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Shad Moss, AKA, Bow Wow, Kisses And Tells AGAIN; Speaks On Sex With Ciara And “Rev Run’s Daughter,” Angela Simmons

July 22nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Bow Wow dropped his famous stage name and opted for his government name, Shad Moss, in order to be taken more seriously as a TV host (of 106 & Park), actor and businessman. But try as hard as he might, it’s what comes out of Bow Wow’s mouth that keeps people from taking him seriously. From saying that he makes his girlfriends famous, to kissing  and telling about his exes on national TV, Bow Weezy just can’t get it right. For example, he shared a little too much on Wild ‘N Out recently when asked about the fellatio skills of two of his most famous exes. During a game of “Plead the Fif,” comedian B Daht asked an inappropriate question that the rapper should have known to plead the fifth to. However, he decided to answer anyway:

B Daht: “Who gives the best head? Ciara or Rev Run’s daughter?”

Nick Cannon: “You might want to plead on that one!”

[Crowd chants]: “We wanna know”

Bow Wow: “Well, at one time they both was my women correct? So if you put one and one together I mean, of course we must have been doing the do if they was my women, correct? Well, then I might as well go ‘head and keep it even, they both is might, mighty, mighty swell.”

Cannon: “I would’ve pleaded the fifth…”

How ironic that Nick Cannon of all people is telling Bow Wow to plead the fifth, but I guess he learned his lesson after he divulged too much information about sex with Mariah

This isn’t the first time Bow Wow has talked a little too much about his famous exes. During an interview with The Breakfast Club back in 2012, he confirmed that he had slept with Ciara (as well Karrine Steffans, Dollicia Bryan and maybe even Kim Kardashian), but interesting enough, said at that time that he hadn’t had sexual relations with Simmons.  I don’t know if he thinks all this oversharing will help with his credibility as a rapper, but it definitely helps with his image as something of a sleazeball.

Nick Cannon Responds To Being Called A Coon

July 14th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Nick Cannon has been making money in the industry for years, but regardless of his million-dollar business moves there are some who just can’t get past the actor and entrepreneur’s silly antics. When we had the chance to sit down with Mariah Carey’s husband to discuss his new movie “School Dance,” starring Amber Rose, Mike Epps, and Katt Williams just to name a few, we had to ask him how he feels about people who refer to his artistry as coonery, plain and simple. As expected, the “Drumline” star wasn’t feeling it and invited anyone who throws that term at him to have a one-on-one sit down with him so they can have an educated conversation about his method of entertainment. Check out the video above and see what he had to say.

Richard Pryor’s Kids Against Nick Cannon Starring In Biopic

July 3rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Word on the street is that Nick Cannon is being tapped by Lee Daniels to star in a forthcoming biopic about the life of Richard Pryor. Nick spoke briefly to TMZ about the film being in the works, but wouldn’t officially confirm whether or not he would be starring in the project.

“There have been a lot of people out there who have discussed playing this role and been in the works. I never wanna jinx anything because y’all know how movies work. If it’s not in production, it’s not real so. All I’m saying is that I’m doing the work right now. I’m doing everything that I need to do embody it when the opportunity is right. I don’t wanna be one of those actors who says, ‘Oh, I’m out here doing it,’ but then you never see the film.”

He did, however, confess that he has spoken with Lee regarding the role. Interestingly, Richard’s children are not really in favor of this option. According to TMZ, Richard Jr. and Rain Pryor don’t feel that Nick has what it takes to play their father. To add fuel to their opposition, they are also not seeing eye to eye with their stepmother, Jennifer Pryor, right now. They are suppposedly feeling that the movie will dishonor their dad because it has become a “vanity project” for Jennifer. Reports suggest that there are also concerns that Jennifer will “skew” Richard Sr.’s story in the movie to make herself look more favorable.

We hear Richard Jr. and Rain were hoping that Marlon Wayans would be tapped for the role.

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Remembering Our Babies: Famous Women Who Suffered Miscarriages

July 2nd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Welcoming a child into the world can be one of the world’s most rewarding experiences. However, these celebrities experienced heartache and pain after having a miscarriage.

