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The City’s Bankruptcy Can’t Stop Them! Mother-Daughter Duo Launch Luxury Beauty Bar In Detroit

October 24th, 2013 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Malesa Plater

Malesa Plater

For all the ladies that love a luscious weave, entering a posh and swanky salon that promises top-grade hair extensions is a pleasure. But when you live in a city that’s known for financial hardship, these sorts of treats can seem out of reach.

Malesa Plater, and her 23-year-old daughter Miranda, are opening a luxury beauty bar in Detroit today, Limelight Extensions. For Detroit, a great city that filed for Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy in July, it’s an extravagance that’s missing from the landscape. Despite the city’s fiscal crisis, Malesa and Miranda saw a void in Detroit that needed to be filled. Where are the beauty shops catering young, chic women? Expanding on an online enterprise, the owners of Limelight Extensions say they “[intend] to operate four sites in the metro Detroit area within the next two years,” DBusiness states.

Madame Noire spoke with Malesa to get the scoop.

MadameNoire: What about Limelight Extensions qualifies as “luxury”?

Malesa PlaterWe make sure that the hair is always going to be shiny, bouncy, no shedding, no matting. When you walk out at night, you know that your hair is going to get you a lot of attention. You can dye it red, green, any color you want; the hair will draw attention to you… [W]hen you walk into the door we have this huge chandelier. We have granite countertops. We spent a lot of money on the exterior and the interior as well to create a posh setting.

MN: Most black women are seeing dollar signs in the natural hair industry. What made you decide to jump into the hair extension business instead?

MP: If you actually take a poll and look around you, I think more of the mature woman are going with natural. But the younger generation, which we’re going after, ages 18 to 34, they’re still doing the long, luxury, Hollywood look. If you look at Hollywood, everyone is wearing extensions — long, beautiful locks. Especially in Michigan, where people spend a ton of money on hair extensions. I wouldn’t compare natural hair to [hair extensions] because it’s just not that big of a market yet. Extensions are still ruling the market. It’s a $13 million business!

MN: Limelight Extensions was once just an online enterprise and now you’re expanding. Tell us your secret to business growth.

MP: We didn’t go into the business crippled; we had money. We spent a lot of money on a PR team and a branding/marketing firm. So we knew what we had to do – this is a competitive market. Extensions are nothing new so we went out and we spent the money on media and an entire team to get the word out.

MN: Many businesswomen look to YouTube hair gurus to advertise their products on their channel. Have you done the same?

MP: We’re doing that now as we speak. We have a group called the “Limelight Ladies.” We choose a female and a market that we desire and we send them the hair and work with them to get the word out. They review the hair and share their thoughts. Our Instagram numbers have grown pretty fast!

MN: Why would you choose Detroit, a bankrupt city, as the prime location for Limelight Extensions’ first store?

MP: That’s what you see from the worldview. I travel the world and everywhere I go, when I tell them I’m from Detroit, they automatically say ‘Oh General Motors! [which had a role in Detroit’s fiscal slide] Detroit! Bad place!’ Even if they don’t speak [English] very well. But Detroit put America on the map; great minds came from  Detroit. We are going to get back to the glory, we won’t give up on it. I know [business] people are moving to LA and New York, but the brain source is still here. And with young people like Miranda, and others that work under us and with us, they’re staying here and fighting for their city.

We took [our business] here because Detroit still spends a lot of money. There’s some areas I would never go to; I’d be crazy to tell you that I’d set up shop in certain areas. I live in the suburb,s but downtown Detroit is still a beautiful place and people are beginning to move back.

Detroit is starved for businesses because people have passed us over. They’ve forgetten about us, but we keep fighting. Whole Foods just opened up in midtown Detroit. You got a Papa Joes, which has a very high-end, upscale market, that’s opened up in downtown Detroit. So it’s coming back. So those who are on the cusp of Detroit’s return will ride the wave and be successful. There’s going to be a tsunami here soon.

