8 Examples of “Black Privilege”

October 20, 2011  |  
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We all know white privilege exists. After all, this is America and they did come here first (excluding the Native Americans that were also deceived into making crappy “deals,” then forced into slavery and eventually onto reservations). The establishment lays the foundation for the future, and it is only human nature to create an environment that works to one’s favor.

With that said, there are also instances of Asian, Latino and black privilege. Though not as vast or lucrative, and often stemming from racist stereotypes, black privileges are proof that negativity can work in your favor. Here’s how:

More athletic scholarships.

Let’s be honest, black people have the upper-hand when it comes to being recruited for athletics. The world almost always assumes we are better than our non-black counterparts; and, for good reason. Call it stereotyping but when was the last time you saw an Asian guy who stood six foot five inches, 265 pounds and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds? Oh wait, never.

Permission to “Keep it real.”

Because every close-minded individual thinks black women are either uneducated, welfare queens or ill-mannered basketball “wives,” we are expected to be loud, uncouth and totally inappropriate. So, when we slip up and go there from time to time, no one is really that surprised.

We wish a [insert expletive here] would, but they don’t.

Decades of Cops and other shows that perpetuate violent stereotypes associated with blackness have instilled a level of fear into a good amount of people in society. And despite the fact that over 90 percent of crime is intra-racial, that fear makes others hesitant to jump into conflict with a sista (or a brotha).

Every stupid dance we make up becomes a phenomenon.

Thanks to the unfounded belief that all black people have rhythm and, therefore, can dance, everything we do is cool. So cool non-blacks eagerly jump on the bandwagon and (literally) buy into nonsense. I mean, seriously—the Biggie tummy?

White people never really know what we’re thinking.

Over the years, black people (especially those who have found success and reached higher levels of socio-economic status) have evolved into social chameleons. We play “the role” better than any other minority group. Sue at the office has no idea that you spend weekends cursing like a sailor around a spades table with Kings of Comedy running in the background.

We can get away with saying things like “you people” and the n-word.

Some black folks make the most racially insensitive comments and, more often than not, no one blinks twice. We are allowed to insult our own and others without repercussion. When it comes to the You-Can’t-Talk-About-My-Mama philosophy, blacks are exempt.

Mainstream media is, like, totally obsessed with us.

Cable networks, newspapers and magazines are reluctant to hire us, but love to discuss our plight. We only account for 12 percent of the population yet, somehow, make up (an estimated) 50 percent of the news.

We get to claim being grown a** men and women and, at the same time, can play victim.

Black people are quick to brag on their maturity and declare themselves grown men and women. Yet, we are also quick to project our shortcomings onto others. Some of us spend rent money on designer handbags and then complain about how we don’t have the same economic opportunities as everyone else. And we get away with it.

Do you know people who take advantage of “black privilege?”
LaShaun Williams is a Madame Noire contributor and columnist whose work has appeared in the New York Times and across several popular sites, such as HuffPost Black Voices and the Grio. Visit her blog Politically Unapologetic for more on love, life and culture, or follow her on Twitter @itsmelashaun and Facebook.

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  • Katiyanna

    These aren’t black privileges, these are black stereotypes… if a black person wrote this I’m quite disappointed in the fact that you want our race to think that these stereotypes are acceptable. We should be uplifting our black culture, not bringing it down with useless, confining stereotypes.

  • DrJennySueNY

    Do you really think Blacks are the only ones who act all business during the week and then swear and play poker on the weekend? Guess again

  • s

    It’s so funny that no one that ever talks about privilege actually knows what it is….

  • Kanon

    Just a conversation with a friend about this topic. By chance I searched black privilege to make sure I wasn’t crazy. This article has is a prejudice as it comes. To say that privilege comes from the ability to act out of a negative context (i.e. I’m black so when I make a B everyone thinks I am super smart yea privilege) is ridiculous. I’ve lost an potential respect for this magazine and author.

  • protectionistt

    The article is absolutely right. The response comments criticizing it are a bunch of denial drivel. What a joke to see Black people who can’t fess up to the privileges they take for granted every day. And this article wasn’t any where near tough enough. It is Whites who are the oppressed race, not Blacks. Blacks (at the expense of Whites) are granted preference in job hiring, first shot at job promotions, first in line for college admissions, often the only ones to get college financial aid, and various other favors of Affirmative Action. And this massive discrimination against Whites has been going on for 50 years.

    As for the absurd claims of “police brutality” neither the Brown or Garner case was that. The decisions in those cases and the Martin case were all correct. And research in New York shows more Whites being shot by cops than Blacks, despite the fact that more Blacks are committing crimes. More Black privilege favoritism given to spoiled brat Blacks, like the cover-up of Trayvon Martin’s criminal record, and those of other Black kids, while Whites committing the same crimes are penalized.

  • Mr_Scorpio

    This sounds as if this was written by a black Republican. Because I can totally see a black Republican using all of this crap in an argument explaining WHY they’re a black Republican.

  • Privileged Black Man

    Wow! I never knew us blacks had so many great privileges. I’ll never complain about social and economic disparities AGAIN!!! More blacks are in prisons?! WHO CARES? We get to be on the NEWS MORE!

  • Blunt Honesty

    There was heavy shade in this article I wonder how many people saw it?

  • Hellsconsort .

    BTW no mention of affirmative action/positive discrimination?

  • sunne1954home

    black privelege- to have black male youth murder black male youth and NO one reports on it, and Obama could care less

  • sunne1954home

    90% of crime is intra-racial? check the fbi stats. most crime is blacks on blacks, then blacks on whites. mexican crime on everyone else,then way down the list is whites on blacks.

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  • White Rabbit

    Blacks have over 50 countries in the world, Blacks have the largest population in the world, Blacks have the best piece of farmland in the world (Africa), Blacks control 50% of the worlds resources, Blacks live in America as a minority with special treatment by the law when white Americans are a TINY minority in the world. And now we even gave you the presidency, not much else we can do for Blacks and what have Blacks done with all this? Nothing. This farce will be coming to a close fast, your day of reckoning will come soon.

  • Shar

    I just stumbled across this article while doing some research on American privilege. This is poorly written and completely inaccurate. When discussing privilege, each point that is brought up must equally highlight the advantage of belonging to one race and the disadvantage of belonging to another. This article is simply an opinionated list of supposed advantages that black people have. Is this a joke? I’m surprised that the editor(s) of this website allow this to remain posted.

  • Shar

    I just stumbled across this article while doing some research on American privilege. This is poorly written and completely inaccurate. When discussing privilege, each point that is brought up must equally highlight the advantage of belonging to one race and the disadvantage of belonging to another. This article is simply an opinionated list of supposed advantages that black people have. Is this a joke? I’m surprised that the editor(s) of this website allow this to remain posted.

  • Annie

    A number of states have already gotten rid of AA over the last 6 years (including the one I live in). Also if it wasn’t for AA, white people would NEVER hire any minorities, because that’s what they got away with doing BEFORE 1964. Why the hell are you assuming that a less qualified black person would get the job? Do you seriously believe the dept. would risk getting a less qualified person just because of AA? And funny how come white folks NEVER assume or even consider that a less qualified WHITE person is getting the job, or a white person who only got the job because of some well-pulled strings and someone they knew who could do that for them. Let me remind you of this–until the Civil Rights Act was passe din 1964, white people already HAD affirmative action for themselves for over 300 damn years–and they because they could discriminate against black people and anybody else that wasn’t white and keep them from getting the best jobs so NONE of ya’ll would have to compete with us for those same jobs.. As well as being the majority, which has ALWAYS helped y’all a hell of a lot. Do you actually believe that ALL white folks get certain jobs because they’re qualified for them? Get real–hell, no, they don’t, but y’all (white folks) won’t admit that, even as you put in a good word for your best friend’s daughter who just got out of high school with no exp. but needs a job and choose her over a black person who’s more qualified simply because you know said friend’s daughter. White folks do that s*** all the time, and nobody ever calls themselves on it.

    Also, WHITE women were some of the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action, but you’d never know it from the way the right-wing media made it seem like ONLY unqualified black folks were getting into colleges. Colleges have ALWAYS had what they called “legacy” admissions, where if your grandfather or father was a big financial contributor to said college, or sat on the board, you’re guaranteed to get your foot in the door (that’s how George Bush and countless other rich white kids like him got into Yale, BTW).  So you’re just gonna be racist and assume that ALL black people got into school under AA and that automatically makes them not qualified? That’s pretty stupid, short-sighted and racist on your part. Also, these so-called “black privileges” don’t get a black person ANYWHERE in the white world, so don’t take this article as some kind of holy grail or something, because it’s not! That’s just how we act amongst ourselves—it dosen’t have a DAMN thing to do with any privilege!

  • This almost seems like sarcasm to get us to see how others think of us. Although we should be ourselves as individuals, the outside world is still full of prejudice. Many of these aren’t really “privileges” but stereotypes. Being able to keep it real because others expect us to act wild and obnoxious is not positive; how we act in our personal lives outside our professional lives is expected of anybody; and I don’t play victim to where I say “you people” or anything. I say the n word sometimes, but not in a way to offend anybody, but more as a second stage ebonics term for “homie” and, offended as you may be, I think it’s the way it’s used, not the who.

  • SimplyFit

    I’m just trying to figure out why there happen to be so many white commenters on this particular article.

  • Agent Salt

     you left out the biggest one – much lower standards for getting into college and landing a good job thanks to affirmative action. also, the 90 percent of crime being interracial is a bit intellectually dishonest since it’s often black people committing crimes against other races. it’s a fact that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crimes in America, sorry.

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  • Demetriuskelley22

    This so called article has no bearing on anything relevant in reality

  • Jeckyllakahyde


  • I realize the article was satire but it STILL sucked!  Just another article celebrating Black Stereotypes.

  • Belleric3

    It is only the privileged who haven’t suffered and struggled for civil rights whom would entertain such an inane oxymoronic position.  ( and the many ignorant )  Black lash follows progress and false privileges don’t stand the test of time.     

  • other ethic groups use derogatory names toward themselves  i’ve heard it all my life but other ethnic groups dont use such language toward them

  • Rasalghulahmenra

    The sad part is that the nonsense in this article is that we buy into these “self-imposed stereotypes” and continue to add to the negativity that helps to keep us as second-class citizens in the minds of, not only the short-sighted majority in this country, but also in the minds of our very own children. So much so, that it truly is no surprise that the only things our children want to be are rappers and athletes (entertainers; i.e. “minstrels”). If Richard Pryor can stop using the “N”- word, and give a logical explanation, as he did, to stop using it, why in the hell do we feel it necessary to continue to give that word credence and perpetuate it’s use throughout the world, largely due to the popularity and influence of our hip-hop culture? An influential force of that magnitude could be used for so much more to do good things for our communities everywhere. But, then that goes against the “me first”, “gettin’ paid”,  “stack my papers” self-promoting attitude which has taken over our people. If you really think about it, how sad it would be if Martin and Malcolm had actually lived long enough to see that the result of all their struggles and persecution would bear such rotten fruit. Oh the shame of it all.

  • Atheltic scholarships? there are dozens of NCAA sports and whites get almost FOUR TIMES the athletic scholarships that blacks do.

    When was the last time you saw a black swimmer?The NCAA reports that 71% of ALL athletic scholarships go to white kids and 19% go to blacks. 

    Next you write this dumb of an article you might want to spend the 30 seconds it took me to find the demographic data.

  • Lilmorse

    Wow, just wow. And this article is supposed to forward the black community? 

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  • Guest

    I hope someone posted this already to show the author the idiocy that lingers in this article.  Focusing on facts alone, the author is by the first “privilege” alone, a complete moron.  Please check your facts.

  • Oktv

    I barely had the patience to make it through 8 pages of crap loading, just to read 12 lines of “story”.
    If that wasn’t bad enough, the same inane interview plays simultaneously with auto-play car, and muffin commercials. This site is an amateurish mess. An embarrassment.

  • After being irritated about wasting my time reading this article, I thought about it for another minute and came to the conclusion that it is intended to be satirical.  It loses something in the translation because it just isn’t very funny.  Dear Joe Below (Joe Blow?):  You take ignorance to the level of sheer stupidity.  Wake up and smell something besides the putrid stench of gas emanating from your disgusting pie hole.  Don’t you have something better to do than spew hatred?  Like maybe get that scumbag murderer  
    Zimmerman’s autograph?  Trayvon can not RIP until that hateful prick is brought to justice.  Bring him up on Federal civil rights charges and incarcerate him for life.   

  • Mhonohan

    Whitey here. I have lots of black friends. They are strong black men and successful. Through them, I have met a lot of black folks who think they are strong black men who can’t get a job and control themselves in social situations. The first group got the message, follow the same rules nearly every white man has to follow and you will do well. The other group, thinking because slavery and Jim Crow happened to their ancestors, they deserve something for nothing and blame all their ills on people of my complexion. We got a word for the first kind: men. I believe you have your own word for the second kind that I should never mention. You have a choice. Look to maximize your existance and being a snviling child.

  • Joe

    Just try speaking English and father children with your WIFE and the black community’s problems would…evaporate. The white and Asian community..you know, the people who pay all the taxes? They are honestly ready to land a hand and see you folks join us in prosperity. 

    Oh, yeah..and get off the government teat and quit filling prisons. We can’t afford it and frankly, it’s a waste of your REAL human potential….away from the basketball court.

    •  Are you f**king serious? There are 38 MILLION black people in this country—you’re damn right most of us WORK,GO TO SCHOOL AND PAY TAXES!  Honestly, ignore this article, because some of that s*** only works around other black people—when you’re around non-whites, it’s a totally different story. Another thing—black people don’t need some arrogant white person telling us what the hell to do in our own communities, unless you actually live there yourself. And it’s not like y’all actually give a damn about us, any damn way! Also, ALL black people do not live in ghettos, have kids out of wedlock, stay on welfare (for your information, 37% of people on welfare are WHITE people—so much for that tired-a** stereotype of only black people being on welfare). Stop using this silly article as an excuse to lecture black people about our problems, which we have dealing with for years,WITHOUT your help, thank you very much.. The black community’s problems have NEVER just evaporated for the simple damn fact that it dosen’t matter HOW LAW-ABIDING, upright and orderly a black person is, they STILL get these stereotypical racist assumptions dumped on them for NO other reason BECAUSE they’re black, and not always because they actually DID something. Look at Trayvon Martin—he was just walking home to his dad’s house, and look what the hell happened to him–he got killed just because some racist a**hole ASSUMED that because he was black, he just HAD TO be up to no good. So it dosen’t matter WTF a black person does sometimes, he or she is ALWAYS gonna have to deal with some racist BS in some small form or whatever.

