How Your Parents Know He’s Not The One

December 25, 2017  |  
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You might be able to lie to your friends, your colleagues, your boyfriend, and even yourself, but you can’t lie to your parents about whether or not the person you’re seeing is the one. Mama always knows—and so does dad. You have to understand that your parents understand you in ways you don’t understand yourself. They’ve watched you since the moment you were born and detect the slightest change in your voice, facial expressions, and demeanor. When you bring home the guy who will be the one, they know it almost instantly. Likewise, they also know that all the guys you bring him before him aren’t the one. If you’re trying to figure out whether or not to stay with a guy, bringing him home could be a good test. Here is how your parents know he isn’t the one.


You don’t want to bring him home often

You often don’t even want to bring the guy home with you. You always say you just want alone time with your family. But, when you’re with the one, he feels like family, and you’d want to bring him home.

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When home, you leave him out of activities

When you do bring your guy home, you lead separate lives. You tell him you’re going to lunch with your mom or to meet a friend for a beach walk, but you don’t invite him. In fact, sometimes you pawn him off on your parents so you can be alone.

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A lot of behind-closed-door arguments

Your parents often have to leave you and your boyfriend alone because you’re “having a discussion” (aka you’re fighting). You close the guest room door a lot and fight in hushed tones.

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You’re in no hurry to get home to him

When you visit your family, you’re in no hurry to get home to your boyfriend. You keep delaying your trip back to him. That’s not a good sign.


You barely touch him

You’re not going to be all over your partner in front of your parents, but when he’s the one, you can’t help but hug him, hold is hand, and show him physical affection even in front of your family. So if you aren’t doing that, they know something is wrong.


You always get up before him

When you and your boyfriend visit your parents, you always get up before him. You wander out into the kitchen ahead of him—even though he was just ten minutes behind you. Clearly, you aren’t making time to snuggle in bed in the mornings.


You don’t want a joint gift

Your parents want to get you and your partner a joint gift like a trip or a car. But you don’t want anything that would essentially commit you to this person further.

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You never know what he’s doing for the holidays

When your parents ask you what your partner is doing for the holidays—coming with you? Going to his family?—you never know. If you were crazy about this guy, you’d discuss it and try to find a way to be together.

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You barely talk about him

You hardly talk to your family about him. When they ask how he’s doing, you say, “Fine” and change the topic. When you’re with the one, you’re proud of him and want to tell people everything he’s up to.


The topic of marriage angers you

You get angry when your parents ask if you think you’re going to marry this guy. You might think they’re being nosy, but they see right through this: if this guy were the one, the topic would never make you angry.


You’re defensive

Overall, when your parents ask you questions about your relationship, you become defensive. Let’s put it this way: whatever it would look like to light up, you look the opposite of that.

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You don’t want his parents to meet yours

You are in no rush to have your two families meet. Every time your parents pitch a plan to get everyone together, you have some excuse as to why it’s not a good time.


You don’t seem happy in general

You don’t seem happy, overall. Even though life can get tough, when you’re with the partner of your dreams, you just…are happy. Even if other things in your life aren’t going great (like work). So if you seem miserable, you’re with the wrong person. Maybe he isn’t making you miserable, but he sure isn’t making you happy.

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You don’t help him when he visits your parents

You leave your partner to fend for himself when you bring him home. He is always wandering around wondering where to find a fresh towel or coffee. You don’t pay attention to him at all.

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You flirt with their friends’ sons

It’s hard for your parents to believe you’re madly in love with your boyfriend if you flirt with every other man in your age range that they bring around you.

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