Things Couples Should Do On Sundays For A Better Week

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When I was single, and even when I was with my boyfriend but we weren’t yet living together, my Sundays were a little…unimpressive. I typically spend them online shopping from bed, ordering food from bed, and napping (naturally, in bed). Okay I was hungover—you caught me. That part of my Sundays hasn’t necessarily changed but now, I live with my boyfriend so I need to clean up my act at least somewhat. My sloth-like ways on that final day of the weekend affect someone besides myself now. And the repercussions of my lazy Sundays that used to follow me throughout the week follow someone else, too. I may be able to handle the pizza boxes stacked on the kitchen floor until Wednesday, but my poor partner shouldn’t have to. But we’re a team now, so we can help each other out. Here are things couples should do on a Sunday for a better week.

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Identify a mini date night

Look over your calendars and identify a night on which you both won’t be getting home too late, and could have a mini date night together. Even just sitting down to eat and have a glass of wine can help you reconnect during your hectic weeks. But if you don’t identify that night early on, something else will eat it up.

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Talk parking schedules

If you have tandem parking spots, then you know what a headache it can be when one person (who is waking up later) parks the other person in (who needs to leave at 7am sharp). So just talk about what your week looks like so you can stay on top of the parking situation.

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Talk sleep schedules

Have some awareness of the nights on which your partner needs to go to bed early, and the mornings when he needs to wake up early. This is important so you don’t accidentally invite your friends over for drinks on the night your partner is trying to get some rest.


And morning schedules

Are there any mornings that will be particularly rushed and stressful for anyone? It’s good to just know that so that, on that morning, you don’t bother your partner will frivolous things like, “When are you going to go through your junk mail and recycle it?” That can wait for a less-stressful morning.

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Notify one another of difficult events

Do you have a tough event coming up this week? A day that you know will be particularly mentally and emotionally trying? Tell your partner about it, so he’ll know to give you extra support on that day.


Notify each other of exciting events

Maybe you have something you’re actually really excited about—a milestone, an accomplishment, a big deal. Your partner should know about that, too. Give him the chance to pick up a bottle of wine or something special for that night. Set him up to succeed.

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Create a shopping list

There is always something the house needs more of—coffee, toilet paper, olive oil etc. Make a list of these things, so you both have an awareness you need them, and if you pass a store that has them during the week, you grab them.

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Discuss old food in the fridge

Go through the fridge, identify what belongs to who, what is expired, and what you can toss out. You don’t want to accidentally toss something your partner still wanted to eat, but you also don’t need old food clogging up the fridge.

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Plan a couple of fun activities

Plan a couple of things you can look forward to during the week, like a happy hour, or taking your dog to the new park. If you try hard, you can find a little time to infuse your week with some fun.


Plan some workouts together

Exercising with a companion is usually more fun, and it holds you accountable for showing up. So identify a few pockets of time when you can meet at the gym after work, or go for a power walk before work.


Tidy up the place

Going into the week with a clean home just helps you feel like you’re ahead of the game. Going into the week with a messy home can make you feel like your life is falling apart. So dedicate thirty minutes on Sunday, during which time you both just go around the home and tidy up. It’s more fun to do it together, perhaps with a beer, and music on, than alone.

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Prep the most annoying food

Every couple has that food that they eat a lot of but that is a pain to prepare. In my relationship, it’s lettuce. We eat a lot of salad, but chopping the lettuce, drying it in the salad spinner, and cleaning that complicated salad spinner is a pain. So we prep enough lettuce for a few nights on Sunday night.

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Relax on Sunday night

Set aside the last couple hours of the evening to relax. You need that time to reset. Order food that night. Watch a movie. Put aside some lazy hours so you can recharge together.

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Prep a special Monday breakfast

Having a special breakfast on Monday morning can set the right tone for the week. So whether you want to prep batter for chocolate chip pancakes or pre-cut fruit for your favorite smoothies, do this Sunday night so it’s ready for Monday morning.

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Have sex

Get that last dose of bonding chemicals that come from sex before the busy week takes over. It’s hard to wake up in a bad mood Monday if you had an orgasm Sunday night.


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