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Ooooh. Ahhhhh. Loud sex is often associated with pleasure, euphoria, and fun. But what’s the science behind all that noise? Yes, there are scientists who literally study grunts, moans and screams and track the relationship between pleasure, sound and physical reactions.

Time recently compiled research connected to the sounds of sex and this is what we learned:

Grunting Loudly Can Help Your Partner’s Stroke Game

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Lorraine McCune has studied the grunt since 1987. She told Time that the grunt is “a physiological response to exertion, an epiphenomenon occurring when the body needs more oxygen.” She explained there could be consequences to suppressing the sounds, referencing the game consequences an athlete may face if they try to suppress the noise while hitting a ball in tennis.

“When you squash the grunt,” she said, “you’re having to use energy that you could have used for your stroke to suppress a vocalization.”

We Communicate Through Sex Sounds hugging at window

Barry Komisaruk, neuroscientist, explained that in the absence of words, moans and groans can communicate pleasure to your partner.

“The sound is a representation of the intensity of excitation,” he describes.

“If a partner gets excited hearing a shout during sex, then that can be a rewarding communication that bonds the partners and encourages them to do it again.”

Moaning Indicates Pleasure

James Higham, an anthropologist at New York University, explained that from our evolutionary roots, we learned to use sound to convey meaning quickly. The sound of moaning is an easy way to communicate pleasure without wasting time on speaking.

“I don’t have to say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the spot right there, no wait, just slightly up,’ ” he explained. “I can just be quiet until they hit the spot and go ‘mmm,’ and there you go — they know.”

A Study Found That 80% Of Women Fake Orgasms In Bed Half The Time of a happy young couple talking together while lying in bed

Sex noises are often associated with orgasm, so many women use their moans and screams to convince their partner they climaxed. Gayle Brewer, a psychologist at the University of Central Lancashire, co-wrote a study about why women fake it in bed. All 71 of her study participants reported faking orgasm some of the time, compared to a study showing 80% of women faked 50% of the time. That’s a lot of perpetrating.

Faking Sex Sounds In Bed Are Counter-Productive To A Pleasurable Experience 

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Brewer found that women fake orgasms to either end sex or to stroke the ego of their partner. If you moan a lot during sex, it falsely communicates to your partner you are having having a good time. When it comes to not being pleased in bed, it’s better to use your words to convey dissatisfaction in this case.

Loud Sex Noises From A Woman Could Aid In Procreation kissing in bed

Sex researchers propose that the self-esteem boost men receive from a woman’s loud moaning in bed could encourage the man to go back for more, thus aiding in more chances for procreation. The more a man feels he’s pleasured a woman in the sack, the more likely he is to come back for a second or third time. More sex=more chances for a baby to be made.

Breathing And Moaning Throughout Your Sexual Experience Can Increase Pleasure

There is nothing wrong with being silent during sex, but it could mean you aren’t breathing throughout the experience.

“Obviously no one has ever died from not making sex sounds,” Barbara Carrellas, a sex educator told Time. “but they add so much to the erotic experience.”

“All sex is about energy and sound brings energy,” she explained “I mean that in the physics sense, not in the woo-woo sense.”

On The Contrary, Not Making Noise Can Help You Focus On Your Pleasure

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Sex therapist Nan Wise explained while some women may be quiet in bed out of embarrassment or sexual repression, other women could use the silence to focus.

“Maybe she wants to concentrate on her own sensations,” she’d said. “It can be a way to be focused on the inside, on what’s going on for you.”

Different Sounds Can Be Markers Of Personality Traits

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Yes, your bedroom noises can be linked to character traits. Sex health educator Kenna Cook says a “machine gun” moan can be associated with someone more domineering.

“This is the type of person who wants to assert their dominance by making themselves bigger, louder, stronger,” Cook explained.

A lighter, more giggly/squeal type of moan can be linked to more humorous personalities. They can also be considered more emotionally sensitive, according to Cook.


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