Tasha Marbury Defends Weave Bar Against Critical Co-Stars

September 24th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tasha Marbury

Source: Instagram

So apparently during the latest episode of Basketball Wives, the ladies voiced concerns about co-star Tasha Marbury’s hair extensions salon, Celebrity Sew Ins and her interesting grand openings celebration.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m hating, but it was off,” Evelyn said during a confessional. “Nothing is ready, like nothing. So I’m like, why are you even having an opening? I feel like when you’re opening a business, everything needs to be in tip-top shape because first impression is what people are going to remember,” she added.

Yesterday Tasha took to her Instagram page to address the criticism dished out by her fellow “basketball wives.”

“It is so disheartening to hear and see my fellow cast mates bash what is now an extremely successful business venture,” the Celebrity Sew Ins founder began.

She went on to defend the beauty bar, despite its not-so-hot grand opening.

“Yes they caught us during our soft opening blues but all the kinks are now fixed!”

“@CelebritySewIns is created to provide affordable, chic extensions installations in communities that typically don’t have access to salons of this type.”

Tasha also defended opening her salon a troubled neighborhood.

“We could have opened ANYWHERE but we chose Brownsville because we felt the community deserved something nice too! Don’t forget to check out our website”

Check out footage from the grand opening below and on page two. Thoughts?

Fake Hair Don’t Care: Celebs Who’ve Invested In The Weave Industry

September 19th, 2013 - By Meghan Reid
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Celebrities are constantly changing their hair from the style to the length to even the color, so it makes perfect sense for them to invest in the billion dollar industry that is hair. Hair extensions have become a beauty staple that women all over the world enjoy. It is a market that doesn’t have many women or African American leaders, but the tide is starting to change. Click through this list of 15 celebrities who have made waves in the hair extensions world.

Celebrity Hair Extension Lines

Source: Blackcelebkids

Tami Roman

Tami Roman has stepped back into the weave game, this time around including her two daughters, Lyric and Jazz. The TR Collection specializes in three types of curly hair and Tami had this to say about her new venture, “Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really great hair companies (Glamluxe, Indique), in which I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to offer above grade quality hair. So, I’ve decided to try again with my own CURLY hair line called the TR Hair Collection.”

Kenya Moore Set to Debut Line of Hair Care Products

March 18th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Since Kenya Moore’s debut on Bravo’s hit reality TV show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, some ladies have been dying to know whether or not her gorgeous locs are enhanced by extensions or a gift from genetics. On several occasions she let it be known that for the most part, she doesn’t wear weaves or extensions. In a recent interview with Longing for Length, she did, however, reveal that she’s flattered by many people asking if her hair is real.

“I  think it’s a compliment. I have healthy hair and people pay for extensions to look like my hair. I interpret that to be flattering for the most part.”

The former Miss USA went on to reveal that she is in the process of a launching a hair care line, in an effort to help other ladies to attain beautiful, healthy and luscious hair.

“I am working on my own hair care line and it’s a culmination of all of my favorite products and ingredients that I have come to love. I ‘m very passionate about hair care and love shiny, healthy hair. My products will first help to repair hair and then strengthen it so it will grow longer.”

In an interview with Untitled Flow late last year, Kenya stressed the importance of healthy hair and discussed being a “natural girl.”

“I think weaves and wigs are perfectly fine. My product line is basically to promote healthy hair. You can wear weaves or wigs if you want to, but you can wear your own hair as well. I’m very serlous about healthy hair. I do have my own hair. It is just hair. I don’t live and die by my hair. I’ve worn weaves for a movie but in my every day life when you see me on the RHOA, it’s all my hair. I don’t have fine textured hair. I have very thick hair. I don’t perm it. I don’t’ relax it. I’m wearing color in my hair right now but I don’t put any chemicals in it other than color. I wash it, let it air dry and flat iron it in small sections and use roller sets. As for everything else, my fans who’ve known me for a long time know that I’m a natural girl.”

But of course, these days it appears that it is nearly impossible for one Atlanta “housewife” to venture into an industry without one of her co-stars on her heels. It has also been announced recently that Porsha Stewart is in the process of launching a line of hair products as well. Last month she tweeted a photo of her younger sister with a caption announcing her upcoming product launch.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 8.30.39 AM


Judging by the photo, it seems that Porsha will be launching a line of hair extensions, as opposed to actual hair care products, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see to know for sure. Maybe she’ll do both?

