Five things Beyoncé and Other Expecting Mothers-To-Be Should Know

October 13, 2011  |  
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by Shawny Metcalf

Dear Beyoncé,

As a recent new mother there are some things I believe that each new mother should share with the next slew of baby boomer contributors. Sure the obvious suggestions of eating healthy, getting rest and keeping an active lifestyle are all great pieces of advice, but when the pregnancy glow has faded and the maternity clothes find their way to the back of the closet there is a time that every new mom ask the infamous question “Why didn’t someone warn me?”

Although we all know our share of expecting mothers, there was no bigger surprise to the hip-hop community than the revelation of your pregnancy Mrs. Carter. I presume it is only fair to presume that you are the head baby bump in charge these days seeing as you exposed your pregnancy on a nationally syndicated television program, the MTV Music Awards, in front of over a million viewers.

We, your fans and all of America, have watched you grow into a budding business woman and a remarkable performer. I mean honestly girl, the things you do in heels I can’t do barefoot, but parenthood will be a challenge that even you may struggle with at times. We all know that Solange and Momma Knowles will have your back but for the little things that they may miss you can find in this list of five things you, and all other expecting mothers, should know about before becoming a new mommy.

First things first:

1. You are not Claire Huxtable (or any other sitcom mother)

The most common issue for new mothers is they often try to portray the mother they grew up thinking they would always be. Every woman idolized a mother figure growing up and my muse was, Claire Huxtable. Honey, Claire could do no wrong! She cooked, she cleaned, she played with her kids, and may I mention home girl was a lawyer! I guess I can credit the fact that Claire got everything done within her immaculate home with time left over to look impeccable to the one major factor and that is …Claire wasn’t a real women. Claire was a character that I wanted to believe could be real and Beyoncé, although we may believe you are also a fictional superwoman flying across countries to performing at sold-out shows, you know more than anyone that you are only human. You must take the time to enjoy your newborn and accept that everything won’t be clean, completed, or done by the time the sun goes.


2. Make time for yourself

It is not until you are covered in formula and knee deep in diapers that it may occur to you that the blessing of motherhood has isolated you from the outside world and robbed you of any and all free time that you once enjoyed. Being a hand on mommy is a rewarding full time job but it’s also important that you take time to get away and hang out with friends, such as Gwenyth Paltrow, and catch up on things that you enjoy. All work and no play is sure to have you using that Revlon age defying makeup quicker than you imagined, so make sure to always make time for yourself by keeping your little one on a schedule and sticking to a routine that includes a little quiet time for yourself.

3. Make room for HOV

Although it may be tempting to keep your newborn next to you through the night it is much safer for your son or daughter to be in the same room as you than it is for them to be in the same bed as you. Keeping the baby in the crib will not only give you and Jay more room to cuddle and work on baby number two but it also allows the baby the ability to adapt to a bedtime routine that permits them to become more independent in the future . In this case, three is a crowd and you are sure to lose the sizzle in your relationship faster than you can say, ‘It’s the ROC!” if you allow your little one to share the bed with you all.

4. When it comes to you mother, Tina Knowles, watch and learn

Creating well-crafted-as well as impeccable- stage attire isn’t the only thing Tina Knowles is good at. Your mother is the best resource for hands on baby advice. Tina’s many years of experience raising you and Solange makes her a creditable source on everything from baby rash cures to a bad case of midnight colic. Although it has been reported Grandma Knowles will be living with you and Jay-z, it is best to always be as hands on as possible in the first few weeks of motherhood to create that bond that you were looking forward to throughout your pregnancy.

5. Don’t believe the hype

Though you and Jay-Z may have your son or daughter’s private school and college tuition paid up from now until they are 30 years old, it’s important to spend your money on imperative things like education and attempt to be frugal when it comes to buying every infant trinket that is thrown your way. Spa baths, designer newborn swim suits, and thousand dollar hand crafted infant pillows are all things that your baby may appreciate you purchasing but aren’t items that are useful in your day to day routine. Don’t believe the hype girl! These high priced useless items aren’t going to make being a new parent easier and to boot they are a waste of your hard earned cash.

Most of all enjoy your new blessing! This is a priceless time within your life and just a secret from me to you, mother to mother; there is no better feeling than the feeling than finally meeting the most beautiful person you have ever seen in your life, your baby. Enjoy every minute.


Your fans

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