  • lewsmooth

    Are you serious right now. I spent my time reading this foolishness!!  My brotha you need to come correct and stop wasting peoples time by even writing this stuff!!  It’s a privilege to use the N-word……………smh!

  • very upset about this article. these don’t seem like any privileges I would want. Besides athletic scholarships increase likelihood for sports-related injury. At least they get a chance for an education though. And in America these days, nothing comes free anymore, no matter what your race is.

  • William Simmons

    This is why black people are in the position that we are in now. People like this writer. You are useless to the black race mam or sir.

  • Ness21

    This is not even funny, man. Maybe you have so many privileges that you’ve forgotten about the undercurrent of Racism that runs underneath everything in this country.

  • Johnnysnewstart

    knee groes really are pathetic!

  • The comments are insane, everybody gettin pissy about this article.  Reading it, it seems to me to be written comically to make a point through a bit of sarcasm. It looks like white people read the title and got pissed off and headed for the comments to spew crap, then black people read it, took it seriously and headed for the comments to spew crap.  It looks like only 1% got the jest of it.

  • Mthomefinder

    MN, your sense of irony is duly noted.  But, as a white male who seriously longs for peace among the races of our country, I don’t see where blacks are doing much to help themselves.  Your own music is filled with references to ‘H*’s, N-words, B******,murder,drugs” what a self-image you’ve given yourselves.  Please, quit it.  The rest of us are embarrassed by your racial hatred of YOURSELVES!  You destroy the best among you, most recently Whitney Houston, you allow your heroes to act like idiots (Barry Bonds, Bobby Brown, Kobe Bryant, Snoop and so on) and you keep buying their crap whether it’s tennis shoes or CD’s.  Come on now, the door to equality has been open for 40 years and you can’t seem to walk through it despite all the advantages you’ve been given to do so.  Get serious, police your own race, let the bad actors know you’re tired of the crap, that THEY’RE keeping you down as much as the KKK ever did.  Rise up and be a fully actualized part of a great country.  We love you, we just don’t think you care much for yourselves.

    • MTHO :

      Stop acting like rap is the only music where folks say hateful things about each other–hell, in country music, white folks talk about getting drunk and shooting each other and raising hell all the time, but nobody ever says that WHITE folks need to get themselves together (because some of y’all do,frankly). Same thing in rock ‘n roll, and even opera, come to think about it. Once again, WE AS BLACK people already KNOW what are problems are, some of which (not all of them) are exacerbated by the racism in this society.  Once again, unless you live in a black community and are actually HELPING  with the problems there, shut the hell up. We don’t need any more lectures from arrogant white people who think they got all the answers and they don’t. Also, that racial hatred of ourselves you mentioned has been ingrained in us since during slavery times–get real—we didn’t just wake up one damn day and decide that we just hated ourselves and treat each other like ****. Also, we’re BEEN a part of this country since day one, so what do you mean, be part of a fully actualized country, which we helped built of of the free slave labor white folks got out of us for 300-some years? Like I said, black folks have ALREADY BEEN taking opportunities for years, and even when we do, we still have to deal with white people’s stupid racist stereotypes of us (a lot of which were created by white peole in the first place). You better read on some history, because you obviously haven’t got a damn clue about us and why we have all these damn problems in the first place!

  • Mkelley

    This website is littered with misspellings and typos.  By the way, getting to use the n-word does not count as privilege.  However, getting into a Tier-2 law school with a 148 LSAT score and a 2.98 GPA with a BA in FILM STUDIES should have made your petty little list.

  • This is not a good article, simply because the writer has no idea how to properly use the term “privilege” in a sociological context. I am absolutely open to discussing any societal privileges we are privvy to as black people- this article is not such an intelligent analysis.  I really expect better from Madame Noire. 

  • Superabound

    8 Examples of “Black Privilege”, in the eyes of the average white American

    1. They can say n****r
    2. They can say n****r
    3. They can say n****r
    4. They can say n****r
    5. Why cant i say n****r?
    6. I really want to say n****r
    7. PLEASE let me say n****r! Please let me say it! I need to say it so bad!
    8. N****R! N****R! N****R! (Its ok, i have black friends)

    • Jam2345

      Superabound 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand  Wow, thats racist as hell. No one wants your worthless, backwoods approval.

       Superabound 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand  Wow, thats racist as hell. Nobody wants your approval.
      (Edited by a moderator)A Like Reply

  • So terrible. I couldn’t even bother to finish. http://madamenoire.com/79228/8-examples-of-black-privilege/3/

  • all i can say is the truth does hurt

  • Mwatuanghi

    Thanks for feeding the trolls, sistah.

  • I precise picture into the black mindset. 

  • M3333

    Are these really ‘privileges’ ?  Is this entire article sarcasm? 

    • Mwatuanghi

      I hope so. If it aint, then I guess it is a privilege to be racially stereotyped. Aint nothing like having a cop follow you ten minutes and accuse you of an imaginary crime.

  • sl

    Very, very true.  Glad to see one of “you people” finally owning your racism.

    • Superabound

       Wow, thats racist as hell. Nobody wants your approval.

    • Superabound

       Wow, thats racist as hell. No one wants your worthless, backwoods approval.

  • Shannonwalshjd

    Absolutely horrible article. Shameful.

  • Kenlee19

    Your article borders on plain stupidity….

  • VAgiftd1


  • Rach

    Face it if u hv not dated out of ur race then u dont hv a leg to stand on but the racism ur 4 fathers had Ive had my best friends were brothas trick is dont sleep with ur friends.beware what u try cauzz u might end up like meeee. 🙂  <—-;

  • CL

    Who write this crap?

  • Annierose49

    Didn’t see mention of affirmative action which I expected; and that wouldn’t be sarcasm.   Seattle police dept gives blacks a 20% point advantage on entrance testing for officers.   This means that a less-qualified black has a better opportunity to become an officer than a white.   By the same reasoning I would prefer a white surgeon or dentist working on me rather than black.  Bottom line:  affirmative action attaches a stigma. 

    • Roundelay78

       Yeah, well, white folks have ALWAYS had affirmative action–for themselves and THEMSELVES only, because they set everything up only TO benefit themselves, and black folks had to fight like hell to even get AA instituted as a law so that they could actually have a fair shot at getting better jobs, which is why AA was created in the first place, because that hasn’t happening back in 1964. And how come you’re automatically assuming that a black person hired under AA (which dosen’t even exist in a  number of states anymore) is unqualified? As if unqualified white people don’t exist, or don’t ever get jobs because of who they know and not necessarily where they themselves have any qualifications. I mean,gimme a break–a lot more whites than blacks get into college on legacies, meaning they had a leg up on getting in because a rich relative donated to the college or sits on the board. Also, white women have benefitted from AA just as much as black people have—it’s not a zero sum game that benefits black people at the expense of whites, which is what the right-wingers and racists would have you believe.

    • Superabound

       What exactly are the “qualifications” for becoming a police officer? Love of authority? Lack of a moral center? Desire to be able to freely murder unarmed civilians based on nothing more than your own fear-induced “suspicions”?

      To me, 20% less qualified at becoming a cop means 20% more qualified at being a decent human being.

    • Annie

      A number of state have already gotten rid of AA (including the one I live in). Why the hell are you assuming that a less qualified black person would get the job? Do you seriously believe the dept. would risk getting a less qualified person just because of AA? And funny how come white folks NEVER assume or even consider that a less qualified WHITE person is getting the job, or a white person who only got the job because of some well-pulled strings and someone they knew who could do that for them. Let me remind you of this–until the Civil RIghts Act was passe din 1964, white people already HAD affirmative action for themselves for over 300 damn years–and they because they could discriminate against black people and anybody else that wasn’t white and keep them from getting the best jobs so ya;ll wouldn’t have to compete with us. As well as being the majority, which has ALWAYS helped y’all a hell of a lot. Do you actually believe that ALL white folks get certain jobs because they’re qualified for them? Get real–hell, no they don’t, but y’all (white folks) won’t admit that, even as you put in a good word for your best friend’s daughter who just got out of high school with no exp. but needs a job and choose her over a black person who’s more qualified simply because you know said friend’s daughter. White folks do that s*** all the time, and nobody ever calls themselves on it.

      Also, WHITE women were some of the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action, but you’d never know it from the way the right-wing media made it seem like ONLY unqualified black folks were getting into colleges. Colleges have ALWAYS had what they called “legacy” admissions, where if your grandfather or father was a big financial contributor to said college, or sat on the board, you’re guaranteed to get your foot in the door (that’s how George Bush and countless other rich white kids like him got into Yale, BTW). So you’re just gonna be racist and assume that ALL black people got into school under AA and that automatically makes them not qualified? That pretty stupid, short-sighted and racist on your part. Also, these so-called “black privileges” don’t get a black person ANYWHERE the white world, so don’t take this article as some kind of holy grail or something, because it’s not!

  • The black population in this country has come a long way. Coming from oppression they have made enormous contributions to society in all areas. They still have a long way to go to encourage their children to do well in school, get out of poverty and become contributing members of society. The time has come to stop blaming every one else on shortcomings and take responsibility. Don’t let a few ignorant people who want to feel superior to someone else stop you. Rise above it. Think of the black leaders of this country and reach for the sky. Barack Obama, Oprah and so many others have proven it is achievable with hard work.  

  • 70% of children born to un-wed mothers. You forgot that one. 

  • Thcallavii

    This has to be a joke.  Wtf is wrong with you?  You consider these so called privileges to be pros?  If anything, this is what’s wrong w/our ppl.  We get someone educated enough to put out a magazine and they try to get us to embrace the precise stereotypes that have helped limit our ability to rise in the world.  Get a clue. 

  • mamafropuff

    i don’t get it…

  • Ajinaz58

    In over 50 years of friendships I’ve never met anybody that even remotely fits your 8 examples. I’m a white guy but that shouldn’t matter really. I’ve seen plenty of what your talking about on TV and such. Get real and take my advise pull down your pants and slide on the ice…

  • Don Cordell

    Racism will end when Black people get an education, get a job, get married and support the children you give birth to. When even Black people are scared to go out at night in their own neighborhood, why should we respect and consider your rights. I’ve worked in industry where there were Black Engineers, and Black Doctors who did not have to demand respect, they earned it. We can all get along with each other “when we earn it”. The gangsta attitude, may buy it in the Black community, but not in real society. Lets all get more education, so we know which Welfare line to get in as We join the New World Order, with Freedom for none. Either we march together, to save the USA, or we will all fall together. It’s time to ReVote this November, To Restore, not Change America. Let’s open our factories, put Americans back to work, so we don’t need Welfare and food stamps, so we can have respect, and know we can do it. So our children have a future to look forwards to after 2012. Welfare is not a life, that’s a cop out for any race. America can still be the greatest nation in the World, if we work together. 

    • Superabound

       “Racism will end when Black people get an education, get a job, get married and support the children you give birth to.”

      Obama did ALL of those things, AND became President of the United States (something which you could never accomplish), and you and your politically brainwashed right wing comrades still give him absolutely ZERO respect. So youll forgive people when they assume that youre just a sad, bitter, evil person who will never give anyone a shade darker than you a shred of respect, no matter what great feats they accomplish to earn it.

      “why should we respect and consider your rights”

      also: common human decency

      • G

         im not so sure on the whole job part

    • hink hall

      when will you stop being stupid????

  • I nearly cracked a smile but aint a dam thing funny about this trashy little piece. I wont waste my time telling you why it’s not even remotely cool or informative in any sensible logical way. I will say this Mr. Williams study your subject throughly before you publish, The fact is that Black people came to America long before white people, for instance in 1310 Abu Bakri a Muslim King of the Malian Empire spearheaded a series of successful sea voyages to the new world. On the first voyage they set sail in no less than 1000 ships. Never get your facts foxed on Black History which is ultimately the worlds history it’s embarrassing. Now go do some real investigative journalism and find out why you do not know this and your supposedly educated, I’ll assume.

  • Lol, i thought this was going to be one of those vindictive paranoid articles that some white person wrote because they think we somehow have privileges when we don’t. This actually makes fun of those morons who like to think we have privileges. Good job.

    • 1lucy1

      Remember the Federal crimes of the Black Panthers–convictions, but no sentence thanks to  the interference Obozo and Eric the Red  ( these are my people and to H@ ll witht he Constitution)–nuff said.

      • Superabound

         The Black Panthers disbanded in 1982. Obama was 21 years old. Do you believe in time travel or something?

        • 1lucy1

          If that’s true than who were the  maggots harrassing the voters in Philly in 2008 –their ghosts. Seems that Federal Laws only apply to some people not all, and with the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ becoming an even bigger cesspool that it already was these things will go on and many hate crimes will not be punished. With Obozo and Eric the Red Holder in charge, nothing is more clear that selective enforcement of law. They both need to go for the good fo the country.  ABO 20!2

          • Superabound

             Two black guys in leather jackets, standing outside a building, breaking zero laws. Just because youre a racist whos scared of black people doesnt mean that a black person just STANDING THERE is somehow harrassment or intimidation. Black people exist, theyre ALLOWED TO VOTE. Get over it, get used to it. No more Jim Crow.

            Should white people be arrested every time a black person sees them standing near a voting booth? After all, white people can be very intimidating sometimes.

            • 1lucy1

              I call someone standing there calling people insults and banging a billy club intimidation which is all recorded on tape. Had it been a white group they would have been  tried and jailed at light speed for fear the savagers would riot in the streets and destroy the elitist white property of the people who sold out their own to keep their own percs privileges and propety and power   i.e.. the Democrartic Communist party.

              • Superabound

                 Oh you mean like when the Bush admin REFUSED to prosecute Roy Warden and his pro-white, anti-immigration group the Minutemen for walking around polling places in Arizona with LOADED FIREARMS and openly harrassing Mexican-American voters? Like that?

                • 1lucy1

                  If the government isn’t going to do  what it’s required to do legally , the people have to. Try reading the constitution Artlcle   I section 8 to see all the Fedreal government is required to do, and stop being ignorant.

                  • Superabound

                     So when two black people stand around a polling place, its somehow “harassment” and “voter intimidation”, but when an aggressive group of deadly-armed white people do it, theyre just standing up for the Constitution?

                    Thats ignorant BS.

                    • 1lucy1

                      You obvioudsly have never seen the tapes–even the Liberal press was astonished at the preferential treatment of these people who blatantly violated federal law.

