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New Series Conversating While Black Tackles Haters, Black Names & Baby Daddies

August 16th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The word conversate was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2009. But even before it was officially recognized as a word, Black folk were using it…and arguing about the use of it. In case you haven’t noticed, debating an issue is a common pastime for Black folks across the world.

It was with this idea in mind that blackSTORY films created a new, scripted series, Conversating While Black. 

Get into the description.

Conversating While Black celebrates “the gift of a good conversation. The10-episode narrative features conversations between thoughtful, curious black folk discussing matters like the rationale behind “non-traditional” black names, the fact that 1.5 million African-American men have GONE missing, the scarcity model governing the arts, and folks’ widespread perception of haters. Whether the subject is serious or silly, the five characters bring their full attention, humor, and if need be, ire/irritation to the discussion.

Produced by blackSTORY films, the series stars MaameYaa Boafo (An African City), Andrea Lewis (Black Actress), Skyler James, Damian Norfleet, and DeShawn White. Following the production of their short film “Didn’t I Ask For Tea?”, filmmakers Rahwa Asmerom and Essence Ward wanted to follow up with an accessible online showcase to demonstrate comedic dialogue and critical perspectives on culture and society. “Doing most anything while black calls for caution and comedy,” said Ward. ‘These characters love black culture and have a steady stream of questions, observations, and jokes about the way we live now.’”

No doubt when you listen to these conversations, they’ll probably remind you of some you may have had with friends.

Check out the first episode, “Do You Really Have Haters?” below

To learn more about the series, you can visit their website. Or to jump in on the conversation yourself, head over to their Facebook page. 

This Beauty Vlogger Reminds Us That Our Hands Are Tools Too With #NoMakeupBrushChallenge

August 13th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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If you ladies are anything like me, I can get quite lazy when it comes to makeup. Plus, with the summertime in full swing, the last thing I want to do is slave in front of a mirror, layering on tons of products. Sometimes I even forgo makeup brushes. Yes, makeup artists, feel free to gasp in unison, but I know I’m not alone. Sometimes my hands just do the trick.

Well, now the internet is picking up on the trend with the hashtag #NoMakeupBrushChallenege as beauty vloggers put their skills to the test without the trusty help of brushes that perfectly blend, contour, highlight, line, and shade your face.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

Popular YouTube star MsAaliyahJay, who is known for fabulous makeup and hair tutorials, recently did the challenge and bodied it. In addition to her flawless face of makeup she executed with just her bare hands, she even did a winged eyeliner look with just her pink nail. Say, whhaaaat?! Who needs to cash out on a $20+ liquid eyeliner now?

Press play and get into the beat MsAaliyahJay served with only her bare hands.

YouTubers Shut Down Makeup Shamers With #ThePowerOfMakeup

January 31st, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Anyone with a YouTube account or an interest in makeup has seen thousands of beauty Vloggers doing tutorials, product reviews and more on beauty and hair products.

However, a video tag titled “The Power of Makeup” has been making its rounds to popular personalities we’ve come to know through our laptop screens. Unlike the usual trading of beauty tips and secrets, ladies actually sit in front of the screen with one half of their faces beat to perfection and the other one revealing their natural skin –flaws and all– and then detail just how they got the finished look.

One of the many videos I came across was from makeupD0LL, who decided to get in on the tag started by another Vlogger NikkieTutorials. “People bash people for stupid things,” she says in the video. “Tutorials are cool but we never get to chit chat about inner beauty and what really matters in life. Being comfortable in our own skin and confident in ourselves is most important.”

As someone that loves makeup and experimenting, I support spreading messages as such. For me, makeup has been quite a helpful tool while experiencing skin issues. I’ve been dealing with acne since middle school, and now at 24 it has subsided greatly. I still get the occasional pimple and am dealing with getting rid of hyper-pigmentation, which is just as much as a hassle but definitely not an insecurity of mine at all. I’m not a product snob, but I do keep wear concealer and foundation most days that I step out of the house.

In addition to wearing makeup, I also schedule regular visits to my dermatologist, follow a strict beauty routine and diet to help lessen my skin issues. While makeup isn’t the end all be all of my confidence, I find it to be a way to enhance my natural beauty like many others.

And for some who don’t have acne or any blemishes, they simply wear makeup just as a fun and creative way to express themselves. Remember: it can all be washed off at the end of the day. So, what’s the big deal?

Season 2 Of An African City Is Coming!

January 14th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Season 2 of An African City

Source: AnAfricanCity.Tv

We tried to put y’all onto the brilliance of the web series “An African City” a couple of years ago. We sincerely hoped you listened. But in case you didn’t, now is the perfect time to not only catch up on the first season but prepare yourself for season 2.

From the looks of the recently released trailer, it looks like season 2 will be bigger, better and perhaps even a few more sex scenes.  And of course the fashion and style game is still precise.

We’re ready!

Check out the trailer in the video below.

