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The wild card, the loose cannon, the life of the party, the unpredictable one…these are all flattering things to be called when you’re younger. Who doesn’t want a friend who tends to mix things up, add excitement where there was none, and with whom you never quite know what might happen next when they’re young? That’s what being young is all about. It’s about making mistakes, shrugging off responsibilities, and being spontaneous. But those qualities only remain quirky and lovable for so long. If you’re still hanging onto those in your late thirties and beyond, you may have ceased to be an entertaining joy to your friends and you may have just become a worrisome burden. Most people can’t get away with being irresponsible and spontaneous forever, but if you somehow have…your grownup friends are probably a little sick of it. So, are you the friend in the group who just can’t grow up?


You bail because you’re hungover

You’ve bailed on plans because you were too hungover. That may have been okay in college but, now that your friends are adults with busy schedules, they probably worked you into their calendars and are thinking, “Why did you drink so much last night if you knew we had plans today? I skipped a conference/rescheduled an appointment for this.”

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