                    • Superabound

                       I have seen the tapes, they were two black dudes in leather jackets, not breaking the law.

                      And what “liberal press” are you talking about? Keith Olbermann? Rachel Maddow?

                    • 1lucy1

                      The press in Philly is overwhelmingly liberal not to mention the presence of a man who marched with King in the south and who denounced the intimidation as hate crimes. Of course I wouldn’t expect you to see anythng in it. You would have probably been there cheering them on.TheCivil War has been over for 150 years–get over it and grow up.There are no more special privileges to get.Either obey the same laws that everyone else does or be on the next plane out of here to whatever s@@t house you want to live in. People who work and do without themselves to acommodate your constant whining are tired of listening any more.

                    • Superabound

                       I dont live in Philadelphia so i dont get your local news.

                      But “be on the next plane out of here”? Why would i do that? Youre the one who seems to hate where she lives so much.

                      Why dont you just apply yourself and work harder and get enough money to move somewhere better? Hard work equals more money right? Just work as hard as Mitt Romney works, and youll end up with as much money as he has.

                    • 1lucy1

                      Have you ever been disabled? I don’t recommend it.
                      Subject: [madamenoire] Re: 8 Examples of “Black Privilege”

                    • Superabound

                       So YOU are on disability, being nothing more than a parasite taking government handouts paid for by OUR tax dollars!

                      Your taxes arent paying for your black neighbors, THEIR taxes are paying for YOU you leech! Go get a job!

            • G

               brandishing a weapon is breaking the law.

          • Superabound

             It really sickens me that you think black people shouldnt be allowed to participate in democracy just because you think they “look scary”. What are you, five years old?

            • 1lucy1

              I didn’t know that intimidating white voters and threatining people who wanted to vote was ” democracy”— maybe in your prerverted definition, not mine. But never fear–your buddies Obozo and Eric the Red are your protectors–you have nothing to worry about.

              • Superabound

                 “Being black” does not constitute intimidation. If youre so scared of black people that you cant walk past one without having a panic attack, maybe you should just stay home and pray.

                • 1lucy1

                  Honey, I live in the neighborhood I was born in—-it’s now a government sponsored ghetto. I watched most of the home buyers move out and what’s in here is not a  credit to anyone. This is now like crime haven. Wise up and clean up your act and then the tax paying people wouldnt hate you so much.When your own kids do without because you have 50% of your paycheck stolen from you  to pay for someone else’s HO brats , you’d think differently about it.

                  • Superabound

                     “Clean up my act”?? I dont break the law, i dont do drugs, i have a loving family, and i do charity and volunteer work for my community. My “act” is clean as a whistle.

                    If you still live in the neighborhood you were born in, you might want to do a couple of things: 1) broaden your horizons beyond your very small corner of the world, and 2) actually try directly helping and bettering that neighborhood instead of expecting the government to do it for you.

                    And i hate to tell you, but most of your tax dollars are going towards paying for war, oil company subsidies, and tax cuts for billionaires. I mean think about it, if all your money, if all these tax funds were going towards black people….then where is it? Where are all these black people with all this money? They dont have any.

                    If you want to know where all your money has gone, look for the people with all the money. If you want to know who money has been taken AWAY from, look for the people who dont have any money.

                    • 1lucy1

                      Don’t play the class warfare game with me. if businesses don’t make profits, they do’;t stay in business–therefore no jobs.  YOUR own president tells you that one of the problems is a lack of education for the jobs that do exist–why not spend YOUR time getting that education and then see what it’s like to have to oay taxes over and over again for those who refuse to be responsible for themselves.   As for my little corner of the world–it was just fine until  the criminals were dumped her by our Communist government. this is NOT my neighborhood any more. I have nothing in common with any of these government transplants except that because of financial reasons, I’m forced to live in this crap hole.

                    • Superabound

                       Oh really, because of financial reasons? Then why didnt YOU work harder? Why didnt YOU make more money? It seems like YOU’RE the one who hasnt been “responsible for yourself”. Then you could leave and join one of those rich white gated communities you want to live in so badly.

                      Let me ask you something: when black people are poor, why do you say its their own fault, but when YOU are poor, you still say its BLACK PEOPLE’S FAULT? Take responsibility for your own failures.

                      And why do you automatically assume im uneducated? Why do you assume i dont pay taxes? My tax rate is higher than Mitt Romney’s!

                      By the way, our government is not Communist, no matter how much you want it to be. Its Capitalist. At least for the poor and middle class it is. Its Socialist for the rich.

                    • 1lucy1

                      I would have been fine if the government hadn’t stolen half of my paycheck to pay for a bunch of professional whiners like you. BTW I worked 3 jobs for many years.How many did you work?

                    • Superabound

                       I only work one job, and yet i have a decent place to live. I guess i must be working over 3 times harder than you. Capitalism works.

                      And sorry, but ive never taken any government assistance in my life. Have you? Ever claimed any child tax credits? Any unemployment benefits? Any disability? Any Medicare payments?

                    • 1lucy1

                      Nope–taken nothing until I retired after 45 years of working. Subject: [madamenoire] Re: 8 Examples of “Black Privilege”

                • G

                   im sure dressed in military garb with a billy club isnt threatening at all

  • This was a horrible article.

  • ekhayahande

    this is not privilege at all. do you even know what the term racial privilege means?

  • Sluggo

    This is some funny shit, both the article and the comments.  

  • proterozoic

    I was linked here from Fox News.

    • Superabound

       so was LaShaun Williams

  • Memfas

    What a bunch of horsesh*t. It’s amazing how routinely one person tries to explain what another is thinking. But when one person tries to explain what millions of people that they have lumped together are thinking, it’sway past time to call BS. This is racist nonesense.

    • SeanM

      But it is True!!!!

  • SeanM

    Yes and all these reasons are why white people have little or no respect for black people.  Stereotypes are around for a reason they are true.  No I have no sympathy for Black people try living in Ghana and tell me which place you like better

    • VAgiftd1

      Stereotypes exist because people like you are too lazy to learn the truth about groups of people.  You are responsible for your own narrow-mindedness.

    • Superabound

       If white people are so good at building civilization then why did they need black slaves?

      • Because your black ancestors sold the black slaves to the whites and it was cheap labor.

        • Superabound

           And the “cheap-labor conservatives” havent changed one bit since.

      • don3345

        So, genius, explain the industrialized, non slave holding States success?
         Millions of whites died to end that slavery, something angry black folks never seem to give any credit .

  • PTParks

    Every reason this article expresses regarding black privilege are the very reasons that you have so many problems being taken seriously by whites.  Blacks want to be “equal” yet will play upon several of these “privileges” (including the race card) as soon as the going starts getting the least bit tough.  I have several black friends that would be ashamed to evoke any of these tricks to get ahead.  They are where they are today because of a sense of responsibility, maturity, and not being dependent upon “the system” to get them ahead. 

    • Uh, there is no such thing as a race card. That was made up by people who wanted to allow and condone racism and not have to do anything about it like a good person would.

      • PTParks

        You can condone racism in several different ways.  I think that the so-called “black leaders” like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest of their ilk perpetuate the “poor black race” syndrome to the point that Blacks start believing it.  When was the last time you ever heard one of them come to the defense of someone wrongly accused of racial malfeasence? That is selective justice on the part of the “black leadership”, and that, my dear, is playing the race card.

        • Superabound

           Cool, so what we’ll do is look and see if racism existed in America before Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were born (hint: it did), and then we’ll look and see if racism still exists in America after both of them are gone (hint: it will) and then we’ll know if they truly were the cause of all these problems.

          But in the meantime, please, feel free to further educate us about how racism against black people is actually all black people’s fault, and how white racists are the TRUE victims, helplessly controlled by powerful black wizards.

          • MLK was a republican because he believed that people should be judged by their character and not the color of their skin.  Until black people fully embrace this theory, there will be racism because the foundation of racism is in celebrating our differences rather than our commonality.
            Calling yourself black and assuming that you are somehow different that the people you call white is by definition, racism.

            • Superabound

               Martin Luther King JUNIOR was not a Republican. He never endorsed any political candidate, and there is absolutely zero evidence he ever once voted Republican in his entire life.

              Martin Luther King SENIOR was a Republican, but he also voted for Democratic JFK over Republican Richard Nixon, because regardless of how he was registered, he knew the modern GOP had become a segregationist party.

              Martin Luther King Jr. and Martin Luther King Sr. are two different people.

    • Roundelay78

       I would hardly call being able to use the N-word a “privilege”—in fact, I wouldn’t really call too many of these things mentioned above so-called privileges at all. Real privilege is when white kids are allowed to have a party that might wake up their whole neighborhood without being hassled, yet if a bunch of black kids did the same thing, the police would be called on them in an instant. Real privilege is white folks being able to play characters in any kind of film without worrying about what roles they take are going to make white people look bad. They also don’t have to worry about not getting hired for a job simply because their name sounds too “ethnic” (ie..,black) no matter how qualified they are for said job. Or worry about being followed by a police officer because the assumption is that if you’re black and driving through an all-white part of town and in a new car, the assumption is that you must have stolen it.

      Real (white) privilege is having the power (and the institutional racism to back it up on a wide scale) to do whatever the hell you want without fear of being arrested, having a stigma slapped on you, or always having to fight a stereotype every time you turn the corner. So, when you really think about it, white folks’ privileges really outnumber black privileges probably 10 to one,straight up.

      • Roundelay78

         Plus none of these “tricks” really get you that far, anyway. And,PitParks, don’t act like white folks don’t play on their privileges too–they do it ALL the time–plus, ONCE again, you’re lumping ALL black people in the same catagory. There are 38 million of us in this country, and believe me, not ALL of us think alike, act alike, or like the same darn things. Plus ALL black people do not back down from a challenge or bow out when the going gets tough—trust me, I’ve toughed out a LOT of things, as hard as they were—but I digress. This article is basically just an OPINION—it dosen’t represent what ALL black people think anymore than the Tea Party speaks for all the crazy white folks in the U.S.
        —Black folks DO take themselves seriously about a lot of things just like anybody else—some of that stuff mentioned is just games people play something, and then just stereotypes they got slapped on us simply because were black.

    • Superabound

       We’re all SO VERY GLAD that your “pet” negroes have pleased you enough to earn your respect. Please tell us more about how its ok for white people to use their many advantages to get ahead, but the second a black person uses one of his few advantages, hes suddenly lazy, shameful, and not worth your (clearly VERY important) respect.

    • Superabound

       Yeah your black friends are some of the “good ones” arent they. They dont use “the system” to get ahead. They know that “the system” is for WHITES ONLY, and they, as common lazy black folk, have no business even looking at it without your white permission.

  • Ckimbo

    If it’s a priveledge to be Black I dont wanna be white.

  •  Wouldn’t it be nice if we (pre) judged each other by the color of our blood?

  • Ms. Commercial free

    My only complaint is this horrible website takes 5 minutes to load every screen shot just so I can read a few lines of an article, but yet they have enough comercial material to fill the pages of a novel!

  • LAPhil

    How about Yao Ming? Not sure if he could the run a 4.5 40-yard dash, but he could probably come close.

  • Fireskillz4life

    this is REALLY SAD!!!!!!! the writer (if shes black) is an uncle tom/brainwashed (houseNIcca) uneducated fool..this is so sad and whoever approved this article (smh) shame on you to

    • harleyone

      So you don’t agree with the author, rather than call her names why don’t you rebut her points? Cause you can’t?

      • Superabound

         Uh, apparently you havent read the article?? Using the N-word is one of the 8 Official Examples of Black Privilege. Right? Right???? So please shut up and let people exercise their God-given extremely small set of black rights.

  • What drivel. You truly are your own worst enemy.

  • Guest

    The writer of this piece of garbage needs to address some home truths. First, African slavery didn’t start with the “white man”, it began with Africans, for thousands of years before the first white person stepped onto African soil. Africans and Arabs have been selling Africans as slaves for thousand years. Face it, the only countries were slavery is still legal, are some African countries, and in the Arab and other Muslim countries. I’m always amazed at what the same black people who will scream and shout at white people will turn a blind eye to, when it comes to Africans or Arabs exploiting and enslaving other black people. Let’s take a look back at Beyonce going to dance and sing for Gaddafi a few years back. It was all over the news that the Libyans and other Muslim countries that reported this, and the posters about the performances all referred to Beyonce as ‘abd’. Abd is the Arabic word for slave. Arabs have a word for black, they have a word for African, but they don’t refer to Africans or black people from other countries by their skin color or with an identifier of their country of origin, like African or American, or what have you, they use one word only, abd. Not one member of the US media made an issue about it. Not one black journalist discussed it, not one black celebrity did either. Oprah didn’t have a gabfest over it. Racist Jill Scott didn’t have a whine fest about it. It was a non-issue. They accept their status as slaves from Arabs, just as they embrace the racism against black people, by Hispanics.

    They know that it wasn’t America that started the trans-Atlantic slave trade, it was the Spanish The Spanish brought more than 8 million African slaves to what is now Latin America, and worked virtually all of them to death. There are more black Americans in the United States, than there are Afro Latinos in Latin America, yet the United States didn’t bring over as many slaves. There were less than half a million African slaves brought to the US. They were treated cruelly, but not as cruelly as they were in Latin America, yet black elites in the US kiss the a** of racist Hispanics, who seek to exploit them. I haven’t seen one black civil right activist stand with the family of Jamiel Shaw Jr. or Cheryl Green, or any of the other innocent black children and young people who have been slaughtered by racist illegal alien gangs, who admit to committing ethnic cleansing in the neighborhoods across the US. Yet black elites kiss the a**es of the CHC. Then again, the CBC has traveled to Cuba, and kissed the a** of Fidel Castro, despite knowing Castro had jailed black Cuban civil rights activists for daring to read the speeches of Dr King in the public square. Barbara Lee and Bobby Rush had been contacted by the mothers of those jailed, beaten and starving black civil rights activists, but said or did NOTHING. They traveled to Cuba and proclaimed it a paradise. Those two activists starved to death in January of 2010. Not a tear was shed by the disgraceful frauds of the CBC.

  • NotHappyWithThis

    This article is ridulously ignorant.  It sounds like she’s justifying and even confirming certain stereotypes.

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  • Marcus

    LaShaun, the first African slaves arrived in what is now the USA in 1620.  It’s hard to say that whites “got here first” when real emigration from Europe didn’t take off until the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.  

    Thanks for keeping stereotypes alive as well.  

