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Different personality traits are one of the things that can make a friend group more well-rounded and diverse. Just because your friends are outgoing extroverts, doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have anything in common with them because you prefer to keep to yourself. You will, however, likely have some explaining to do from time to time.

Being antisocial has a negative stigma which can sometimes make it difficult to maintain a friendship. If you’re antisocial — or perhaps just an introvert — chances are you won’t be changing. However, perhaps by recognizing these signs you can make the effort to be more of a social friend and get to the root of your anti-socialism.  Antisocial Slideshow 2

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You Repeatedly Turn Down Invites To Hang Out

You don’t have to be antisocial to turn down a social invite every once and a while, but you are definitely antisocial if you turn down more invitations than you accept.

Engaging in this behavior is one of the quickest ways to ensure you stop being invited at all. At some point, your friends are going to grow tired of your repeated cancellations and begin to take things personal by questioning the solidity of the friendship. It may be tough at first, but try to say ‘yes’ to a few more invites than you currently do to show your friends you care.


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You Rely On Electronic Devices To Avoid Conversation

In today’s digital age, we’ve all been accused of whipping out our phone, tablet or computer to pretend that we’re busy so that we don’t have to have conversations with people we don’t want to talk to.

However, the is a difference between this behavior and using it as a regular crutch because you simply hate making any type of conversation with anyone. Ask yourself why conversation sends you running for the hills and into your antisocial comfort zone. Doing this with strangers is one thing, but you definitely shouldn’t do it with your friends.

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The Thought Of Making New Friends Freaks You Out

Not everyone is a people person and that’s perfectly fine. For those who are antisocial, meeting new people is at the top of their list of things they don’t want to do, but sometimes making a new friend is just what you need.

Since you are an antisocial person, perhaps try easing into making new friendships in the beginning. Just exchange the basics (name, job, interests) and see how comfortable you feel going at your own pace.

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You Feel A Sense Of Relief When Plans Are Cancelled

There are times when you’ve committed yourself to plans with your girls, but you didn’t really want to go anyway, so you’re relieved when those plans get cancelled at the last minute.

Nothing is alarming about this feeling, unless you find yourself feeling this way all the time. Why does hanging out with your friends fill you with so much dread? Ask yourself this question before you make plans with your friends that you secretly hope get cancelled from the beginning.

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You Prefer To Spend Your Free Time Alone

Self-care and me time are real things that we all need on a regular basis. If you need to take some of your cherished free time to spend it alone doing what you need to do to be your best, by all means go for it.

Although, you should know that spending so much time alone is not healthy and also walks the line into becoming a recluse. You may think you don’t want to be around your friends, but once you get out and have fun you’ll realize how much you missed them.


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Extroverted People Annoy You

People are often either envious, irritated or intimidated by people who possess qualities/characteristics that they lack. In this case, as someone who is antisocial, an extrovert may be your worst nightmare. Their outgoing, big personalities that draw people to them is hard for you to grasp because it’s such a stark contrast to who you are.

Unless the extroverted person(s) in question is being annoying or disrespectful, try to let down your guard a bit and give them the benefit of the doubt despite your differences. Maybe you have more in common than you think…if you just give it a chance.

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You Have Trouble Making Eye Contact With Strangers

With the world we live in today and the possibility that eye contact could parlay into unwanted attention, it’s understandable why making contact with strangers may not be at the top of your list of priorities.

On a lighter note, however, making eye contact with the cute guy who’s checking you out or as a gesture of thanks for someone who holds the door open for you, certainly won’t kill you.

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You Either Avoid Social Media Or Make All Your Accounts Private

Social media is just that, a place to be social online. For those who are antisocial, it might not be the most fun place to be. To combat this, you’ve probably developed your own strategy to deal with this modern form of communication.

If avoiding social media completely or setting your personal pages private is what you need to do, continue as you see fit. Honestly, having a limited social media diet may be behavior we all should adopt at some point.

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You Convince Your Friends To Come To You Instead Of Going Out

Since you do love your friends and you don’t want to completely alienate them, you’ve convinced them on a regular basis to come to your house to hang out instead of actually leaving the premises.

This is fine occasionally, but it’s also pretty manipulative and self-serving, as you’re compromising what you’re friends want to satisfy yourself, which is not what friendship is about.

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Repeatedly Ignore Friends Texts/Phone Calls

Sometimes you’re busy, sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered. We’ve all ignored texts and phone calls before, it’s not uncommon. However, when you repeatedly do this to your friends, it might have them questioning if you care about them at all.

During those times that you are busy or need sometime to yourself, sending a quick text to let your friends know won’t take but seconds out of your day…and could let them know how much you appreciate them.

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