How To Get Your Man To Work Out With You

June 13, 2018  |  
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It’s Men’s Health Month, but funny enough, I feel pretty confident that more women are aware of that than men. I say this because women tend to see their general physician more often than men do, women tend to talk about symptoms and health issues among their friends more often than men do, and my boyfriend admits he had no idea it was Men’s Health Month. If you’re in a relationship with a man, then you’ve likely noticed that you have to drag him kicking and screaming to get a new symptom checked out, or to go in for his yearly physical. Sometimes it amazes me that single men even survive without female companions…Since we have to push them to do most things for their health, we probably have to push them to work out, too. On that note, here are ways to get your man to join you in working out. athletic African-American couple embrace following boxing training in a public park during autumn at sunset.

Lead by example

First of all, you can’t expect your partner to get into working out if you aren’t into it. So, lead by example. Ramp up your own fitness activities. Work out daily. Talk a lot about working out. Talk about how amazing it makes you feel. Put exercise on his brain. view of a full length male athlete exercising rock wall climbing.

Pick a gender-neutral activity

I understand that your partner is progressive, he’s a feminist, and he’s in touch with his feminine side. That being said, he might appreciate it if you invite him to, well, just something other than your combination Spin/healing meditation/Pilates class where 99 percent of the attendees are women. Rock climbing, for example, is perfect. of happy couple toasting wine glasses

Join a hike with a cocktail

Make the exercise just one part of a multi-part, fun plan. You could find a hike that winds up on a beach that has a cute restaurant you’d like to grab a drink at. Or you could find a hike that ends at a place where a famous movie scene was filmed. angle view of couple walking on street. Man and woman are in sports clothing. They are at city during sunny day.

Emphasize spending time together

When you talk about working out together, talk more about the being together part than the working out part. You’re both so busy and already struggling to find more time together. And since you both should work out, it’s a natural way to be together. smiling near volleyball net on beach

Work it into your social plans

You could organize social exercise plans on the weekends, like meeting friends for a game of beach volleyball or organizing a kickball league. It’s okay if the kickball league goes to the bar after each game. laughing happy at the gym

Get class passes

Class pass often lets you bring a companion. So, just sell it to your partner as, “It’s free for you, and I’d like your company since I’ve never been to this place before.” of an affectionate young couple bonding together outdoors smiling happy

Encourage the results you see

When you notice your partner drop a few pounds or develop a new muscle, mention it. Notice it. Fawn over it. Encourage the results you see. Race doctor talking to patient

Focus on health and family history

Some men respond best to a little fear. If a certain hereditary condition runs in your partner’s family, and you happen to know that exercising can help prevent it, it couldn’t hurt to mention that. group of people at a rumba lesson in the gym all looking very happy and smiling

Get him some fitness gifts

Everybody gets a little excited over some new swag! So get your partner some workout shorts, or shoes, or a fun exercise bag. If it says something clever or funny on it, all the better. woman cleaning the kitchen counter, using kitchen cleaning product and sponge, wearing protective gloves.

Make it competitive

You could make your workouts competitive. So you could, for example, race each other to see who has to clean the other’s dishes that week. Or, the person who tracks the most steps on their fitness tracker doesn’t have to take the trash out for the week. on couch with dog

Take the dog on adventures

Your pup wants to see the world! So take him on more hikes. Find dog friendly beaches. Constantly research new areas where he can roam free—that’s where you and your partner can power walk or jog, too. with bike taking selfie on country road. All with casual clothes.

Invite the couple he likes

Make it a chance for a double date with another couple your partner really likes. It’s okay if they’re mostly his friends. Anything that gets him out there. in bed cuddling

Mention the results during sex

During sex, mention how you can see his workouts really paying off in his stamina, his longevity, his ability to hold trickier positions…What man doesn’t love to hear that? athlete drinking water from bottle. Young man is having refreshment after exercise. He is in sports clothing on sunny day.

Subtly notice another man…

I’m not saying you should outright flirt with another man. But, you could casually mention that it looks like your one male neighbor or coworker has been working out. Your partner will want to keep up. of a beautiful female tourist looking at a map on the street – people traveling concepts

Sign up for retreats/boot camps

If you have the resources, you could integrate exercise into your vacation time. Sign up for fitness retreats and boot camps in gorgeous locations. These will send you both home with a healthy mentality.

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