    • Actually, the first Africans to arrive in English America arrived in 1619. Also, when they were traded by the Dutch ship captain for supplies, they weren’t made slaves, as such. They were made indentured servants, like a lot of poor English who came over during that time. They worked for the “master” for five to seven years *the standard period of indenture at the time*, and were then given land, tools, their freedom, and told, “Good luck,” just like any other indenture who had done his time.

  • Skehn32

    reading Thomas Sowell “A man of letters” now, I by chance happen to be white, no secret handshake, just a Germanic father and Anglo Saxon mother, { these 3 races have all warred in the past) Mr. Sowell would make an excellent president, not in spite of or because of his race, but by his works, which is how we all shall be known…

  • as63

    Wow.  I think this (I assume) black writer thinks less of black people than anyone I know (I’m white by the way).  If a white person wrote this piece it would be rightly called “racist” and derogatory.  So do you want to continue along these lines?
    How ’bout:  Tyler Perry gets to make million$ from movies that the average fifth-grader thinks are dumb.  Nobody dares to point out that Chris Rock is not funny.  If the dumbest guy in class is black then nobody thinks of him as the dumbest guy in class ’cause they don’t want to appear to be racist.  A fine-lookin’ black girl is twice as fine as a fine-lookin’ white girl.  I don’t know how – it just defies math but, seriously, we see a white girl with a big butt and think she should lose some weight.  We see that butt on a black girl and say “Awww yeah!”

    • madman10

      I never thought the way you just described your thinking. If I see someone in class who is dumb, they’re dumb, I don’t care what color they are. Chris Rock Sucks. ANY Girl with a big butt should lose weight. And I’m sick and tired of people saying Michelle Obama is pretty when everyone knows she’s not. And I’m not racist, I just point out the truth and I’m not afraid to say it. Anyone who changes what they think, or what they say because they’re afraid of what other people will think or say is not being honest with themselves or anyone else. It’s shameful to act that way just because of the color of someones skin. All that does is perpetuate racism because you’re telling everyone they aren’t good enough to hear the truth.

    • Superabound

       Tyler Perry sure as hell aint the only guy out there making millions from dumb movies. And Chris Rock used to be funny, i promise (although i always liked Chappelle more, even during the 90s)

  • As a (Almost) White guy, I appreciate the author being pretty honest here.   I say I’m “almost” as I’m Italian.  As I read the comments from many, below there is a wide range of sensible and old school bitterness.  I can read how they’ve been brought up by the words they use. to respond here.  That said for those that are:

    (1) “Bitter” – You folks that don’t want to be looked at as a “criminal” walking in a white neighborhood, Great! – I don’t want to be looked at as an oppressor when in a black neighborhood.

    (2) “Cultured” – I suggest you look around, being “black” doesn’t mean you’re “cultured” – It means only that you mother and father “fooled around” and here you are….Don’t assume you are special or in “the know” based on your skin color, if one cannot be considered “dumb” because of that, they also cannot be considered something “else” because of that either. – Wake up.

    (3) “Historians” – I see many references to a old ideology of America….It never amazes me to see black people calling themselves “N_ _ _ _ A”….Not you do you disrespect yourself but those in history that fought to have this word and its stigma removed based on skin color.   Its clear there are many people that have lost their jobs for using such language….I think its pretty clear the law has been laid down…So in that the memory of Rosa Parks, MLK and others took those “shots” for you folks that use this word to describe yourself,  You show great disrespect and as the old saying goes;  If you don’t respect yourself, why should I?

    (4) Lastly and most important – “The Sell out”:  Deep down inside many of the blacks I know, (and, I work with many by the way) they have a fear, a fear of “selling out” to the “white man”.  Well, here’s some advice from a old school Italian guy – Screw them.  Worry about yourself and your family….If you folks are not seeing changes in your neighborhoods, what’s that tell you?  Those philosophies aren’t working…Dumb them…

    Final comment:  (1) Most blacks when it comes to elections go Democrat. In fact 94% of blacks voted for Obama.  Do you know why?  Well of course one is because of skin color….(How racist is that?)….That would be like me voting for a guy only with green eyes because my mother had green eyes…(2) The Democratic Party got its roots from the KKK. (look it up)…Which Senator just died recently and was awarded as a “champion” of civil rights?  Well, it was Sen. Byrd of WVA.  The SAME guy who was a Grand Wizard – But the Democrats won’t tell you that..(Look it up)…(3) Where there are successful people (minorities) in the political arena such as; Justice Thomas, Sara Palin, and others, where is the hate coming from? – The Left!  The same party that has Promised you everything and delivered nothing or continues to enslave you is the one’s always saying they will save you…Conservatives such as myself, laugh at this and feel sad because we see that party using your skin color to actually suggest (and put forth) legislation of what they call “leveling the playing field”….Really?  So in other words, if you are a Women or a Black (and now Hispanic), You by the Democrat party are “Less”, correct?  I mean after all, you NEED help – Poor things.  The fact is that party knows if they lose just 10% of the Black vote they have nothing to run on.  Where’s their Record?  I challenge any an all readers of this to look back through History and see who’s done more for the Black and Minorities of this country…But, be advised…Because of this….We as Conservatives also belive that you should be given “Opportunity” and once given, the rest is up to you….I can understand if you don’t get a Job interview and thus the opportunity is lost..But once you get that job interview and get the job, the rest is up to you….That is AMERICAN and that is LIBERTY….The DEMS would rather point fingers and say how bad we Conservatives are rather then tell the minority “YOU CAN DO IT”….

    Think about for a while, do some research….Obama and the left are no more your friend than mine…I wouldn’t vote for a guy just because he’s Italian – After all, Look at Mussolini, What a sweet heart he was huh?

    •  You conservatives want to know why we don’t support you? Its because you guys are openly racist. I mean seriously, there are so many things wrong with what you said. Grow up.

      • Because you prefer the more subtle Liberal racism where you are classified based on you skin color and given token privileges because Liberals feel you are incapable of doing for yourself.  Enjoy your ignorant life on the liberal plantation.  And don’t forget to do your liberal part in aborting another 30 million black babies.
        Amazing, drop an n-bomb and you are a racist, kill 30 million black babies to reduce the black population in America and you get 94% of the black vote.

    • Tito the Amigo

       I agree with Julie… The reason so many minorities vote Democrat is because too many conservatives are racist. Look at Rush Limbaugh who once said that things were better in the days of slavery, or New Gingrich who called Spanish “the language of the ghetto.” Why should we vote for a political party that’s full of prejudiced, hateful bigots?

      • rmwayne

        All of the hate I’ve seen has come from scum like Obama and the trash who support him like the mainstream media and Hollywood.

    • Superabound

       “1) “Bitter” – You folks that don’t want to be looked at as a “criminal”
      walking in a white neighborhood, Great! – I don’t want to be looked at
      as an oppressor when in a black neighborhood.”

      The difference is that “looking suspicious” is literally a detainable offense. Think of how many black people A DAY get harrassed or even arrested for “looking like a criminal” in a white (or any) neighborhood. Ok, now think about how many white people have ever been arrested for “looking like an oppressor”….ever. The answer is zero. 0.

      And black people vote Democrat because Republicans are straight-up openly racist. Most of the time they dont even try to hide it. You make some BS claim about the Democratic Party having roots in the KKK 100-200 years ago or whatever, but the Republican Party has its roots in the KKK RIGHT NOW, in 2012. They think the President isnt American, just because hes black. They think America is, and should always be, a white ruled and owned country. Allowing a black man to become President was such a blasphemy to them that it literally broke the brains of the majority of the Republican Party. I mean look at it now. Theyve all lost their minds. Even Ronald Reagan couldnt survive in todays Republican Party, hed be run out as a Communist.

  •  was black but I started bleaching my skin and I actually think it made me smarter..  I think the sun and our black skin makes us stupid someway.  When I be in the sun with black skin I fel stupid.  I look a liitle mexican now because I straightend my hair but some more bleaching my skin and then I will color my hair a light brown tone and put blue contacts in I be white soon enough.  Bye

  • Waymaker

    Whites feel inferior because of all the crap they did to over take this country! The white man is I have no mortal position to ever look down on any other race ! Your the biggest murders / rapist /swindlers this world has ever seen! America was built on bull**** so screw y’all! We are here to stay!

    • madman10

      I don’t know any whites who feel inferior. But then, I don’t know any Liberals with the white guilt complex. Your post is very offensive and it’s obvious you’re racist. But think about something. America is the greatest Country in the world, with the most freedoms of any country. If you think Blacks could have done a better job and are a ‘nicer’ bunch of people, take a look at Africa then tell me what you think America would have been like if Blacks had been in control this entire time. Sorry, but your post deserved this type of response.

      • No lets take a look at africa before white people destroyed it. Ever heard of Timbuktu?

        • I have heard of Detroit, how have you blacks done with a major industrial city once the whites left because of your race riots?

  • D Rakins2

    This is a horrible article, you have disrespected the work of many Anti-Racist people 

  • white guy

    I think you’re confusing privilege with stereotypes.

  • Douglas P Hooker

    Wow someone doesn’t know the definition of priviledge. The N-word is priviledge, athletic scholarships – not. We don’t fool people about running faster or jumping higher. Priviledge is something accorded without effort or substantiation. In other words something given to you just because you are… Last time I checked they weren’t handing out athletic scholarships in hospital maternity wards. As for playing the role or being the center of negative media coverage that’s not priviledge.

  • We only account for 12 percent of the population yet, somehow, make up (an estimated) 50 percent of the news. Well stop committing 90% of the crimes and druguse and killings and blame game, and you will stop being on the news so much.

  • Chrisniedzwiecki

    Since when is lack of culture considered culture?

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  • Chazlow

    What a shallow, pointless article. I enjoyed giving up 9 clicks to read this junk, 3 sentences at a time.

  • mcnative

    My only comment other than the whole article is ridiculous, is if the the black population is only 12 percent then 95 percent of them must live in eastern Virginia.  I believe this number is kept low for minority status.  Every person is created equal and we should treat each other with respect and kindness. No special privileges. 

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  • Blacks has the most privilege … Affirmative Action, heck you can even murder and rape white women and never go to jail aka OJ SIMPSON

    • VAgiftd1

      Affirmative action has largely benefited white middle class females.  On the other hand, studies show a white person is more likely to get life in prison rather than the death penalty for killing a person of color.  Get your facts straight before you post.  Oh, and by the way a black person with the same work credentials as their white colleagues are more likely to be LAID OFF.  So much for black privilege… 

      • Affirmative action is not actually a law, if is a presidential directive applicable to Government workers and private companies who contract with government agencies.  Executive Order 10925 by JFK started it. 

      • don3345

        You confuse credentials with ethics. We all know how you are admitted to schools (with lower standards than us, to be fair) and we know how you are graded and passed, (moved along to get you out the way to stop disrupting class, the grade a fabrication by the teacher) as far as executions, most white people are fine with executing more murderous scum bags, of any race. We do not want special mercy for criminals of or hue based upon paint job.

  • Smlevan2

    I am a 65 year old white woman and this is outrageous.!!!!….You should be ashamed of yourself and the people who published it, should be ashame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You have succeeded in making yourself look stupid!!!!!!!!!….I don’t know where you get your opinions and the right to make a blanket statement…..but this was bad!!!!!

    • Smlevan2

      I am sorry, I said I was white..(I am classified white, because I look white)..but if you trace your ancestors back far enough, over the years you will find “all” of us are a “mixed” race

  • I find the reactions to this article very sad.  It was written tongue in cheek, OBVIOUSLY, whilst still making serious points.  Have people had sense of humour bypasses?

    It highlights that ‘black privilege’ is nothing when weighed against the anti-black racism that still exists.  It also highlights how SOME black people play along with the stereotypes (for both good and bad reasons) and will sometimes play the ‘victim’, to advantage.  Long term this can only be detrimental, both to the wider black community and to inter-racial relations.  An overwillingness to play the ‘race card’ undermines progress towards eliminating racism.  Of course racism still exists and is still a problem but not all problems for black people are down to race.  Far too often black people will automatically blame problems on racism when they aren’t anything to do with racism.  Such attitudes really do not help black people, long term.  Also, NO racism should be acceptable, whether it comes from white OR from black.  We must be willing to discuss ALL aspects of racism and reactions to it, without automatically opting for comfortable outdated and cliched reactions to everything.  Until we do this, there is little hope of moving forward.

  • Looking In From Outside

    Okay… this was like a joke… right? No, wait, jokes are funny. This wasn’t even funny. It looked like something a 7th grader would write before his journalism teacher canned it for being too sophomoric. Wake up and write something that will move the race forward, not make it a laughing stalk. Geez…

  • Bronx Kid

    They’re reluctant to  hire blacks in the media? Local news people in New York gotta be over 50% black. Seems like every network show gotta have a black co-star. 12% of the population? Get real!.

  • Paul18848

    Yikes. Was this written by a white supremacist? Just imagine if a white guy really did write this. The ACLU, NAACP, Reggie, Al… the big hitters in racism would be all over it. Your crime rate statistic of 90% intraracial is broad and deceptive. Nationally, the white on black crime rate is 3%. The black on white crime rate is 45%. Black on white rape is 100 times more common, and black on white robbery is 139 times more common than the reverse. Whites are killed by blacks three-fold to the reverse. Take away the “minority” aspect of being black, have 100,000 black men between the age of 18-24 and 100,000 white men between the same age. 203 black men would be murderers and 22 white men would be murderers. Then figure that blacks are only 12% of the population while whites are 63%. So while it’s true that the majority of crime is intraracial, it’s also true that the majority of crime is black on black, and in general, the majority of violent crime committed in this country is by black criminals. You consider that to be a privilege?
    So there. I know those pesky little numbers are all racist, like everything else, but take it however you wish. The truth is that blacks in this country do everything in their power to fuel racism, because truly being treated as an equal would set them back further. I’m not saying slavery was right, I’m not saying the segregation and oppression of the early and mid 1900’s were right. They werent. But lets be honest, blacks have it far better in this country than they would in the native countries they’re so proud of yet know nothing about.
    I know your pathetic excuse for an article was supposed to be more humor than serious, but it’s a major social issue that blacks can discuss this with their own self-serving opinions, while serious evaluation of the problem by non-blacks is off limits. Want to talk about real “black privilege”? Or would that be too racist?
    And yes, I expect this post to be removed by the moderator, just like all the other “offensive” responses that have been silenced by a site that glorifies the ghetto lifestyle.

