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Maternal love meaning mixed race mother and daughter rubbing noses on front stoop

Maternal love is an amazing thing. Sorry dads but, no matter how great you are, your bond with your kid doesn’t hold a candle to that between a mother and her child. Moms carry babies in their bodies for nine months. Moms go through hell to produce that little life. And while dads would do anything to protect their children, moms would possibly, somehow, do more. You don’t grow something inside of you and let anything harm it. If we can make one broad, sweeping statement right now that we all know to be rather true: people tend to be a bit closer to their moms than their dads (though, there are ways to fix that). Maybe it’s because moms hover, cling, and call constantly that we finally just give in and let them in. To every part of our lives. Maybe it’s because dads believe we’ll be just fine either way. I don’t know exactly what the science behind it is but here is how maternal love is different and stronger than any other kind.

prenuptial agreement holding baby son applying face cream in mirror

That baby is a piece of you

The mother’s body made that baby, who turned into that child, who turned into that adult. A mother will always feel that her child is an appendage of her body. That child happened because the mother’s body was one that turned into two. There is nothing like that connection.

maternal love meaning race mother comforting upset baby son

The child didn’t ask for life

Moms have this complex and deep understanding that their children didn’t ask to be born—moms made the choice to create that life and so, they feel a responsibility to make it the best life. Any time their child hurts, in any way, they feel it’s their fault because they brought the child into this earth. So they will not stop until the child is happy again.

kids eating healthy American mother preparing lunch for children

The child always eats first

If you’re a mom then you know your child always eats first. Even if she’s an adult, and she likes what you ordered more than what she ordered, you give her your food. When she was little, you’d wake up starving, and spend an hour making your children breakfast before you had one bite.

maternal love meaning and baby sleeping

The child always sleeps first

Moms will sleep in a position that is completely uncomfortable for them—that they really can’t sleep in—if that’s the position that their child is most comfortable snuggling in. Moms will sit up next to their sick child all night, to soothe them into sleep.

maternal love meaning standing with mother, looking away

Moms will go mama bear on your *ss

Moms will behave in ways they wouldn’t normally behave in order to defend their child. Moms will use physical force if they must to get an aggressive human or animal away from their child. You don’t want to feel the wrath of a protective mother.

kids eating healthy child

Moms are in pain when the child is

When the child is in pain, the mom is in pain—whether that’s emotional or physical. You know when you go through your breakup or lose your job, your mom is on the case of making you feel better. She considers it her full-time job to get you back to a good place. She can’t think of anything else until you’re better.

maternal love meaning walking together on city street

If it were the hubby or the child’s life…

Moms love their baby daddies but…if they had to choose between letting one or the other live, it would be bye-bye daddy. That’s just a fact.

a chronic illness in childhood checking temperature of sick daughter

Moms go into full-on doctor mode

If you’re sick, your mom goes into full-on doctor mode. She’ll call you five times a day and email you a get-well regiment. If she can be there, she’ll move into the guest room until you’re better. She made that body and she will keep it in optimal condition.

maternal love meaning of a cheerful young father helping his son to ride his bike outside during the day

Moms will give you all their money

Moms will forego their own spa day, new purse, or trip with friends to make sure you can afford to go on the class trip, or to summer camp, or to take piano lessons.

maternal love meaning African American mother holding her stomach

Moms sacrifice their vanity

Dads don’t make any sacrifices in the looks department to have or raise kids. Moms give up their bodies to make children—most of them never get their pre-baby body back, and they’re okay with that. They’ll develop bags under their eyes, responding to their child’s every cry in the middle of the night.

family time ideas father is carrying his daughter on his back and the mother is giving the son a piggy back in the garden on an idyllic sunny day.

Moms facilitate the father/child relationship

Let’s be real: moms play a big role in building and sustaining the father/child relationship. Sometimes dads just don’t know how to talk to their kids or build the bond, and the moms have to guide them.

maternal love meaning and daughter

Moms always know

Your mom always knows when you’re in love, when you’re not in love with your partner, when you’re in the wrong industry, when a friend is taking advantage of you. They just know.

maternal love meaning black mother and her small girl talking while using computer at home.

A child is a mother’s life

The moment a mom brings a child into this world, that child is her life. No decision is made without considering the child. The mom is just not one person anymore—she’s two people now. If she has three kids, then she’s four people.

maternal love meaning view of loving mom and her adorable preschool age daughter enjoyed a glass of iced tea on their front porch.

Moms demand the best for their child

Moms cannot remain silent when they feel their child should have a romantic partner who treats them better, a raise at work, or improvements done on their apartment by their landlord. They’re badgers for their kids.

family time ideas

Happy family in park

The child’s comfort always comes first

Moms will give you the bed and take the couch. They’ll give you the window seat on the plane so you can snooze on it, and they’ll suffer in the middle seat. If you’re uncomfortable, your mom is uncomfortable knowing it, so there’s never any point in her putting her comfort before yours.

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