Source: WENN

Source: Instagram

What do you think ladies? Would you purchase hair products from either of these reality TV stars?


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Syleena Johnson Has Another Side Hustle: ‘R&B Divas’ Star Launches Extension and Wig Line

February 6th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP

Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP

Besides stirring up emotions on R&B Divas with her blunt style, Syleena Johnson has been building her business brand. Add her to the list of celebrities with hair product lines. Johnson has just announced her hair extension and wig line. The “True Diva Collection by Syleena Johnson” hair will hit stores in Spring 2013, and sold exclusively at Renown Premium Hair.

According to a press release, the line will feature wefted hair for weaving and U-Part, lace-front wigs. The hair is full-cuticle and can be washed, blow dried, curled, flat ironed, and colored. Johnson herself is a fan of extensions and says she wears them for protective styling, versatility, and convenience.

It was actually while wearing Renown Premium Hair that Johnson approached company founder and former celebrity publicist, Toi Troutman. Johnson had perfect timing. According to Troutman, the brand was looking to create a celebrity line. “[W]hen she reached out to us, we knew that she would be perfect for it,” said Troutman in a press statement.  “Syleena Johnson fully embodies our brand. Definitely a true diva, Syleena has sophistication, beauty, talent and class, yet she manages to keep her personality and image relatable to every woman.”

Johnson seems eager to get the line launched. “My True Diva Collection is not only quality hair but its affordable, and accessible to anyone who is looking for amazing hair that will last,” Johnson said in the press release.

Johnson, who is in the studio working on “Chapter VI: Couple’s Therapy,” has other business ventures as well. She recently launched her own fitness brand, SheLean, with a workout DVD. A “Mommy’s Got Soul” DVD, featuring her own original music, to soon follow.


Who Says Extensions Are Just For Black Women? 15 White Girls With A Great Weave Game

November 16th, 2012 - By Ashley Page
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In Hollywood, changing hair is like changing clothes. Celebs want to be able to perfect and tweak their hair on the daily and with the use of weave, it’s plenty possible. Though you only seem to hear about black female celebs and their amazing weaves, here are 14 white female stars who have some notable weave game.


Daniel Tanner/

Kim Kardashian

It’s no surprise that Kim’s luscious locks aren’t completely her own, but she does rock some good weave.

How They Launched It: Betting on Affordable, High Quality Hair Extensions with Amizade Hair

November 5th, 2012 - By Sakita Holley
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Each year, African American women spend millions of dollars on hair extensions and hair care products, contributing to the multi-billion dollar bottom line of a market that is 90 percent owned and operated by Korean businesses.

In recent years, there’s been an outcry by the African American community calling for an investigation on the Korean domination of the market and many media outlets including Madame Noire have tackled this issue in the past.

Michelle Morant (background) and Kendra Austin

In spite of higher-than-normal barriers of entry to entrepreneurship in the black hair care and weaving industries, veteran companies like Carol’s DaughterDudley’s Q and newcomers like Huetiful and curlBOX are working feverishly to reclaim ownership of the brown beauty conversation.

Joining those ownership ranks is Amizade Hair, a new hair extension company founded by friends Michelle Morant and Kendra Austin that launched this past August.

According to Austin, the company provides “quality, affordable, and luxurious virgin hair extensions from around the world, in a range of textures, styles, and lengths,” and hopes to become a go-to brand among extension loyalists who may have traditionally purchased products from a non-black owned company.

We recently caught up with Morant and Austin to learn more about how they launched Amizade Hair, discuss industry obstacles and where they see themselves in the marketplace.

Get Money: The Side Hustles Of 8 Of Our Favorite Celebrities

August 3rd, 2012 - By Kimberly Shorter
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We see them on TV, and on the movie screen. We hear them on the radio. We follow them on Twitter. Our fave celebs are creating all kinds of buzz and blazing trails in everything they do. These business-savvy celebs have launched some lucrative ventures worth checking out. Take a look…

Jennifer Hudson

It seems that just about everything JHud touches turns to gold. First, it was her Oscar-worthy role in Dreamgirls. Then it was her Grammy-award winning debut album. Now it is Weight Watchers. JHud wowed us with her phenomenal weight loss reveal last year, and now she hopes to influence people in her native Chicago to do the same. JHud became the first celebrity to have a Weight Watchers center when she opened the Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers Center in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood last fall.