    • Roundelay78

       Dude, a lot of the statistics you put down are just plain BS—also how the hell can the majority of crime be black on black if white folks are the majority? Honestly, I’ve seen this same stupid racist BS spouted online for years. Racism in THIS country was started by AND pushed by white people, and y’all have been doing it since this country began. Basically,you’re just another racist troll talking some racist bullshit, as usual. Just stay the hell off this site if you don’t like it, then!

      • don3345

        Try going to DOJ crime stats. Its all there for you to read. Bear in mind they classify hispanics as white for crimes committed as well.

      • Paul18848

        Dude, the statistics aren’t “just plain BS”. Those are the nationally recognized numbers from the Department of Justice. Its also apparent that you didn’t complete 2nd grade math if you’re confused by the numbers. The majority of crime is committed by blacks against blacks. Yes, they’re the minority of the population compared to whites. That’s the point. Blacks hurt blacks more than any other race hurts themselves or another race. As for your implication that whites are the only racists in the country, thats laughable. Take a ride over to Africa or down to Mexico and tell me about human rights. Look at the history of China or Japan and tell me about their treatment not only of “others” but of their own citizens. This “racist” country is childs play compared to the atrocities elsewhere. The entire human race is full of evil people of all colors. Some worse than others. Do your research and see for yourself.

    • So True!!1

      So true!!!

  • blackman47

    This is NOT black priviledge, but it IS black exploitation.

  • Alabama_cutie2005

    This “Article” is the most racist thing i have seen in a while. And btw Black people in general are the most racist people ive ever been around.  Can you say double standard.

    • How do you expect us to feell after centuries of oppression and racism at the hands of white people because of the color of our skin?  I want white people to be paid back for the way they treat Black people.  I pray for this everyday.

      • Ajinaz58

         I hear ya,  think about this for moment… imagine your one of the 750,000 widows in Iraq. You husband dead , maybe your kids dead, maybe your parents dead, maybe your sister dead,  ,..maybe it was one of those pin-point accurate smart bombs you saw blow up every thing you worked for your whole life..perhaps its was a night raid whatever… Using your logic are you going to give a sh*! about the bastards skin color when you pray for death to USA.

        • lol death to america? ok, go say that while living in iran. enjoy your stay. wont miss ya!

      • sthu. I have done nothing to you, my ancestors probably did nothing to yours, YOU HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH BLACKS OF THE PAST. You are a typical greedy, self entitled minority making demands you dont deserve or need because the scared white people have been brainwashed into being terrified of being called racist by you guys. if we so much as look at you wrong, all you need to do is scream RACIST!!!!!! and you can have the guy’s head on a platter.


    • VAgiftd1

      Yeah, but a white person’s racism has more power because they are more likely to be placed in a position of authority. 

    • Chileplease

      black people can be racist now a days because no matter how nice we are to you, how respectful we are, and how many times we play by the rules, white people somehow manage to sh*t on us and any other race that isn’t black. Just think, every time someone tries to help white people something horrendous ends up happening, take the indians for example. But another thing, when black people just discuss history, or racial problems not even necessarily between blacks and whites, some white person has to jump in with their two cents and make things about them. “well it’s not all white people” and completely miss the point. Why do you think people get tired of reasoning with ya’ll a**es. Because You. Dont.Listen. and not only that, you don’t play fair, you never have. It’s not even just black people getting tired of it, it’s most of the minorities. You all want america to be so white and pure, go ahead. If all the minorities went back to where they were from then the entire world would hate you and you’d be alone. Because you’re destuctive, and you discriminate and kill just to get ehat you want, and where you’ve gotten. You all label blacks, kill them and get off (and please don’t bring up OJ cause he was lucky… guilty, but lucky to even walk away.) you have the justice system on your side, most of the leaders on your side, and you all call us stupid? You rely on the internet, the lying a** media, and fake a** statistics, some of which are made up by other racist. Double standard my a**, reverse racism my a**. You all are the ones who started this with EVERYONE and you continue to keep it going. You arrest all the latinos, disrespect them along with the black. (and plenty of other races you all never mention because you continue to make it just a black and white thing) You’ve always discredited us. You steal from us (everyone knows most inventions were made up by blacks but their patents were stolen when turned in, and egyptains are AFRICANS. They were one of the most advanced civilizations .) you blame america’s problems on everyone but yourselves. AA was created for white women, and they benefit from it more than anyone. If blacks/latinos/asians/ whatever get help, we are grateful, if whites get help, they’ll sit in that office and literally complain about how minorities are using up all the money and their isn’t enough left for them. F**k being nice and not being racist, we were hated from birth, you kill our babies, rape, and steal and then make up false statistics to put the blame on everyone else, then you get these fake a**, idiotic, racists politics to back you up, followed by the corrupted justice systems to come beat our a**es and arrest up. and you ever think of how many of the innocent are in jail? please don’t act like they don’t throw blacks in jail for silly sh*t. A black woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison for “stealing her child’s education”…she lied about his address so he can receive a better education and NOT become what you all label blacks to be. While this white girl kills and trows her baby in the garbage and receives 6 months probation. Hmm. you already have all the power? what do you want??? WHAT WHITE PEOPLE? Leave us alone. We get it, you hate everyone, so why you to antagonize us.

      oh, and feel free to label me “racists” as well because clearly some of the previous posts aren’t also spewing direct hates for minorites. Just thought I’d make one of my own.

      Double standards my fucking a**. Get over yourself.
      good day.

  • Fed up with excuses

    You’re in good company!  We really, really, really despise trash-talking, loud-mouthed, entitlement-demanding, race-baiting, freeloading, hateful bigots like yourself.  Keep holding yourself up as a “model” of the American Black and you’ll be wondering for the rest of your life why you never got a “fair shake.”  Wise up: your fair shake was being born in America.  (I’m brown, a-hole, not white, but no doubt you hate me, too.)  The feeling’s mutual, and I certainly won’t be hiring any person that I described in the first sentence at my office, nor will I be recommending them for any other position!  But you go on blaming a no-name person who does “racist” things you can’t put your finger on, and no doubt you’ll be a great success one day!  Maybe even move up to shift manager at Church’s Chicken!  Taking orders from…whitey.  News flash: it’s not a white man’s country and it never was.

    • fed up with excuses

      This was supposed to be a response to UMRAO.

  • Ericbragas

    This is a most depressing article because it’s true.  You forgot a big, big one, however: blacks commit violent crimes at nearly ten times the rate of whites, and with a population of 1/7 that of the whites in America, mathematically that puts blacks at more than 50 times more violent than whites.  And yes, they get a free pass because mentioning this fact would be considered the utmost of “racism.”  (Oh yeah, projection again.)

  • Kingbuckwheat

    Blacks will never want to see an end to discrimination, even though for the most part it dosen’t exist anymore. The reason for this is, as long as they can claim discrimination they have an excuse for not advancing with the rest of socity. Take away discrimination and they have no more excuse for their faliures. What does that tell you?

    •  level the playing field, punk, and you will see who is the best. you know, deep down in your heart, that Black people will overtake your recessive a$$ if just given the chance. dumb YT.

  • Stupid Privilege

    they also have an advantage in college admissions because they are a minority and less black people do well in school compared to other races

  • just an average white guy

    As a white person, I really enjoy your articles.  This is a real relief because this confirms all of the stereotypes I’ve always held about black people.  What a sigh of relief that a black person is saying them.  And yes, we did come here first so we should have more priveledge.  Thanks for the blog.  Excellent. 

    • just an average white guy

      Sorry.  Typo.  I meant privelege.  Obviously.  I’m entitled to my privelege. 

      • Tito the Amigo

        You should change your alias to “Just an illiterate white guy” since you don’t even know how to spell correctly. 

  • Eli2003

    Doesn’t matter what race you are now.. chances are you have an ancestor who was different.  Also, every race has good/bad/lazy/distgusting/awesome/inspiring people.  We can point fingers all day, but, in the end it is up to individuals to make a difference and be good people. You can blame others all day but opportunities are out there for everyone to change things/themselves and produce children who will be contributing members of society instead of someone with a chip on their shoulder wanting other to fix it for them. I’m a social worker and I see both sides of people daily. Every day I’m inspired and disapointed in the human race as a whole. You cannot possibly lump peole in a category based on skin color. All this is an american problem… not a particular race’s problem.

  • Sanders1109

    You gotta be kidding me! There is a lot of “Black Privelage” out there but this silly little article doesn’t touch on anything real.

  • Always Right

    Was this written by a white supremist?  I mean, this does nothing but tell me the stereotypes of blacks are true.  The comment that black women are allowed “to go there”, really?  So, all black women really are uneducated idiots?  I have never “gone there” in public.  And it is OK for you people to say “you people” and the n-word?  Maybe if you people stopped using those words the rest of the world wouldn’t look at you as, well those people.  And the last one, come one that’s too easy.  I don’t feel bad for poor blacks because I do see that they blow all their money on expensive items.  I believe we in the white world call that being n-word rich.  I try to not stereotype all blacks, but when a “respected” black writes garbage like this, it’s hard not to.

  • Boobalafoofoo

    Whites, Asians, and Hispanics have the best privilege of all.. We are not Black.

  • Boobalafoofoo

    Wow, racism is alive and well and it comes from the blacks.  What a pathetic group you are.  Flaunting your shortcomings and putting down other races that are FAR more successful than you and always will be.  Very few blacks in the world are successful and those are the ones who have piggy-backed off of white/European systems or used affirmative action.  There is not one village, town, county, state or country in the world that is predominately black is a good place to live. Your culture is a cancer to all other successful cultures.  Facts are facts.  Now, go kill your own kind over the new Air Jordans.   

    • Roundelay78

       Shut the hell up, racist troll, and keep moving!

  • I’m sure this writer is an affirmative action baby too. Another black privilege thing that wasn’t mentioned. Blacks need to learn to be able to criticize themselves and take criticism too.

  • Are you serious mainstream news networks all have more than 12% blacks working for them. Say the what the real “black privilege” is. It’s getting hired at CNN or New York times or admitted into Harvard with half the education anyone else needs.

    Yes the mainstream media is totally obsessed with you, because if they weren’t you’d call them racists.I see a culture that whines for what they want, very few blacks are succeeding where all others are. Hip hop is making your kids stupid!!

    • VAgiftd1

      Do you hold the same the same opinions of black cooks, janitors, etc?  People like you only have a problem with blacks in the workplace when they are functioning in jobs that are considered more ‘cerebral’ in scope.

  • fromphoenix

    i am white and this article is right on!

  • Cconnors19

    Reason number 9:
    We can make other races resent us even more, simply by writing an article.

  • The crusher

    I hope your are being sarcastic. This article is gargage. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing it and the editors for printing it.

    •  goes to show us all just who we are dealing with. get out your berets and start growing out your afros, again. white people need reminding, they are reverting back to their true nature and we need to prepare for that. stop playing with them, devils.

  • LemonNLime

    Ummm if these are considered privileges then sign me up for the team that is disadvantaged. Seriously who wrote this garbage? If being able to curse in public or “keep it real” is considered a privilege in comparison to say not having to decide whether or not to mark your race for fear you might not get a job, then it isn’t surprising the black community is constantly having problems.

  • Guest

    Hmmm, was this supposed to be a joke? Because if it wasn’t, you just confirmed that every single stereotype about African Americans is true. If it was supposed to be funny, mission accomplished! I was LMAO the whole time!

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    • Nail

      Really?  Then what will you do? Who is going to support your lay butt then? America is still the best country on earth even at its worst. If you don’t like it here there are planes leaving all day long every day. Get on one.

  • kyle

    you could be the dumbest person in the world for writing this. clearly your an idiot

  • NC225

    This is the craziest article I’ve ever read.  I wish more black people would spend their time focusing on how to rise above stereotyping, instead of listening to other people (often black) try to convince them that because they are black they are “entitled” to certain things.  When you buy into that, believe it, and expect it…you will always be treated as a second class citizen.   Only when you take resposibility for yourself, and quit expecting special treatment, can you expect be thought of as everyone else…white, yellow, asian…whatever.  

  • Guest

    This article is a JOKE! How can anyone take black people seriously with garbage like this.

    • fromphoenix

      we dont take them seriously, because this is true!

    •  that is the point. they don’t intend Black people to be taken seriously. it is deliberate and it is a distraction from the real issues going on in this country. they have always used the divide and conquer strategy to control the american people.

  • Guest


  • Again, where is your proof of these numbers? Any moron can put numbers out there, but none of your numbers even make any sense. your own stats fold against themselves. What statistical model did you use? Do you even know what statistics are? Cite your references, then we can go from there. Until you can, you’re just a nobody trying to sound informed, making an even more uninformed opinion, using fallacious “facts” to prove your false point. 

  • wow.  i think i’ll stay white.  thanks for suring up racial stereotypes! 

  • Never have I seen so much self hate. Pathetic. I love how people say that “Blacks never…” “Blacks always…” We always get lumped into one stereotype, but other races are able to do their own prances w/o being subjected like we are. It gets sad when our own people do it. Well, Madame, I refuse to tear down my people. Sorry. 

  • Black Scholar

    Oh whatever

  • JeannieD711

    “Sue at the office” knows all about the inner chimp that emerges off the clock. Do you think you’re the only ones “playing the role”? Sue might pretend to consider you an equal and feign respect for you in order to avoid being called down to see the PC Human Resources officer and safeguard her paycheck, but the Sues of the world know what you are. Don’t kid yourselves.

    • RealMusic

      I see why this site is moderating comments.

      Blacks do fuel racism, just not as hard as certain “other” races.

  • Guest

    “We only account for 12 percent of the population yet, somehow, make up (an estimated) 50 percent of the news.”

    Also, 75 percent of the prison inmates.

    • fromphoenix

      so teach your children to respect laws?

  • Brian DeFrancesco

    BTW, as long as you’re dabbling in stereotypes (“When’s the last time you saw a 6’5” 265 lb. Asian run the 40 yard dash in 4.5?), consider the corollary: When’s the last time you saw a brotha with a physics book?

    • VAgiftd1

      Very recently.  In fact, it was one of my son’s friends.  And your point is?  

  • Brian DeFrancesco

    BTW, as long as you’re hanging on to stereotypes like “When’s the last time you saw a 6’5″ 265 lb. Asian guy run the 40 in 4.5,” consider the corollary: When’s the last time you saw a brotha with a physics book?

  • chuckiedos

    I really hate to sound dumb, but was this article an attempt at satire?  Epic Fail!!

  • chuckiedos

    Max, you are, indeed, MAD!

