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Anyone with a really solid group of friends knows just how hard it is to curate a really solid group of friends. That group did not come easily. You wasted years on some individuals who eventually turned out to be dishonest, disloyal, selfish, or other traits that just didn’t make for a good friend. You met a lot of individuals who were good enough people but you just didn’t have that chemistry—that spark that made you instantly feel comfortable, that made conversation feel smooth and easy, and that made you laugh a lot together. That perfect combination of fun and reliable is very difficult to find. So when you and your partner have to pick up and move, the idea of rebuilding that friend group can be daunting. It’s hard enough to make couple friends when you’ve lived in an area for a long time. Now you have to make them in a brand new place. It’s not impossible, but it is difficult. It’s also essential so, here are tips for making new friends when you and your partner move to a new city.

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Join a sports league

Adult sports leagues aren’t only great, fun ways to get exercise outside the monotony of the gym. They’re also great ways to make friends. Teams usually grab drinks and meals after games and bond over their wins (or losses).

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Look to religion

If you are religious, you can look to your place of worship for friends. Your local religious center probably has regular social events, or opportunities to volunteer with like-minded people.

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Get into volunteering

Even if you aren’t religious, doing a service for those in need is a great way to meet people with the same values and passions as you. Whether you tutor children in need or help at an animal shelter, you’ll meet like-minded people.

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Try meetup groups

There are tons of meetup events in most cities. And, just an insider’s tip, the other people who go to these are often new to the area and looking to make friends.

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Find other expats

Even if you’re not exactly an expat, you’re new to the region. Tell friends and coworkers that, if they know any other couples who are new to town to send them your way. You need each other since everyone else is already so busy with their pre-established friend group.

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Host a plus-one party

Host a party and tell everyone you currently know and like that they can bring a plus-one (hopefully someone they think you’d like). You might nearly double the people you know and like in town.

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Ask to meet the spouse

If you hit it off with a new friend and discover that person is married, ask to meet the spouse. If you like the first person, you’re bound to like the person they married. And you could have a new couple friend.

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Ask for recommendations

Make a post on social media in groups from your old city asking if anyone knows anyone in your new one. People are usually happy to make introductions between folks they know and like.

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Take a class

A continuing education class is a great way to meet other individuals. You’ll not only meet people who A) clearly have a little extra time on their hands but B) have similar interests to yours.

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Join a supper club

Supper clubs are great ways to enjoy phenomenal meals and run into the same group of people regularly. They can be a good alternative to country clubs if you can’t afford those.

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Join a swim/tennis/country club

Of course, if you can afford to join a country club, tennis club, golf club, or swim club, these are great places to make friends. They provide a relaxing environment to hang out and interact with the same rotating group of people.

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Say yes to invitations

Say yes to all invitations. You never know whom you’ll meet. You can’t be as selective about which events you attend when you’re new to town and know nobody.

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Make puppy friends

Get a dog! Dogs are great icebreakers when it comes to making friends. You’ll meet other dog owners in the neighborhood and start arranging doggy play dates or trips to the dog park.

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Lean on coworkers

Your coworkers are a natural network of potential friends. So go with everyone to the after work happy hour. Attend the optional weekend conference.

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Ask for a little help

Don’t be too proud to spread the word that you’re new in town and looking to make new couple friends. If you put what you need out into the universe, it has a way of sending it your way.

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