

A Special Date Is Approaching

An upcoming special date could be just the reason he needs to finally ask you to marry him. Whether it’s your birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, a special date for the two of you is a very romantic time to get engaged.

Get your calendar out and check to see what special dates are coming up and be prepared for something major to happen. Don’t let him know though, keep it to yourself and let his plans unfold just as he intended.

Ready To Propose 11

Happy African American man proposing to his girlfriend at home. (via Getty)

His Behavior Has Become Increasingly Secretive And Nervous

Now, before you start to confuse this behavior with the possibility that he’s cheating or some other relationship indiscretion, take a step back and consider all the other signs leading up to it.

If he’s been acting secretive and nervous, coupled with some of the other potential engagements signs, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. This is a clear sign that he’s attempting to pull off a proposal you won’t forget, so try not to get to annoyed at his change in behavior. After all, it’s for a great reason!

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