  • EthynEthews

    This is the most F*CKED up article I have ever read.   Ever heard of Dat Nguyen who played for the Cowboys?  Apparently not. The writer is as highly educated as her fellow 11th grade dropout.  The only thing she’s on point about is if this article were to be written by a white person that person would be fired.  Next time make the pages load in the same window instead of opening up new windows B * T C H.  Ever heard of high PC Usage?  No wonder other people make fun of people in the black community.  Because of writers like this that do nothing but ENHANCES the stereotypical feelings they have on black people as being stupid in the first place.

  • practical666

    In NYC Blacks committed 66 percent of all violent crimes in the first half of 2009 (though they were only 55 percent of all stops and only 23 percent of the city’s population). Blacks committed 80 percent of all shootings in the first half of 2009. Together, blacks and Hispanics committed 98 percent of all shootings. Blacks committed nearly 70 percent of all robberies. Whites, by contrast, committed 5 percent of all violent crimes in the first half of 2009, though they are 35 percent of the city’s population (and were 10 percent of all stops). They committed 1.8 percent of all shootings and less than 5 percent of all robberies. The face of violent crime in New York, in other words, like in every other large American city, is almost exclusively black and brown. Any given violent crime is 13 times more likely to be committed by a black than by a white perpetrator.    I rest my case—-let the war begin….

    •  F’ing LIER

      • practical666

        Practical666 never wrote this comment about blacks…Check your sources….

        “If dogs could talk it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one.” -Andy Rooney

    • RealMusic

      Troll much?
      Only whites are talking about a race war because they are pressed.

  • practical666

    A black mother should be given a degree from UCLA if she can name the father of her 13 children…And you wonder why Americans are running from free medical..can you imagine the cost of this unproductive segment from crib to grave????

    • VAgiftd1

      I have 1 child and I pay my own way.  You should get out more; maybe you’ll become more enlightened and stop writing generalized GARBAGE.

      • you mean like the people here are doing about whites?

  • practical666

    What a total piece of crap…If I said what most people acknowledge and want to say, I would be labelled anti-Gangsta…..The day is coming unfortunatly for the second civil war in Amerca the Gangsta’s have initiated……Think about it people-how advanced would the North Americans be without the European influence???Maybe tee-pees that didn’t leak???.

  • Swindles_son

    Spin it anyway you want, blacks will always be a sub species and inferior to other races, especially whites.

    • Tito the Amigo

      White people are not superior in any way, shape or form. 

  • Tootsumi523

    I rarely comment, but I had to in this case. This is a really stupid article.  There’s nothing “privileged” about any of these ‘behaviors’.  If you get paid for this kind of writing, you shouldn’t.

    • VAgiftd1

      I totally agree.

  • Tootsumi523

    I rarely comment, but I had to in this case. This is a really stupid article.  There’s nothing “privileged” about any of these ‘behaviors’.  If you get paid for this kind of writing, you shouldn’t.

  • (1) How do you justify that the land wasn't there's in the first place? And what difference does it make if they didn't have European style titles for the land that their ancestors had occupied for thousands of years? What if a strong group of foreigners move into your community today, and decided that since no one is living on the public park near you, that they should pitch their tents and live as they did, wherever they're from? Would you then say that their laws should trump yours, since they're the strong invaders?

    (2) Reservation system was enacted to concentrate indigenous tribes on a fraction of their land, so that more would be available for Europeans. Period!

    (3) And its you who're showing inability to look at things from the indigenous people' standpoint, thus inability for critical thinking. Those people were invaded. And regardless of what arguments you come up with, every human has right to their life and their place of birth. One nation does not have the right to invade, occupy and oppress others; regardless of what laws they use to support that claim.

    • eyeonfastball

      Remember the strong and organized always win. Shut the F– — — up and get on with a life.

      • eyeonfastball

        Ripuree where the hell did you come up with that crap. If you can read go check out the history of the world.

      • guest

         Hence the term “White Privilege”

  • When I think of white privilege (regardless of the official dictionary meaning) I think of benefits that are automatically conferred on a white people, often without their effort or awareness. From that standpoint I wouldn't call College Scholarships to black athletes a privilege. They get it because they're perceived to be better than others at sports (regardless of whether that is true).

    And if "privilege" is automatic unearned benefits, then wasting our money on: over-priced, fast value depreciating bling, as well as, tithes, hair and skin denuding products, do not constitute privilege.

    From my mind therefore, the only black privilege that I would acknowledge, is that black melanin and single helixed follicles are the best designs on a Sun-dependent planet. Without those foundation biological advantages, there's no way that we could've survived the wrath of all other groups of humans, as we have for so long.

  • maaadddmaaaxxx

    way to go apple123. Im with you 100%

  • Beth

    This is a HORRIBLE article and athletic scholarships are EARNED by being, I don't know, ATHLETIC?! What you said in effect is black people run fast. If you add the whole "and like chicken" your stereotypical ignorance will be complete. I will never read another article on this site again and I will spread the word that the editor is an idiot! This is almost as bad as Psychology Today… oh, I haven't been back there either!

  • Chelle

    Just ignorant.

  • MLooterK

    Amen and the most amazing thing about the nonsense the author "spouts about black people" is it's all true. :<)

  • rpz

    using the N word is a privilege!? – not interested in that privilege.

    playing victim is a privilege? – you can keep that too. I was taught to assume responsibility for my own success.

    believing your skin color intimidates others is a privilege? – Fear of others who are different than you is usually based on ignorance and bias. Is this a privilege anyone would want?

    maybe this was an attempt at sarcastic humor .. . does not come across in the intro.

  • Nakni

    Maybe it's because I'm Native American…but I can recognize satire when I read it. Unfortunately the article came across as more sardonic than sarcastic…but it's pretty funny seeing people of all different races getting butthurt.

    • WinGhostHunter

      It's difficult to pick up satire in the written word. I would guess that if this was part of a stand-up routine people wouldn't be getting bent over it.

      Why satirical pieces are being mixed into the other content on this site, without any preface, is beyond me.

  • satch

    because you were in the military does not mean jack scmitt.how do you know you were more qualified?

  • b

    I was denied a job because they needed to hire a minority candidate, I am former military and far more qualified…my mind is made up now

    • Is that a fact? I get so tired of people like you saying that you didn’t get a job because they needed a so-called ‘minority’ candidate… How about this, genius? Maybe it’s you. Maybe you just didn’t match up with what the employer wanted, starting with attitude. I get so tired of hearing some people blaming ‘minorities’ for the reason they didn’t get employed, putting their lack of skills and sophistication at the doorstep of affirmative action, and any other excuse that can be used. Anything except look at yourself in the mirror and make yourself more hire-able, like getting more training and education. And yet, with a straight face, you tell the world that it’s Black people, or Minorities that are acting like victims, and blaming others for lack of success in life. Hmmm… From where I’m sitting, it’s YOU who has victim-hood down to a low performing science. 

      • colorblind

        I agree with you.  He didn’t get the job because he’s not qualified.  How are his complaints any different from those black applicants who cry racism when they fail to get the job?  Are you tired of hearing about those complaints as well?

        • Black people are far superior to white people in every regard. Look at this world. white people are in control and it is fu-ked up. white people are unethical liars, theives, murderers, criminals of the highest order. they think they are so smart but they are amongst the most ignorant and primitive of all the people’s of the world. they love war, most are stupid and allowed a group to take over the country and are told what to do by an outside foreign power. they let a group take over the money supply of this country. they allowed a central bank when the constitution forbade it. i have no confidence in white leadership anymore. the leadership ended in the late sixties when they allowed for the foreign control of the country.  I would love to leave this country and go home to africa but this country never made that an option for me and when we tried, they deported brother marcus garvey. 

          • Donald Steckler

            Please do leave. Anyone who wants to leave this country, should leave. There are many African nations looking for expats. The door is wide open.

        • RealMusic

          Whites have been complaining about that way before so called “affirmative action”

      • Concerned Citizen

        In his case you may be right. But there is a thing called affirmative action that requires companies to have a certain number of miniorities. So you think its fair that if a SLIGHTLY less qualified African American gets a job over a Caucasian because of their race? Or even better do you think its fair an African American with the EXACT SAME qualifications as a Caucasian to get a job just because of the race? To me you will never be able to destroy racism until everyone is the on the same playing ground. Race should never be considered for scholarships/jobs/government handouts. Until all races are on the same playing field racism will never die.

        And this is a honest question that I would love an answer to. How does the African American Community justify BET? Can you honestly say you wouldn’t be offended if there was a White Entertainment Television?

        • RealMusic

          That is not true, they are required to take applicants but not hire them.

          • ok

            No, you’re wrong, he’s right.

    • Traveler_67

       As a retired military veteran, I have to ask, when you say you are ‘former’ military, does that mean you simply separated at the end of your enlistment, or did you retire?  As a military retiree (white male), I went on numerous interviews after I retired and didn’t get hired.  My military specialty didn’t relate to the jobs I was trying for (and I didn’t interview well, by my own fault).  When I did get hired, the company that hired me got federal breaks for hiring a veteran, pretty much the same federal breaks they’d get for hiring a minority.  So your claim of affirmative action has no validity.  Look to yourself & take some personal accountability before automatically claiming you didn’t get hired because you are white.

    • VAgiftd1

      That’s what they told YOU because they don’t want to admit they simply did not want to hire YOU; you were not a good fit for the job (and, no your skin color had nothing to do with it).  But, they sold you a load of BS so you could let them off the hook.  You’re walking around angry and bitter towards some unknown minority who just OUTPERFORMED you as did a few other WHITES who walked through the door.  Your willingness to believe such drivel indicates the company chose the right candidate.  Can we say G-U-L-L-I-B-L-E, boys and girls?  I KNEW you could!  

    • VAgiftd1

      Oh, by the way I am a veteran too.

    • RealMusic

      Im sure you was.

  • eleanor53

    This is the stupidest article I have ever read. When one talks about white privilege, it ties in with money/wealth. How do African Americans gain financially by the so called privileges you talk about in this so called article? Whoever gave you the 'okay' to post the article needs to have his/her head examined. It was a total waste of time and an insult to those of us who actually thought we were going to read something of importance to the African American community.

    • pearson

      I was disappointed because I thought I was going to read something intelligent or witty, instead we got retard humour.

  • Bragging about garbage like spending rent money on nails and weaves and handbags or being able to come off as a total ghetto princess with no apology and calling these privileges??? In fact the real privilege comes from being a minority and being able to use the actual governmental preferential privileges that you do have to improve your situation. Poor disadvantaged white people don't get the same special treatment by our government….go figure. This article only goes to make people believe even deeper in black stereotypes and entitlement behavior….

    • WinGhostHunter

      Funny how the "governmental preferential privileges" don't exactly stop white citizens from applying AND receiving government assistance.

      I'm always amazed at how many people believe the myth that minorities are the only people getting HANDOUTS, as if white citizens are too good and too hard working to get governmental assitence.

  • guest

    This wasn't even good satire. Satire is something that makes you look beyond the comedy presented. Instead this was written as if the writer wrote this @ 2am to beat their 4 am deadline!

  • MST

    Uh, folks, this is supposed to be SATIRE, albeit poorly done satire.

  • MST

    White men are 95 percent of family annihilators.

    White men are 90 percent of workplace killers.

    White men make up 74 percent of those in jail convicted of sexually abusing children.

    Why the media silence about this? it's a double standard.


    • R B

      “White men are 90 percent of workplace killers” – gotta have a job to kill at your workplace
      “White men make up 74 percent of those in jail convicted of sexually abusing children.” – gotta hang around your baby’s momma to abuse your own child. If you’re in jail/prison/shot in a ghetto pretty hard to be around them also
      “Why the media silence about this? it’s a double standard” – gotta be able to read to realize the media throws these stats around all the time

    • I know you just pulled these facts out of your a s s . Here are some real stats.

      Among child abusers in the United States,White: 51%Black: 25%Hispanic: 15%Amerindian: 2%Asian: 1%Source: http://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/Source: http://www.prevent-abuse-now.com/stats.htm
      Of the US population (2010 estimated),White: 67.4%Hispanic: 14.5%Black: 12.5%Asian: 4.8%Amerindian: 0.8%Source: http://www.census.gov/population/projections/nation/detail/d2001_10.pdf
      Correcting these percentages for the numerical size of their respective racial populations, we get these results:Amerind: 2.50Black: 2.00Hispanic: 1.034White: 0.757Asian: 0.208Hispanics abuse children in almost exact proportion to their demographic representation. Whites and Asians abuse children at a rate lower than their population percentage. Amerindians and Blacks abuse children at a rate higher than their population percentage.In Canada, whites perpetrate child abuse at about the same percentage as they occur in the population, so their proportionate rate is 1.0. But Canada’s resident blacks perpetrate child abuse 2.5 times more frequently than their proportion of Canada’s population.So, in either country, the answer is that Blacks are about two-and-a-half times more likely to abuse children, as compared with Whites, leftist lies to the contrary notwithstanding.

      • Cyrix

        I love the facts, they show it as it is, instead of how someone would like it to be, educate your self and your people!

    • Among child abusers in the United States,White: 51%Black: 25%Hispanic: 15%Amerindian: 2%Asian: 1%Source: http://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/Source: http://www.prevent-abuse-now.com/stats.htmOf the US population (2010 estimated),White: 67.4%Hispanic: 14.5%Black: 12.5%Asian: 4.8%Amerindian: 0.8%Source: http://www.census.gov/population/projections/nation/detail/d2001_10.pdf
      Correcting these percentages for the numerical size of their respective racial populations, we get these results:Amerind: 2.50Black: 2.00Hispanic: 1.034White: 0.757Asian: 0.208Hispanics abuse children in almost exact proportion to their demographic representation. Whites and Asians abuse children at a rate lower than their population percentage. Amerindians and Blacks abuse children at a rate higher than their population percentage.In Canada, whites perpetrate child abuse at about the same percentage as they occur in the population, so their proportionate rate is 1.0. But Canada’s resident blacks perpetrate child abuse 2.5 times more frequently than their proportion of Canada’s population.So, in either country, the answer is that Blacks are about two-and-a-half times more likely to abuse children, as compared with Whites

    • http://jenab6.livejournal.com/22759.html

      Sorry boy, b1acks are 2.5x more likely to be a child molester.

    • According to DOJ statistics b1acks commit 25% of child abuse crimes.Whites 51%.
      According to census , b1acks are 12.5% of population , whites are 65%.

      Whites are actually under represented in the child molester rankings.
      B1acks are 2.5 times more likely to be a child molester.

  • Sue

    BTW..Sue in the office DOES know that you act like a complete moron when you're not at the office. We aren't as stupid as you think we are. Well…not ALL of us.

