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Sophiology, a popular beauty vlogger on YouTube, went under the knife to receive a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Still, the social media star claimed it wasn’t just a regular cosmetic procedure. In the video’s title, posted to her YouTube channel on Dec. 12, the 25-year-old Christian beauty influencer contended that she received “a Christian BBL” for the Lord Jesus Christ himself. 



After her video went viral, the God-fearing baddie was quickly flooded with comments from netizens across social media who were eager to know more about her evangelical BBL.


Sophiology took to YouTube Dec. 13 to explain. 

“I booked my surgery with Dr. Jung in Houston. I’m not sure if he’s a Christian. I never asked him. It wasn’t relevant to my surgery,” the vlogger, who boasts over 500,000 followers on YouTube, said.


Although people have called her procedure a BBL, Sophiology clarified that she received Lipo360 and a fat transfer to her hips. As a devout Christian with a dedicated following, the 25-year-old bombshell shared that she wanted to be “transparent” with her fans about her recent cosmetic procedure due to her “reputation” for creating content about weight loss and self-care on YouTube. 

On Nov. 11, Sophiology posted a YouTube video detailing her tough recovery process post-surgery, but sadly, she knew social media haters would share judgmental comments about her procedure.


“I knew not everyone would be happy about my choice to get my body done because, arguably, I had a nice body before, and I’m not supposed to change how God made me or whatever – but I did. And I chose to be honest about it. So, I share my experience on YouTube, right? Just a regular BBL vlog, and I was met with more backlash than I expected. Like I was being dragged. My family was so upset and worried for my mental health – like it was crazy.” 

The self-proclaimed “fine babe,” who is also known for her “get ready with me videos” and beauty tutorials, said she was particularly “disgusted” with some of her fellow Christian fans who shared nasty comments about her surgery. So, she decided to clap back. The star threw the term “Christian BBL” into her title as a light-hearted jab at her devout haters. 

“I think it’s the Nigerian in me that can be dramatic at times like it is very Nigerian to be sarcastic when you’re insulting people,” the vlogger said with a chuckle. “So, I knew exactly how to make sure they wouldn’t miss this video. I knew exactly what would make them show up right on time for insults. I titled my video very sarcastically, as you guys have seen now– and that is how I got a Christian BBL — because I knew my intentions. I literally saw no issue. But of course, social media got a hand of it, and that was it.”

Some people online slammed Sophiology, with many bashing the YouTuber for making fun of the Lord Jesus Christ, but the star insisted that it was never her intention to make fun of God.

“I got mad. And that’s what happens when you throw hands with your haters, and it gets out of control,” she added. “But I’m thankful to God for turning yet another ugly situation for me in my favor. I’m glad it has people talking about God in general. How often do you see young people talking about God and standing up for God like this?”

Check out a few reactions to Sophiology’s “Christian BBL” video below.


What is a BBL?

A BBL involves transferring fat from other body areas  like the abdomen or thighs— to the buttocks to enhance their shape, size and overall appearance. The procedure aims to create a more lifted, fuller and rounded booty for patients, but the surgery can be very risky and dangerous.

The buttocks contain many blood vessels and veins, and if too much fat is injected into the area, excess fat can flood into blood vessels, causing blood clots or a pulmonary embolism to form, according to the NHS. It’s essential to consult with a trusted and credible plastic surgeon before heading under the knife.

Sophiology’s body is bad enough to make Jesus rise again while we have the deaconess of decency teaching church girls to be more modest.

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