Unlike the first season, this one is going to cost you. But it’s nothing too crazy. They’re charging $19.99 for all 13 episodes from the season. If you want to make sure you don’t miss it, you can preorder now by visiting

The series is set to air on Sunday, January 24, 2016.

Google+ Profile Is No Longer Needed To Access All Of Google

July 28th, 2015 - By Chelcee Johns
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Since Google introduced its Google+ social networking platform, one had to have a Google+ profile in order to engage in its other platforms such as YouTube. But not anymore.

The search guru company has decided to change how it handles the still fairly new platform to better serve its users.

“When we launched Google+, we set out to help people discover, share and connect across Google like they do in real life. While we got certain things right, we made a few choices that, in hindsight, we’ve needed to rethink,” said the company on its official blog.

After receiving complaints from users who did not want to use their Google+ profile in order to access other Google related accounts and platforms, the company is restructuring the network.

In a few months, a Google account will be all you need to communicate with contacts, access YouTube, or share content. YouTube will be the first Google product to undergo these changes.

“As always, your underlying Google Account won’t be searchable or followable, unlike public Google+ profiles. And for people who already created Google+ profiles but don’t plan to use Google+ itself, we’ll offer better options for managing and removing those public profiles,” said Google.

But the company has no plans of getting rid of Google+, instead they seem to be making logical upgrades to the platform. These upgrades include Google+ Collections which will allow users to  share and participate in topics based on the users’ interests. The company will be moving Google+ photos into its Google Photos app and adding location sharing into its hangouts instead of the social platform.

“We think changes like these will lead to a more focused, more useful, more engaging Google+.”

Are you a Google+ user? What other changes would you like to see the company make?

How You Doin’ (On YouTube)? The Vital Business Role Of This Popular Social Media Site

July 23rd, 2015 - By Janel Martinez
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Wendy Williams Big Moves in Hollywood


When it comes to social media, would you believe me if I said YouTube was king? With many social media users flocking to popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope, to name a few, it’s hard to believe video-sharing website YouTube is as popular but it makes perfect business sense.

A recent Business Insider article discussing the success of “The Wendy Williams Show” points out why the daytime TV show is dominating YouTube. “Wendy” is second in YouTube views and subscribers to another popular TV show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The success of the“ Wendy” YouTube channel can be attributed to its free, shareable videos, the reality TV show vibe and ability to reach new audiences from across the globe. YouTube’s partner program allows for “Wendy” to also generate a profit, which “impacts the show’s bottom line.”

A report released last year by AOL Platforms revealed YouTube is more effective at introducing new products to consumers and converting them to purchase. For those investing in paid advertising, YouTube trumps Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Brands and businesses have found success in growing their audience on this social media network, both through organic and paid means. YouTube has more than a billion active users to date with the number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month going up 50 percent year over year.

It’s crucial for brands to know what makes return users and loyal subscribers click on a video, as well as what would make someone subscribe to one’s channel. One thing that “Wendy” has undoubtedly done is tap into what’s already working for her. She and her team know her audience is looking for one thing, and one thing only, more Williams. It’s why the after-show is a hit and “Hot Topics,” which is the show’s most popular segment, keeps her audience, new and old, engaged with her YouTube presence.

“It’s not scripted, it’s just me talking,” Williams said about the after-show. “I’m very comfortable with myself.”

Tristan Zimmerman, the show’s senior digital producer, knows this. It’s why he and Associate Web Producer Jessica Bell have mastered a strategy of giving viewers more “Wendy.”

Each video gets around 50,000 views or more within a day or two, with some getting closer to 100,000 views, reports Business Insider.

“The after-show came out of that need [to connect with fans on social media],” said Zimmerman. “She’s open to having that sort of conversation and connection with her audience, but she’s not going to be sitting on her phone tweeting in 140 characters.”

As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And with “Wendy” mastering a social media strategy that proves successful (sans the latest platforms), it’ll be a great case study as the social media landscape evolves.

Do you have a YouTube channel for your brand? Tell us how you attract your following in the comments section below.

Val Starks Goes Viral: I Am Your Mother Not Your Friend

June 23rd, 2015 - By Kay Hudson
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One of the goals I’ve had when it comes to my children is that I want them to know I love them, but more than that, I want them to know I am their mother and not their friend. I know a lot of mothers who so badly want to be their childs friend, but this idea does not sit well with me. Children who look at their parents as friends often get disrespectful towards their parents, or sometimes think its ok to do certain things because their parents are going to be cool with it. I want my children to know that although I love them dearly, there are certain things I don’t agree with and they shouldn’t be doing it until they are of age…..or out of MY house and in their own house and paying their own bills. 🙂

I recently met a mother who’s name is Val Starks. She became an internet sensation when she posted up a video of herself berating her daughter. Now many of you might be saying “Well why was she berating her own daughter on the internet?” Well, let me explain.