    • Ben

      Ahahaaaaahahhhahhahhhhh!!!! LOL,LOL. Stupid Ghetto b**ch

    • T1

       It’s not a matter of knowing how they act….We don’t care.

  • John

    Racist dribble.

  • jane

    stupid nothing to write about or what you can do better

  • Hachidori04

    This is nothing but pure ignorance. The writer of this article should be ashamed of themselves. I am a 25 yr old Black Woman who goes to school and works. I dont have time or money to be spending "getting real" with people, or spending my rent money on Designer Handbags, and I certainly don't complain that I'm being kept back from reaching a certain level of economic status. Williams has done nothing but cast the Black community in a worse light. How about writing something positive?

  • Damn Tired

    What the F>>K is this? I'm so sick and tired of having to act like i should be ashamed of being white because of articles like this! We have the BET channel the Black America pageant etc, if you had the white channel or just the white America pageant the other racist would be raising hell all over the world!

    • MLooterK

      Amen. I have to admit being white does have privileges too. The first one that comes to mind is obama is black. No matter how bad things might get we can always be proud of that.

      • Amused

         LMAO!  Some of us don’t want to claim him either!  Isn’t he supposed to be some kind of Heinz 57 himself?

    • Roundelay78

       Damn Tired—read some history—the reason black folks historically had our own separate events and lives is BECAUSE of white racism and segregation (something else white folks created,BTW). Nobody said a damn thing about you having to be ashamed of being white–I dont know where you got THAT from—just admit that you have more privilege because you’re white in a majority white society, and educate other white folks on how to chip away at it. And you already HAVE white channels—they’re called ABC,NBC AND CBS, as well as practically every cable channel except TV One and BET (which is no longer black-owned) . There’s a black beauty pageant because white folks didn’t want black women IN the pageant in the first place competing with white women, because of that stupid racist believe that white people are better and better-looking than everyone else in the whole damn world–unfortunately a lot of people still believe that ignorant BS.

      • TJ

         I wish I could like this 10 times. They just don’t get it.

    • hank hill

      shut up. there are already “white America” pageants and there are already channels that cater to white audiences. shut up and enjoy your privilege. please.

  • Anna

    Reverse Psychology much?

  • Chuck1947

    You left off a lot of privilages. Like ten points and any civil service exam, affirmative action, better known as quotas on any job application or promotion list, a lock on any application for medicaid, welfare benefits or low rent housing.
    No questions asked went you want free medical and whites are threatened with court action and garnishment. The list goes on and on. And of yeah, a home loan that you can't qualify for that I get to bail you out of when you can't or won't pay for it.

    • trueeeee

      100% irrefutable fact! Now that is what this article should have mentioned! Truth hurts though, I guess…

  • david

    If you put a picture of a man and a woman standing wearing attire that has the N word splashed across the front and back, why not just go ahead and spell the word out in your article? Isnt that 'keeping it real'? Dont say N-word and pretend your being sensitive and have a pic in your article blaring it out…be consistent at least…btw, most white people, like myself, are too damn busy trying to keep a job and feed our families to try to keep anyone down, for any color…news flash, we stopped giving a damn a long time ago…everyones struggling right now, not just blacks…

  • Brodie

    I want to believe this is satire, but if you go to a general forum about race there are people who actually think blacks have privileges like "Black Pride is never seen as a supremacist statement.", and "Blacks can never be racist" (we can and its usually to other black people). Stuff like that.

    The dance privilege I'll keep but the rest aren't really advantages, its just making the most out of a bad situation.

    • Walter Saul

      The blacks as seen in social situations and on the news make the rest of us look bad by being loud, obnoxious and rude. Until we change, people will see us as as low class.
      Also, one cannot be a racist to their own race.

  • Kai

    If these are your idea of “privileges” than you can keep them cause i DON'T want them!!!!

  • natty lite

    satire 🙂

    • Nicole H.

      God i sure hope so.

  • kaya

    If you can acknowledge facts and understand sarcasm you will love this article.

    • NIkki

      This is not sarcasm, you can tell yourself that if you want, ignorance plain and simple

    • Fishnlawyr

      Behind sarcasm there must be an acknowledgment of the truth of the written word. 

  • bothwàys

    ok i believe the article is ignorant. But I think it can be looked at in two different ways, one way being pure ignorance, or the other way as sarcasm to show the ignorance of our society. The things she mentioned is how the world views blacks.

    I attended private school and like with the sports thing everybody assumed i was on a scholoarship (my mom would get annoyed because she would’ve loved to not pay hundreds of dollars a month). Our society points out the ignorance of blacks, without making the point that every group has there good, bad, ignorant, and extremely ghetto. I think she was trying to make a point how society down play blacks. They’re scared to acknowledge the fact we’re educated and can do for ourselves, “society” wants to feel like they are the reason “blacks” are successful and that’s why blacks are exposed in a negative way.

    • White boy

      Haha, only blacks would pay for school on a monthly basis

      • That’s the problem with people like you. Your kind of people worry about “image.” If someone is getting an education, does it really matter HOW they’re paying? They are bettering themselves, trying to learn and become a better person in society and you’re worried about their payment plans? Lol trailer park trash with one tooth. Lml

  • Umrao

    Also whites who own the media, whenever we do crime they show it all over the world, China, Korea, Australia, UK, Ireland, everywhere, Also though whites do more crime the media aka whites loves to show us more. Damn, I really hate whites.

    • Get an Education

      "Also though whites do more crime"
      In NYC Blacks committed 66 percent of all violent crimes in the first half of 2009 (though they were only 55 percent of all stops and only 23 percent of the city’s population). Blacks committed 80 percent of all shootings in the first half of 2009. Together, blacks and Hispanics committed 98 percent of all shootings. Blacks committed nearly 70 percent of all robberies. Whites, by contrast, committed 5 percent of all violent crimes in the first half of 2009, though they are 35 percent of the city’s population (and were 10 percent of all stops). They committed 1.8 percent of all shootings and less than 5 percent of all robberies. The face of violent crime in New York, in other words, like in every other large American city, is almost exclusively black and brown. Any given violent crime is 13 times more likely to be committed by a black than by a white perpetrator.

      Crimes by races in 2010:

      Blacks are at 39% the crime
      Whites are at 19%
      Asians are at 13%
      Latin are at 21%
      Other is at 8%

      • lol


      • Really? And where did this data come from? I notice that you didn’t cite your references. I find it unbelievable some of the gibberish posted as facts. As far as this article goes, if it’s satire then I get it, because this has to be humorous if one is to believe that any of these items has anything to do with privilege. I found it funny. But seeing some of these crazy responses, and fallacious citations of statistical hubris, it makes me wonder how uninformed we are in this country. It also proves my point that racism is alive and well and dwelling in the hearts of more Americans than we would like to admit. We like to think of ourselves as an enlightened citizenry, but reading the responses of some of you, I wish I had stayed living overseas, and makes me question why I joined the military to fight for the right for some of you to be as willfully ignorant and blatantly racist as you are. This is what I laid my life on the line for? SMH!!!!

        • Nocolor

          I find 99% of the blacks I’ve met in 40 years are racist.  I don’t sympathize.  I’m brown, have experienced prejudice, and it hasn’t hurt me a bit.  I don’t look for scapegoats, I don’t blame my problems on myself, and I don’t need somebody to “give” me a job.  I prove that I’m the best one for it, show them they’re poorer without me, and if they’re not sold, then fuggem, who cares about their reasons.

          • Michele

            Yes, but the question would be why are you here on this site?  Some of you make yourselves look real stupid coming to a site for “those you feel so superior to”.  Just darn dumb.

            • Pretty bogus stats there no links to where you found them.  You say they represent actual crimes committed, how can anyone know that because they haven’t all been caught.  Are those conviction rates?  If they are then they can’t be right because Prosecutors don’t care if someone did it or not, they only care that they can pin it on someone and get that notch in the belt.  How many are convicted because of the color of their skin?  You think judges aren’t racist?  Call Judge Cebull up here in Montana, just got called out because of a racist email he sent from a government computer to his buddies.  Blatant racist Federal Judge sitting on the bench and refuses to resign, how many black, brown, yellow, or red people that go in front of Judge Cebull get an unbiased judge?  Lemme just answer that for you, but lets be clear I am white, a Honky, so friggin white I glow in the dark when I take my clothes off, that said the answer is 0%.  Zero percent of people of any color are gonna get a fair shake from a racist judge.  If he’s racist doesn’t that call into question everything, he’s a republican so if a guy he assumes is a democrat goes in front of him does he get locked up for being a democrat?  He makes alot of money, fitting with the republican and upper middle class views of poor people as a drag on society, does that mean a poor man that goes in front of judge Cebull gets locked up for being poor?  Racism is rampant and it is becoming more and more blatant with the internet because people can sit at home and hide behind a computer screen and spew their hatred without anybody knowing who it is.  The problem is this is exactly what the rich powers want, they want it to be white against black because if everybody realized it should be Poor against Rich they would be in trouble.  This country was stolen from us all by Rich Politicians that have twisted our once Democratic Republic into a self serving Plutocracy with no room for the little man.  I jabber to much damnit.

          • RealMusic

            Brownish white you mean.
            88% of black people dont put up with your BS.

        • Freedomfighter9091

           AMEN Khalil…isn’t amazing how color goes blind in the military ??  I would give my life for my brother on the right and left who HAPPEN to be black and don’t even notice or care.  Likewise those on my right and left would give their life for me.  I think mandatory service would go a LONG way in this country!!  Thank you for your service Khalil!

        • Yes, unfortunately racism is still alive and well, but not nearly at the level it used to be.  We still have a long way to go, as racism goes both ways.

        • 7395

          Not sure where this guy got it from, but it seems consistent with everything else I’ve read. Look at the CD Youth crime report age 10-24 per 100,000
          White homicide rate 10-24: 2
          Black homicide rate 10- 24: 29
          Black people commit the vast vast majority of crime, i cited a reputable source that supports that. I mean the FBI publishes the UCR every year that tells you the same thing, you can look there as well.It really shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of research to discover all of this guy’s claims are at least plausible, but i suppose it is quicker and more comfortable to claim racism and move on. Black culture has a real problem with violence, lets not deny the obvious reality just to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Blacks are also by far the race most likely to use a gun in a crime despite having the lowest (legal) rates of gun ownership in the country, who knew? lol

      • proudblackwomen

        Your statistics smell suspect…..

      • Cyrix

        It sucks when there are real facts huh! Now you can say one thing all day but the facts will always be there for those that pursue truth instead of ignorance.

      • Tam

        I just think that your statistics prove that this article should not have been written.  Most people who commit crimes are underprivileged.  So there is really no need for an article entitled “Black Privilege”.  I could write a ten page essay on ” white privilege” in America. Black people do need to try to do better, but it is hard coming from nothing and a society that starts putting you down psychologically in school. My daughter brought home homework that referenced slaves working in a cotton field. It only takes small innuendos to frame a childs mind and create a “slave menatlity”. I do not agree with this mockery that there are any black privileges in America.

        • BarbaraAnneJ

          Tam, I made the mistake of moving into a Sec8 neighborhood 7 mo. ago to save money.  My Hispanic neighbors leave their dogs out all night in below freezing weather. My Black neighbors hump like animals with their windows open. They have masterburation parties, grunting like beasts. Their fowl language is intelligible.  Their kids run up and down the streets, screaming because it’s their substitute for real language.  They sit in their cars outside smoking weed stinking up the neighborhood and making me sick when I take my dogs outside).  The women and baby daddies (or not) fight and scream.  The Whites triple lock their doors and only go outside to get into their cars. 
          I’m not privileged, but have been saving up my money for months to get out of this garbage dump. 
          Tell me, Tam…just who are the privileged in this community?

          • barbaraannej

            I made some typos which the moderators seem unwilling to allow me to correct.

          •  you are a damn LIAR who needs a butt whipping. you are out of control, stupid.

          • RealMusic

            But thats on you for living in the ghetto.

            Why do you think so many blacks leave there?

        • GUEST

           Were they black slaves, or white ? sounds like a complex to me…..

          • Hellsconsort .

            There were white slaves. 1.2 million Irish or something. Indentured Scots etc but you won’t hear about that from Afrocentric (an example black privilege) 1 way rhetoric on slavery, as it upsets the common rhetoric.

      • hotdamn

        Does that mean each black is not to be treated as an individual?If it is a question of whether the person who committed  the crime is black or not that would be rational but probably unconstitutional. To use those percentages against any INDIVIDUAL black is just racism.Gonna take those percentages into the jury room when the question is which black did it?Gotta have a reasonable doubt that a black other than the one on trial did it.Unless we are dealing with general deterrence of the genocide kind.USA is a party to the treaty.

        • David Corliss

          Martin Luther King would turn in his grave if he heard how blacks talk about whites. The black race is doing the same that the white race did years ago , before most of the white today were even born. Call a spade a spade. The white race grew form his racist ways and is still today growing from it today. It took a white man to stop suppressing the blacks , his name was Abraham Lincoln!! Looks to me like the black race is exactly where the white race was 60 years ago. So if any race is evolving quicker and for the better, its the white race!!!

      •  you think I am stupid? you expect me to believe these statistics? if you do, then you are dumber than I thought.

      • Tchallavii

        Don’t try to pass those statistics off like they’re legitimate.  Its not about the “amount of crimes” committed, but the type of crime, and exactly who the laws are targeting.  It is a mistake to boil crime down to mere statistics.  

      • sunrisesmile

        The media reports mostly violent crime which places the Black American front and center. However, WHITE COLLAR CRIME is committed mostly by Whites, has a greater effect on society, and occurs more often. Bernie Maddoff, Wall Street, housing bubbles, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, embezzlement, I can on for days.

        • Fishnlawyr

          A white guy defrauds his employer…takes the retirement funds of a 100 people… and goes to jail.   He has impacted a lot of folks.

          A black guy drives by a house…sprays the building with bullets… kills a 4 y/o child.  He has impacted very few but the one that he impacted the most is the dead child. 

          The defrauded folks will wake up tomorrow lamenting that they are having to live on less money in retirement…the child doesn’t wake up.

          Which is the most painful and permanent outcome?

          • RealMusic

            The first because they got away with it.

      • g-man625

        You are grossly oversimplifying a very complex socioeconomic and cultural construct in which there are huge interactive effects among several variables. Unless you control for all these variables, looking at the end result of crime statistics is insufficient and can be quite misleading. First of all, do we count a mixed person (half Black-half White) as Black or White? I’m very certain that criminal demographers would add this person to the Black group.