Source: WENN

Source: WENN


Soon after Beyonce tied the knot to Jay Z, folks were wondering when music’s biggest couple would produce an heir. During her performance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, the former Destiny’s Child member revealed to the world that she was with child. After the birth of Blue Ivy, her hubby Jay Z devoted a song to the newborn and in it he revealed that the couple felt the loss of losing their unborn child when Beyonce had a miscarriage the previous year. She has called it one of the saddest periods in her life.

Watch The Trailer For The New Nick Cannon Directed Movie “School Dance”

June 4th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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school dance feat

Just last week, we reported that, despite their minor Twitter “beef,” Mike Epps and Kevin Hart would be starring in the new Nick Cannon directed comedy School Dance.

Well the trailer from the film, set to hit select theaters on July 2, was just released. And while we saw Mike Epps, Kevin Hart doesn’t appear to be in it. If he makes a cameo in the film, it would have made sense to put him in the clip, considering the brightness of his star these days. But Kevin certainly has enough on his plate these days.

Anyway, the ensemble cast includes big name comedians like Katt Williams, Affion Crockett, Lil Duval and Luenell. We also pepped Amber Rose in there.

School Dance is something like a coming of age/dance movie but probably more vulgar than you’re used to. According to Lionsgate, the rated R film follows Jason, played by Bobb’e J. Thompson, a high schooler who “has found his dream girl—the gorgeous Anastacia. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t know he exists. If he can win a spot on the school’s hottest dance crew, Jason might have a shot. But before he does, he’ll have to overcome his battle-ax of a mother, survive Anastacia’s gangsta brother, and pass the crew’s initiation—in this fresh, sexy, and outrageously funny comedy.”

Personally, I was happy to see Katt Williams back in action. He definitely made me chuckle a few times in this clip, alone. So I’ll probably check it out.

Take a look at the clip below and let us know if this looks good to you.

If School Dance is showing near you, will you check it out?

Kevin Hart And Mike Epps To Reportedly Co-Star In New Comedy

May 27th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

For those of you who believed that the entire Mike Epps/Kevin Hart beef may have been fabricated for publicity purposes, it looks like you all may have been on to something. According to VibeVixen, the two comedians are set to star in a new Nick Cannon-directed comedy titled, “School Dance.”

The star-studded cast is reported to also include Katt Williams, Amber Rose, George Lopez, Affion Crockett and Lil’ Duval. The film follows the story of Jason Jackson, “a high school freshman wants to be part of the most popular dance clique in his school.” His efforts, however, are generally unsuccessful because “he tends to freeze in the spotlight and has no clue how he’s going to pass the initiation.” The Lionsgate film is slated to debut July 2, 2014.

Nick is has been putting in quite a bit of behind-the-camera work these days. Earlier this month, he made headlines for snagging some pretty notable stars for the “Drumline” sequel, which will premiere on VH1.

Does “School Dance” sound like a film you’d be interested in watching?

Straight From His Mouth: Why Are Men So Prone To Kiss And Tell?

May 5th, 2014 - By Dr. J
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Why Are Men So Prone To Kiss And Tell?

A long time ago, I had an older guy friend who showed me the ropes once I arrived on the college campus scene. I attribute a lot of what I learned about courting women and how to keep women happy to this friend. He didn’t give me the traditional knowledge, my dad always provided that for me, he gave me the real deal knowledge. You know, the stuff they can’t teach. Above all else, there are about three key lessons that he taught. All aren’t relevant at this time but the one that is most important today was this – the key to a great sex life is discretion.

I don’t think men understand how they look when they kiss and tell. They want to be the life of the party and tell the tall tales but they’re not realizing that when that scenario plays itself all the way out, he ends up looking short. I could tell you many sex tales but I won’t. I don’t care to give fodder for others to put two and two together and reveal who is the star of the tale. Men who make that mistake almost always remove themselves from being the co-star in a future tale.

