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Once temperatures reach their highest points in the summer, your brain just doesn’t work as well. All you want to do is stand in front of the open freezer door or move your bed into a swimming pool. We all go a little nuts when it’s hot out, so once that occurs, we are in no condition to take the steps we need to ensure a healthy summer. When desperate, I’ve dropped too much money on handheld fans and boxes of pre-cut watermelon being sold on the side of the road. Nobody is thinking straight when it feels like their face is melting off. So, if you want a healthy, cooler, easier summer, now is the time to prepare for it. Stores are beginning to offer summer essentials, but their shelves haven’t been totally wiped clean (and the prices aren’t insane just yet). Here are things you should do now for a healthier, more pleasant summer.

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Get a better filter

Staying hydrated is essential in the summer, but something tells me your water filter could use an update. Consider investing in a bigger, better filtration system like this one. It holds a ton of water, so you only need to refill it every couple of days—as opposed to having to refill it every time you use it like smaller ones. And it naturally keeps water cool.

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Keep chopped fruit for your water

Keep chopped apples, raspberries, orange slices, and pineapple in a big bowl in the fridge at all times and add a scoop to your water table’s pitcher. The fruit will make you want to drink more water, and you can eat it out of your cup for more hydration. curtains

Get blackout curtains

Whether you need a way to keep your home cool without AC, or just want ways to supplement your AC use, get blackout curtains. They’ll keep the heat out and the cool in, and help you sleep better.

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Exercise in the mornings

Get used to waking up a little earlier now and knocking out your workout in the mornings. Once summer hits, you’ll have to exercise in the mornings because the afternoons will be too hot.

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Invest in natural deodorant

It’s time to up your deodorant game. Arm & Hammer, Schmidt’s, Bali Secrets, and Super Natural Goods are free of toxins and work all day, even in the summer heat.

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Buy cooling foods

Let your food help cool you down—sometimes, there is only so much ice water you can take. Pineapple, lemon, cucumber, watermelon, and peaches all have properties that cool down the body.

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Turn up the heat in yoga

Slowly begin integrating hot yoga into your yoga classes. Why? So that by the time summer hits, and your living room is literally a hot yoga studio, your body is used to it and you can keep up your practice.

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Get your dog shoes

Your sweet pup needs walks, even when it’s hot out, but his delicate paw pads can’t handle the hot asphalt. Invest in some good shoes for your doggy. Get him used to wearing them now, before he desperately needs them, so he is accustomed to them when summer rolls around.

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Buy a cart for the market

Get a rolling cart and some sturdy reusable bags. You’ll want these so you can hit the farmer’s market, and pick up as many organic goodies as your heart desires.

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Buy a grill and propane

It may be time to invest in a grill if you don’t already have one, and pick up propane now because, once summer hits, propane is one of the first things to fly off the store shelves. Grilling is a great way to eat healthy in the summer and enjoy the outdoors.

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Get a better blender

There’s nothing like an ice-cold smoothie when it’s hot out. If you don’t already have a blender, it’s time to invest in one. If you do, make sure yours can grind up ice, as well as hard ingredients like apples.

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Befriend that person with a pool

Start making inroads with that neighbor, coworker, or acquaintance who has a pool. You’ll want to be invited to their pool parties when the temperatures rise. Maybe you can even house sit for them during their summer travels and have unlimited access to the pool.


Get SPF-infused clothes and hats

Invest in some SPF-infused clothes and hats. When you forget to put on sunscreen or miss a few patches of skin, hopefully, these will have you covered.

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Use your green thumb

Get a few potted plants going on your balcony. Tending to these will be a lovely way to spend a little time outdoors, and they’ll ensure you always have a least a few fresh items of produce around.

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Find a great fish market

Summer is a great time to grill fish, scallops, shrimp, and other seafood. Start researching the best fish markets in your town, now. Stop by, develop a relationship with the vendors, and you might find that your favorite sellers put aside your preferred items for you.


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