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Quad Webb


If you’ve been staying tuned to Season 5 of Married to Medicine, then you already know that Quad Webb-Lunceford and husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford have been going through it. During the season finale, Quad and Dr. G basically found themselves discussing whether or not they needed to divorce due to their marital struggles. He has been asking her to have a child with him for years, and she not only wants him to stop being emotionally vacant, but also desires his support to be able to make her aspirations a reality.

“You only think that a wife is strictly supposed to be there for her husband and her husband only,” she said. “And Gregory I’m sorry. I have goals, I have aspirations, I have dreams.”

Not to mention, during part two of the reunion on Friday, it came out that about a year ago, Dr. G found himself being extorted by a woman who he went back to a hotel with. He claims nothing really happened, but the woman took the hotel receipt and said she would use it to get money from him:


And yet, people, including her cast mates (i.e., Toya) have said that they would be able to work on their marriage and through feelings of resentment if she would have given him the child he’s been asking for. The day the second part of the reunion aired, Quad, who is a co-host on TV One’s Sister Circle talk show, addressed those people one last time by letting them know she isn’t going to bring a child into a broken marriage. It was a viewpoint she also shared during the reunion.

“I’ve always wanted to have children and still do want to have children,” she said. “However, I am unselfish enough to know that right now, my marriage and the state of my marriage is not conducive for a positive environment for a child. I am totally responsible for that child once I birth that child. Mentally, physically and emotionally. I would be responsible for that child. This is not the time. I am working diligently on my marriage. But if my marriage does not come to a point where we’re seeing eye to eye and love is festering throughout and manifesting itself, it is not going to happen. So Twitter, sit down. Instagram, please shut up. Facebook, you don’t have any words. Okay? This is my life. I’m going to do what is right for my life and for my child to come.

Quad obviously isn’t the perfect partner. But considering what we’ve recently seen her deal with and that we don’t know and don’t see when it comes to their relationship (again, the hotel extortion story is something that had been hidden), can you blame her for making such a decision when it comes to kids? Whatever you may think of her choice not to have a child soon after they wed in 2012 and he started bringing up the topic, it’s evident that a child is not going to make their situation any better. If they can’t communicate without things having to turn petty (or him reminding her that he’s been taking care of her since the day he met her), continue to feel unsupported and question the trust, which for many, is the foundation of a marriage, they’ll likely grow even further apart. What kind of situation would their son or daughter grow up in? Do we really believe that a child brought into the picture a few years ago would have kept these cracks from being seen and spreading? Yeah, right.

Maybe Quad knew long ago what we’re just now seeing as viewers, which is that her relationship is incredibly fragile. Maybe she sensed things that people outside of the two individuals in a marriage can’t discern. You can’t call it until you’re in it. And as someone already feeling as though she came second in her marriage (to her husband’s work), the responsibility for that child outside of the financial would fall square upon her. So as she said, until they can get on the same page and in a good place, having a kid would not only be irresponsible, but it would also be unfair — to her and her child.

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