The temptation comes from the need to be the center of attention. Almost as though men feel that they are validated by their sexual conquests. It’s silly. If you think about it, by simply saying nothing == and the assumption by others that “nothing” could not be the extent of your sexual conquests — it grows the tale much taller. It’s no secret that women love the mysterious and aren’t really intrigued by that which they already know or can easily research. I often tell men that no woman wants to be the story or the entertainment of a circle of men unless she’s a stripper. Think about that the next time you spill on your sex life. Sure there are funny stories here and there, something that may make the room laugh but giving out these stories is risky — and even more risky when people have to give out names and numbers. That’s an absolute no-no and actually grounds for suspension or expulsion. People should be able to decide if and when they want to identify themselves; they shouldn’t be forced. If Mimi wants everyone to know that’s her in the video because her name is in the title, so be it. However, your girlfriend should have a choice before you spill the beans on the details of you guys’ sex life.

That’s why when asked the question about how I view someone who decides to sit down and share the detailed information of his relationship, I can only say I view them less than I would if they didn’t. When Nick Cannon spouts off a few women that he was with before he married his now wife, Mariah Carey, I cringe a little. He goes from being a slightly annoying, but brilliant, business mind to just being a corn. And to be honest, I don’t want to sum up the meaning of him as a corn but I’m left with no choice. There aren’t many other ways he could have put his foot all the way in his mouth than when he shared that information. I don’t like it when my friends do it and I certainly wouldn’t like it for someone I don’t know on a personal level.

I would advise all that it will not change. Boys will be boys and chatter will continue. It may be in a locker room, GroupMe, email listserve or in an exclusive tell-all interview, but it will continue. Women should know that we are all adults and most times the things shared are things that adults do. (If it’s something you don’t want anyone to find out about then I’d recommend you assess why you are doing it in the first place. That’s neither here nor there.) Women should also know that when a man spills the beans it makes him look bad and you look good. Anyone with a remote idea of what maturity is about will know that and judge accordingly. Anyone without it, we’re not at all worried about.

Aww! The Most Romantic Celebrity Proposals

May 1st, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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From a forest made of Christmas trees to an elephant ride while watching the fireworks, these celebrities popped the question in memorable ways.

"Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pf"


Kanye West

After she gave birth to his baby North West, we knew that Kanye would make an honest woman out of Kim Kardashian and it was only a matter of time before he popped the question. In true Kanye fashion, the Chicago rapper proposed to the reality television star in front of her friends and family on her 33rd birthday at San Francisco’s AT& T Park. West had an orchestra play while the scoreboard announced his proposal. He then whipped out a 15-karat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring. The couple is rumored to tie the knot in a private ceremony later this week.

Check Out The Combs Family Easter Card, Ciara’s Baby Bump, And Roc And Roe

April 21st, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Combs Family Easter Card

Source: Instagram

Another holiday has come and gone, which means another special message from Diddy and his crew.

Yesterday, the proud papa of six revealed the Combs Family Easter card and it’s just as adorable as the one they debuted this past Christmas. Posting the pic on Instagram, Diddy wrote:

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter! Spend today with the ones you love! Wishing nothing but love and happiness to you and yours, Love #CombsFamily@quincy @princejdc @kingcombs #JessieJames#DlilaStar #FancyChancey photo cred:@nicksaglimbeni

Featured are Diddy’s 7-year-old twins D’Lila and Jessie, looking just like their mama Kim, and 7-year-old Chance, while front and Center sits Diddy himself along with sons Justin, Quincy, and Christian.

Diddy wasn’t the only celebrity family man spending time with the kiddos this past Easter Sunday. The Carey-Cannon crew looked like they had an amazing time painting Easter eggs yesterday and we are gushing over Ciara’s baby bump with the Easter bunny. Check out the pics on the next few pages.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

15 Things About Nick Cannon We Just Can’t Understand

April 9th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Nick is on another level ya’ll…and we just can’t get with it.

Image Source:

Image Source:

This Hair

That’s spray painted with cheetah print for some reason…