        Next, Bernie Madoff’s theft of $1 Billion from investors counts as one crime. This is much worse than 100 robberies (by Blacks) totaling say, $75K. In this isolated example, the Black crime rate is 100 times worse than the White rate. But, is the actual damage 100 times worse?

        Finally, there are disparities in how Blacks and non-Blacks are treated along every step of the law enforcement, legal and punishment systems in our country.  Often, Whites are given breaks and charged with misdemeanor offenses when they commit violent crimes.  Non-Blacks, especially Blacks, aren’t extended these same types of breaks having committed the same crime. As a result, crime stats end up being skewed.

    • Hated

      I am sorry you HATE me. Hope I never meet you face to face because I hate to be hated.

    • Don’t worry boy, we hate you too.

      • proudblackwomen

        I would not speak for an entire race, ding bat!

    • Joshau

      If you was white I wonder if you would hate others who are non-white, just an opinion like your opinion.

      • IT-Guy9

        If “you was white” did he die? proper grammar would be “was this person white?
        stupid black idiot. 

        • Abbey

          It would be “if you were white”.  Grammar coach, you ain’t….but you sure are a racist!  Unreal!

    • Levi

      And they hate you too, idiot.

    • Michael4611

      UMRAO sounds like the media should shield blacks and not report a crime, when it is done by a black person. Blacks make up 79% of all the inmates in U.S. prisons, although they are only 12% of the population. That is a true statistic.
      Me think UMRAO has a problem with race and it is his own race that is ruining society.
      Get a good education; then get a good job and forget about drugs, hiphop, rap and all the other stupid things blacks like; .in essense, behave like a white person and you will do just fine.

    • Chulett9952

      damn i really hate BLACKS fu

    • FreeForAll

      Because you never see whites in the news from all over the world?  That’s crazy…what about the dude from Norway that killed 60 something kids and set off a car bomb…what about the Unibomber?  Ted Bundy?  The only SERIOUS black killers on TV were the D.C. snipers and O.J. Simpson.  Go read or watch the news before you start making assessments.  And what time period is everyone living in?  WHO CARES about stereotypical privileges?  We all have the same privilege as the next person who CHOOSES to excercise it.  Let’s just move on and pull our own weight and be the best PEOPLE we can be.  And let’s just face it, there really isn’t the inequality anymore like there was lingering in the 90’s.  It’s a free-for-all if you just go out and GET IT.  Peace out yall, let’s learn from each other.

    • Seriously

       In what world do white people do more crime then you spooks…come on now you are pretty dumb if you believe that!!!!!

  • Umrao


    • Comments Troll

      (2) "then" again…
      (3) earn more than … minorities
      (4) are seen as individuals
      (5) Fashion Industry, etc.
      (6) to change
      (7) to 8 Examples of Black

      I don't care who is in charge, you will always have trouble getting a good job if you don't pay more attention to what you write.

  • Umrao

    Stupidest article on MadameNoire but than again there was the "Reasons to date A White Man". Whites have way more important priviledges. They are more likely to get hired, They earn more than more minorities, seen as individuals, race is never mentioned when they do something bad, they are seen as superior, people try to follow how they look, Hollywood, Fashion Industry, and etc. You need to changed the title to 8 Example of Black Advantages. Black people, we will never have privilege at least until whites become minorities in 2050.

    • Toady

      Whites and Asians earn more because they choose to take education seriously. Blacks have the highest percentages of high school and college dropouts (apart from Black immigrants who are professionally successful).

      Whites may become a minority in the future but the majority will be hispanic. And Hispanics aren't going to care about Black inferiority complexes.

      • Mekusmilkdud

        This  is  really   spot on  with your assessments.  Hispanics  are not going to worry that  blacks are calling them racist just to scare them,  that  tatic does not work on hispanics.  and yes  eventually there will be very few whites left.  Blacks have all the dominant genes over whites and they will someday succeed.  every time  there are children form  whites and blacks they  carry most of the  black features and are raised as such.  curly  kinky hair   dark  skin   brown eyes     facial  features.  so  yea   white people  time in the states is  on the clock      soon  enough  they will be bred out of existence
        of course   every species has a built in instinct for survival   but  this  wont save whity

        • Just Me

          Wow. This is the answer for dealing with “whity”?!? Breed out the white man. That’s the best solution? (maybe the easiest, and laziest)  Have sex until there are more of us than them? The problems existing in the black community would still be there, fueled by the attitudes present in their culture. There will be so many hispanics by then, we will all be screwed. Being from Texas, I have witnessed Mexicans act like savages, and kill each other repeatedly, over trivial things like money and women. When we all live in The United States of Mexico, who’s problem will it be then? We can all keep fighting each other, or maybe white and black could unite to stop the hostile takeover, of this nation, by immigrants. And Mexicans do plan on taking this country from us. In example..the #1 FM Radio station in Austin, TX is some mexican trash called ” La Invasora” (The Invasion). That’s exactly what they are doing to this country. A non-violent “invasion”, with the goal of dominance. They hate whites, and blacks, and are happy to admit it. Maybe if we work together to neutralize this threat, then we could realize how we could all get along (Without the illegals, and their spawn).

          • Svnstrng3

             wow a lot of haters here…I don’t think education is the great “equalizer” that we were led to believe- that whole system is just another scam and way to take money from the people -there are zero guarantees a degree can offer these days.

          • Dr Moon

            I also live in Texas, near Dallas, although everybody has some problems with crime, the Hispanics that live in my neighborhood are all very nice people. I live in the Barrio, 95% Hispanic. There are a few gangs but I don’t see them much. My neighbors work, and keep their houses and yards clean and neat. Their kids are smart and go to school, they are also friendly. The only thing is they don’t speak good English and don’t really care if they learn it or not. It would make life much easier for all if they would learn. Especially when working outside the neighborhood.

          • boostbleederrr

            ‘Breeding them out’ is not a solution, or even a viable approach. IT IS A SCIENTIFIC REALITY. Also known as natural selection. It is the reason that so many whites are eager to breed with foreign and aboriginal peoples, so that their twisted genetic features can carry on. If the KKK had their way, they would be extinct in under 1500 years.As for Mexicans, the hostile takeover happened back during the Mayflower journeys. True, Mexicans are the spawn of murderous, mentally ill, depraved, perverse child rapist ‘Conquistadors’ and Satanic, child murdering ‘natives’, but most whites carry the same traits in their genes. I say follow the path of the Israelites in your precious Bible, when they were freed from Egyptian tyranny – mass exodus. And leave this continent to the Native descendants. Not Mexicans and whites.

          • I agree. You can read this shyt on Stormfront. Just because black genes are dominant doesn’t mean there will be no more white people. They just keep moving away, that’s all. lol

          •  I don’t know about all Hispanics and Latinos hating entire races and such. I doubt there’s any particular race where 100% of the population is about being the exact same, including loving/hating somebody. And did you actually listen to that broadcast, or reading between lines and only seeing empty space? You have many things that are named just for fun or because it sounds cool. Of course, you have people of every race hating every race, but nobody should be grouped as being part of a virus. Otherwise, we might as well destroy all of humanity so everybody is happy in some way.

            Oh, and the “Have sex until there are more of us than them” had me laughing for a minute.

          • Tippy Larkin

            Day late and a dollar short, its the Commies and Muzzies who’ve already infiltrated US via Enemy Obama.

          • mike smith

            Here is a little genetics lesson. You can’t breed out “whites”. Whites seem to even dominate genetically. I know many blacks who look white, and the vast majority of blacks in the country carry white genes. As long as blacks remain liberal slaves in ghettos there will be very little “breeding away” anybody.

        • Cyrix

          You are a tribute to the education level of your group and it’s obvious you know nothing of genetics. But keep believing that! It will help as you are left behind…

        • Mickeymouse

          Somebody’s baby’s mama should have considered an abortion!

        • Smlevan2

          You are as outragious as the writer of this article!!!!….Wake up!!!!and get real!

        • Color Blind

          You know why you think blacks appear to have the dominant gene…which I think you really mean Blacks are dominant physically so their traits are visually evident over there white mates attributes?  I say this because it would take an advanced biology course to explain how that really works and while the visual traits may be evident in favor of one race over the other, there are a whole host of non-visual attributes that could be from the Anglo contributor in far larger numbers…each coupling would have to be scientifically analyzed to determine who was really the dominant contributor. So our physical superiority came mostly from an accelerated Darwinist affect perpetuated both by Africans and Europeans.  Essentially, the strongest African tribes gathered and sold their enemies (other Africans) to the Europeans who only wanted the biggest and strongest slaves to sell.  Then after a minimum of 3-6 months at sea in some of the worst conditions which, would further ensure only the strongest survived you end up with YES a very strong gene pool both athletically and whether by design or not, intellectually too.  Selective Breeding at its finest…even though that was never the intention.  If you want to proof this hypothesis, research the Black population across the whole of Africa and you’ll see less of the Black physical superiority you speak of.  We are more equal to all races than you think.  Example, most of the Worlds’ Strongest Man competition winners are of Nordic descent which when examined have un-diluted selective breeding blood line.  Selective meaning, only the biggest strongest and smartest have breed…similar to the athletically superior African Americans I’ve illustrated above have.  As the centuries pass and blood lines become diluted you will see far fewer athletically superior individuals, unless man screws with the process.

          • Rachellesexytv4u

             That a fact  guess people cant read or kw there history

        • Delsol76

          Seriously….go back to africa

        • Stop Internet Profanity

          WOW, I am so glad I ran into your post. You have proven my point once again. White’s aren;t the only people who come up with stupid stereotypes about other races. White’s will bred out of existence? Serioulsy?

        • lindsay

          really? blacks have the dominate gene? have you seen mariah carey, the rock, vin diesel, halle berry, leona lewis, jennifer beals and the millions of other mixed people that look hispanic, middle eastern, italian ect i am mixed myself and EV ERYBODY mistakes me for hispanic. i am not trying to be rude, but most mulattos are much, MUCH better looking than full blacks and with better hair and nice facial features. also, you have that typical n*gger attitude, which is the reason the black community is in the shape it’s in.one more thing- if whites weren’t here, then who would you blame for being a deadbeat loser that won’t work or take care of their kids on?

          • Assassin

            As they are much better looking fhen full blood caucasians whom have pale features,bad skin, & age worse ?….you are mixed but obviously your mind is enslaved (possibly “mixed” with bleach) so your comments reflect that… You are actually being stupid not rude and I wonder what your level of education is or if you even went to school. You are probably one of those people who claim black one time then that they are mixed another time. Would I say “caucasian attitude,” even though there isn’t a negative one that exists. Even though they were barbaric to hold blacks as slave in such a way that they believe animals were higher. In such a way that almost all of the major “serial killers” were caucasian. You are foolish to believe that although you look different that you’ll be accepted as such even though it may seem that way. Anybody who claims superiority in any way is a fool. As would the idea of breeding out whites..  There is a disparity in this country between whites & minorities end of topic, no one can argue that. All this feature rubbish who looks better is absolute garbage as are those who go off that. Do yourself a favor and be messed up in your own head.,,,

          • The Last Brunnen G

            Seriously…better hair and features? So, you’re saying that full-blooded (mostly) black people are ugly, while those who have mixed with some other color of people are pretty because now they don’t have their naturally strong, resilient, kinky hair and prominent features. People like you who spit out over opinionated babblings that only perpetuate ridiculous racism are what’s wrong with Humans as a whole. I’m black with strong features, smooth skin, and kinky, thick hair, and I wouldn’t change sh*t about me. “Good skin” is any color of healthy skin and “good hair” is any hair you’re lucky enough to have on your head.

        • Mike12493


        • Tipton520-st

          This is one of the most idiotic and racist comments I’ve ever seen.

        • Aol

          Black Racist..

      • Michelle

        Is this why that one sista is doing 5 years in prison and 7 on parole because although she’s been homeless and decided to lie about where she lived in order to get her son a better education she really doesn’t care about it? Or maybe you should read the article about the 13 year old student who wrote a paper paralleling Frederick Douglass’ restraint from education as an enslaved individual to her own in a public school system due to treatment from teachers who’d rather pass students instead of educate them.

      • roger

        I’m lvroger321@aol.com and I approve of this article; errors, lies and all.

      • boo

        blacks spread their legs and reproduce to much, thus the only reason there race will only out do any others.

        • The Last Brunnen G

          Yeah, as a black woman, I’m here to tell you not to believe all the ghetto, gangster, drug dealer, drop-out, good-for-nothing-but-basketball lies and stereotypes some news channels and the internet are feeding you. Go to Arkansas, Tennessee, and Virginia where you will see a staggering amount of “leg-spreading” white women with multiple “baby daddies”, living on welfare, fighting drug habits, and doing all the things you seem to think only black people do to survive. But yeah…you’re human, so I suppose you’re entitled to an opinion too, no matter how specifically shallow and racist it is. The term “n*gger” should apply to everyone like you, whether they’re black, white, Asian, Hispanic, or whatever.

          • Amri

            Truth be told, you don’t have to go that far at all. I see low-classed white women all the time doing all the things society has branded Black women with, but they rarely get called on it. Meanwhile Black women as a whole carry the shame and devaluing as women.

      • Avojoe

        Toady, you are right on. Hispanics don’t cater , don’t conform and don’t care. When they are the majority, all the American races will truly became one in asecond class bowl of soup.

  • love01

    This is really sad. This article has nonething to do with privilege, and you wonder why other races look down on us. Our writers even try to convince us of this garbage. I was really trying to respect this so called online magazine, but I'm done!

    • angeliawhite

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    • Just another way

      This article is a joke! There is nothing in this article that has anything to do with being black or black “privilege”. You should be ashamed for writing this garbage! Unfortunately, I clicked on the article thinking I would read something worth while. I wasted 2 minutes of my life on this garbage!

      • guest

        Well it was written by LaShaun. . .

      • Leila

        Ummm…I believe this was a “satirical” article, not meant to be literal.  Learn to read between the lines.  It is a socio-political satire on white perceptions.

    • jessica

      But these are the same kind of things that are stated that whites have as white privilege. This article is exactly what it is meant to be. A bunch of items that the majority of blacks do and don’t realize that it’s a privilege to do these things. Truth is truth.

      • Shanique Angol

        The truth is the truth? Learn about racial profiling and then voice your opinion about black privilege. This article is terrible btw. It just shows little things black people are said to have the upperhand in, but in reality these ridiculous mannerisms are reflected by the media, and who the hell is in control of the media? I’m sure you can work that out.