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When I was single, and even when I was with my boyfriend but we weren’t yet living together, my Sundays were a little…unimpressive. I typically spend them online shopping from bed, ordering food from bed, and napping (naturally, in bed). Okay I was hungover—you caught me. That part of my Sundays hasn’t necessarily changed but now, I live with my boyfriend so I need to clean up my act at least somewhat. My sloth-like ways on that final day of the weekend affect someone besides myself now. And the repercussions of my lazy Sundays that used to follow me throughout the week follow someone else, too. I may be able to handle the pizza boxes stacked on the kitchen floor until Wednesday, but my poor partner shouldn’t have to. But we’re a team now, so we can help each other out. Here are things couples should do on a Sunday for a better week.

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Identify a mini date night

Look over your calendars and identify a night on which you both won’t be getting home too late, and could have a mini date night together. Even just sitting down to eat and have a glass of wine can help you reconnect during your hectic weeks. But if you don’t identify that night early on, something else will eat it up.

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