Val Starks had been having some trouble with her 13 year old daughter’s use of social media. Specifically, Facebook and Instagram. It just so happened that Val’s 13 year old daughter had created several inappropriate pages on Facebook and when Val found out, punished her daughter and even took away privileges, but soon found out that that wasn’t enough.

You see, Val was contacted several weeks ago by one of her friends who stated that Val’s daughter had once again created a Facebook page. Val thought to herself this couldn’t be true because she had just went over the rules with her daughter about having social media. Val thought that the punishments and privileges were working, but clearly they weren’t. Val asked her friend for her password so that she can see for herself what was going on on her daughters Facebook page and boy was Val in for a shock!

Val soon found out that her daughters Facebook page was under the alias of “Infinite Love” and made claims she was 19 years old and a FREAK! YIKES!! To make matters worse, Val’s 13 year old daughter posted photos of herself in her bra and panties! To say Val was furious would have been an understatement.Val decided that she had had enough of her daughters antics and decided to film a video of herself and her daughter, letting the world know what the truth really was. The video was posted on Val’s daughters Facebook page just to let her followers know that she was really only 13 years old and far from a FREAK! However, the video went viral and received over 17 million views in just under a week!

Val said that she didn’t expect for her video to go viral the way that it did, but she has now become an activist for those moms who are going through the same thing she has. If you have not seen the video of Val, you can check it out below:

Throughout the entire video you can here Val Starks setting the record straight for her daughter and her Facebook followers. Val also lets her child know that she is her mother and not her friend! A sentiment I can agree with on any day. When will these kids learn that mothers are here for their best interest? When will these children learn that how they think today is not going to be how they think when they’re 30? Us mothers need to take control of how and what are kids are getting into. These kids are growing up with too much time on their hands which can only lead to 1 thing…..TROUBLE!

I salute Val Starks for taking a stand with her daughter and I wish other mothers would do the same! She didn’t hit her child, she just chastised her! I recently saw a video of a handicapped dad whipping his daughter in the face with a belt behind the same issue. I didn’t agree with that type of parenting, nor did I condone it, but I don’t know everyone’s challenges. Some may agree with me while others wont and thats ok. Just know, Val and I are here to raise our children the right way and if that takes some tough love then so be it!

Val Starks Goes Viral: I Am Your Mother Not Your Friend


7 Reasons Digitally Savvy Moms Love Webisodes

March 31st, 2015 - By Rich
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When you think of Webisodes what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Low-budgets shows made for download or streaming? YouTube videos full of unknown actors directed by filmmakers struggling to get funding? Perhaps you don’t think much at all. Webisodes? Who cares?

You should.

If you’re not up on Webisodes you have no idea what you’re missing. To bring you up to speed, here are 7 reasons you should be watching, especially if you’re a web savvy mom.

7 Reasons Digitally Savvy Moms Love Webisodes

How To Black Hair: Girl Wants Her Parents Permission To Rock Natural Hair

March 16th, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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Breanna Rutter has a great site called where she shares tips and advice for taking care of natural hair. Recently, she received a letter from a young fan who says her parents won’t allow her to rock natural hair because they don’t think the styles “look proper.” She needs help convincing her parents that natural hair is manageable and beautiful.

Breanna responded to the letter with an informative and helpful YouTube video that the girl, Jemila, can hopefully watch with her parents. It not only addresses the parents concerns, but it also asks Jemila if she’s handling her responsibilities as a young girl (doing her chores, getting her homework done, etc.) which we think is a great approach to talking to a young person who is standing up for what she believes in.

Here’s some of what Breanna’s video message says:

Hair Care Tip #1 It’s easier to convince your parents of something if you already show responsibility.

At this point, it’s safe to assume that your parents are taking care of your hair needs since you have to ask them to make changes with your hair. I can’t tell your parents how to parent and choose what’s best for you but what I can say, is that it is easier to persuade your parents to your decision of going natural with your hair if they are confident that you will be responsible for the health and care of your hair.

Hair Care Tip #2 Propose to go natural while also wearing styles that they think would be proper for you.

Feel free to watch this video with your parents and watch hair care videos with them that I have done so that they can see a variety of styles that can be achieved on natural hair.

 Have your children had to convince you to let them rock natural hair? What were your concerns?

For more natural hair styles and tips, visit

The Art Of Vlogging: The Do’s & Don’ts of Growing Your Brand On YouTube

January 14th, 2015 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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youtube logoPerhaps you want to be the ultimate source of guidance for ladies who want their eyebrows “on fleek.” Or maybe you aspire to be greatest hair guru that YouTube has ever seen. Good. You’ve come to the right place, ladies. MadameNoire Business can help you — and your brand — reach new heights on the YouTube vlogosphere. With a solid presence on YouTube, countless opportunities can come flying your way.

We’ve got some valuable tips that will drive your brand to blossom. Here are the do’s and don’ts of YouTube branding.