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When you meet that special someone, it can feel like you’ve found your partner in crime. He makes you feel adventurous. He makes you feel capable of everything. He makes you feel like a kid again. He makes you want to try new things! But all of that can affect your eating habits, too. When you feel adventurous in your culinary experiences, capable of eating everything, childlike in your nutritional choices and curious about your snacks, you can wind up eating a lot more than you normally would. It’s no wonder many couples gain weight when they make the transition from single to content and in love. But neither of you will feel very content if you can no longer fit into your pants in a couple of months. You have the power to influence each other—for better or for worse—so try for better, and be aware if it’s for the worse. Do you and your partner indulge each other’s bad eating habits?

You want to try all the restaurants

You’re restaurant buddies. You’ve wanted to try so many restaurants in the city, and you finally have someone to try them with you. But you don’t go out to eat salad and fish filets—you go out for pasta, steak, and fried things.


You always add dessert

Your love is sweet and it makes you want all things sweet so of course you add the dessert. You finally have someone to split it with, so you eat half the cheesecake slice. But you used to eat none of a cheesecake slice.

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You always drink alcohol

When you feel buzzed on love you want to keep that buzzed feeling going so you share a bottle of wine or get a second cocktail, but those calories add up. of Deep fried battered onion rings

You always split an appetizer

You finally have someone to share the jalapeno poppers, cheesy breadsticks, and fried shrimp with, so you’ll be adding those, too.


You’d rather snuggle than exercise

When you woke up alone, you had the motivation to get out of bed and go to the gym. When you wake up next to your snuggle buddy, you have little motivation to leave that bed.


You make snacks a part of every activity

You combine snacks with every activity. You pack a picnic to go to the park and read, you buy tons of candy for movie night, you bring a cooler of food to the beach. You can’t seem to do something without eating something. of picnic food boxes

Ordering more to have leftovers

You convince one another that you should order the larger pizza or the extra dish because then you can have leftovers to grub on the next day.

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Skipping the party to order delivery

You often convince each other to stay in and skip the party so you can order delivery.


Getting lots of things to share

For some reason, when you have one extra person to share dishes with, you order five times as much food. Whereas once you’d order one main dish for yourself, now you and your partner order the pasta, the entrée salad, the pork shoulder, and the risotto to share. dinner

Making meals a big event

You make meals the main event, discussing and planning them all day long. You dedicate a good two-hour chunk to dinner, which naturally means you eat a lot more than you normally would.

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Having that after-sex snack

You tell yourselves that you deserve a platter of nachos because you burned calories during sex. Okay but…you didn’t burn 500 calories during sex.

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You sit as long as the other sits at the table

You like to keep your partner company while he eats, so you remain seated at the table until he’s finished dining. But then, of course, you snag a few extra bites because the food is in front of you.

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You buy each other treats

You love to show each other love through food, so you regularly surprise one another with candy, pastries, cheesesteaks—you name it.


You cook fatty things together

You love to cook together, but you want the cooking to be fun, creative, and involved, and that rarely means you’re making sautéed spinach and grilled chicken.

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You want him to try everything and visa versa

You want your partner to try everything you eat. If you find a donut shop you love, you bring him one. If he finds ice cream he loves, he buys you a pint. For some reason, you desperately need each other to try all the foods you both love.

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