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For the record, I’ve always been someone who had a drink or two on first dates. Some of my relationships may never have gotten a kickstart without a little booze. Judge that how you may but, we all know that alcohol can sort of grease the wheels when it comes to opening up, feeling comfortable, and being physically affectionate. I certainly didn’t need alcohol to be and feel all of those things after the first couple of dates with somebody—if I was compatible with someone, by date three or four I’d feel that way totally sober. So, there’s no judgment here when it comes to relying on a bit of liquid courage to relax and get in the mood for a date. That being said, there are some people for whom alcohol and dating just doesn’t mix. They rely too heavily on the stuff, and instead of it simply loosening them up, it makes them do regrettable things. Here are signs that alcohol and dating don’t mix for you.


You accidentally insult somebody

You often find yourself having to give out lots of apologies the day after a date. You didn’t filter what you said. You were a bit too honest (aka rude). You said things that didn’t really reflect who you are or what you wanted to put out there.

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