Little-Known Benefits Of Wearing Sunglasses Year-Round

May 31, 2018  |  
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I used to think that people who always wore sunglasses were trying to look cool, were trying to hide a hangover, or just weren’t comfortable making eye contact with people. I would tease one of my best friends for keeping her shades on even when it was, well, shady outside. But when I began seeing my first crows feet pop up and realized that my friend who always wears sunglasses, and is the same age as me, didn’t have them, I started to rethink her habit of wearing sunglasses all of the time. In fact, I wish I’d joined her a long time ago. Now, I keep a pair by the front door, in my car, on my vanity, and in my regular travel bag. If I somehow get caught without a pair on a trip, I’ll spend money on a new pair then and there. Saving the $20 isn’t worth the damage I’ll do to my eyes and skin. Here is why you should wear sunglasses year-round. of woman squinting one eye

Prevent squinting

Squinting creates those fine lines on the sides of your eyes that can make you appear older. But when you don’t wear sunglasses, you’re bound to squint to keep the sun out of your eyes. covering her eyes

Keep debris out of your eyes

There is all sort of debris in the air, from dust to dirt to sand. Getting it in your eyes is not only uncomfortable, but can also scratch your lenses, or cause an infection if it carries bacteria. status: MR. Release reference: 070807_4d.jpg: Time of day: daylight.

Prevent crows feet

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive, and simply burns and dries much easier than the rest of the skin on your face. That’s why we get crows feet there long before we get lines anywhere else. Sunscreen can help, but sunglasses can really fight these annoying lines. young couple laughing on sunny beach

Prevent temple sunspots

If you wear wraparound sunglasses that provide coverage on your temples, then you can prevent some of the unsightly sunspots that appear there. This skin is also very thin and burns easily. photo of thoughtful young woman with surfboard. Young female is wearing bikini top. She is enjoying wind at beach on sunny day.

Stop painful Pterygium

Also known as Surfer’s eye, this is a condition in which you have an actual growth on your eyeball. It’s very painful, and can require surgery to remove it. stressed with a headache

Reduce headaches

If you are prone to headaches or nasty migraines, sunglasses are a must. Bright light can trigger migraines. But even squinting a little can cause a headache. tourist waling on street and using smart phone.

Stay energized

If you have to strain your eyes to keep the sun out, you’ll feel fatigued fast. Wearing proper sunglasses can keep your eyes stronger, which helps you feel more awake. doctor gesturing near computer

Fight skin cancer around the eyes

The eyelids are especially susceptible to skin cancer. But applying sunscreen here can cause your eyes to string. Not to mention that this area folds, and sweats, so it’s easy for sunscreen to come right off. doctor

Prevent cataracts

Cataracts can make life pretty miserable, but wearing sunglasses can prevent them from forming. When our lenses absorb UV rays, they can develop chemicals that can lead to cataracts. of a family standing together in the snow

You’re on the slopes

When you’re skiing on a sunny day—and even an overcast day—it’s especially important to wear those shades. The snow reflects the sun, and the glare can burn the cornea and cause damage. having fun on road trip

Prevent dryness

Eye drops are also important in the fight against dryness, but sunglasses can help, too. If you’ll be spending the day outdoors, in the wind, wearing wraparound lenses stops your eyeballs from being exposed to drying air all day. putting on latex glove.

Care for your LASIK

If you have undergone LASIK, then you want to protect this costly investment. It’s important to wear quality sunglasses any time you go outdoors after corrective eye surgery. woman, young and beautiful black woman, holding coffee cup.

Minimize symptoms of glaucoma

If you already suffer from glaucoma, you should know that your lenses are particularly sensitive to glare and it’s even more important to wear shades. jewelry artist wearing glasses using mobile phone

Prevent macular degeneration

Daily exposure to UV rays can cause damage to your lenses that, overtime, will cause macular degeneration. This can lead to blindness, but is easily preventable if you take good care of your eyes.

They’re cute

Sunglasses look good! Even when you feel frumpy, you can instantly feel fashionable when you put on a nice pair of shades. They take up much less space in your home than other items that keep you looking stylish, like big handbags.

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