What’s next for JHud? A launch of her new clothing line, the Jennifer Hudson Collection on QVC this fall, as well as recurring role on the hit NBC show Smash, where she’ll take on the role of Broadway star Veronica Moore.

That Ain’t No Mongolian Hair, Girl: What’s the Real Deal with Your “Virgin” Hair Extensions?

July 23rd, 2012 - By Jouelzy
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Source: Vibe Vixen

“Virgin hair” is a term synonymous with premium weave, and in recent years, the growing trend has been to precede the term with an exotic location. Peruvian virgin hair. Brazilian virgin hair. Mongolian virgin hair. Filipino virgin hair. Cambodian virgin hair. Pick a country and you can find someone peddling hair from that region, giving it the mystique of being the ultimate premium virgin hair that has the perfect texture and luster to match the textured hair of black women. But what does any of this really mean?

Well, to be quite honest with you, there are no hard facts about where any of this hair really comes from. For the most part, you are simply taking the word of the particular vendor you are purchasing your hair from or whatever your favorite YouTube guru has endorsed you to purchase. However, with the abundance of exotic virgin hair (and people saying the following: “ooo im mongolian and i did not ever know we did hair extentions!”) and the latest advent of Russian virgin hair on the market, one does have to scratch their head and wonder if this is simply anything more than a marketing ploy.

First, the term ‘virgin hair’ denotes hair that has not been processed at all aside from washing it and sewing it on to a weft. So that Peruvian loose wave you are thinking about buying, let’s think about that. Is there a tribe in Peru that has loose wavy hair who just happens to be walking into factories to have their hair chopped off? I’m serious. Where in Russia are people trading in their luscious locks for some quick change? And who really ventured out to Mongolia to find some hair?  And though some people unethically sell the hair of women who cut it off for religious purposes, that doesn’t mean that when you get it, it was kept in its virgin form. All it really takes is a quick Google search to identify that most of the countries, the people, generally speaking, do not have natural hair textures that are similar to the weaves we are purchasing. Have you seen a Mongolian woman lately?

The breakout star of the exotic weaves was Brazilian virgin hair, and the majority that people buy has been debunked as being from anywhere but Brazil. While Brazilian hair does exist, it is extremely hard to find and extremely expensive at that. The one reputable vendor I knew of, closed a few years ago because of lack of supply and the costs of acquiring the hair. Brazil has one of the most booming, emerging economies in the world. I promise you there’s not a far off favela where women are desperate to give away their hair for monies. If anything, many are rising out of the favelas to start hair salons that are set to break into the American scene.

Unless you are willing to fly out the country and visit the factory to ensure that the hair is virgin and from that exact location, the best way to go about purchasing ‘virgin hair’ of quality is to let go of the ‘virgin’ title. Most hair has to be processed, either steam-processed or chemically processed, to achieve the wave/curl pattern and luster that will blend with textured hair. The bulk of the hair on the market is coming from India or China, although Southeast Asian countries are emerging on the extension scene. While Indian tends to be the more cultivated premium hair, it’s not so much about where the hair comes from as it’s about how it’s processed and the end results. Look for reputable vendors that have minimal complaints of shedding and bulky wefts. The hair needs to be evenly distributed on the weft for a good install. Take note of luster, as shiny hair is harder to blend, and understand that ‘low luster’ is most definitely processed and it’s not a bad thing. Low luster hair blends better for women with highly textured kinky hair. And lastly, you want hair that feels like real hair and is soft to the touch. These are all things you can find out with a little bit of research. Google is a girl’s best friend.

More on Madame Noire!

Hair Do’s and Don’ts According to the Fellas

April 13th, 2012 - By Mel T.
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Black women spend countless hours at the hairdressers while spending millions of dollars on hair products—and hair. The theory is that we do it for ourselves; we boost our self esteem when we  feel and look good. However, when we’re honest, we acknowledge that we consider how the guys will react to us after we are fried, dyed and laid (or twisted) to the side. So, I asked a few fellas from Facebook to share with us what they really liked—and loathed—about our hair. Click through the gallery to find out!
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