Identifying a problem is easy, changing it is an entire different story. This year has been one of the most mentally, physically and spiritually challenging time periods in recent history. Still, it touched the Black community in a different way.

For African Americans, the pandemic exacerbated long-standing issues that have plagued our neighborhoods and communities, ranging from financial and health care inequities to social injustice and violence. Thankfully, more and more people are saying more than, “nah”.

The push for change continues, and the faces are familiar. There are countless mothers, daughters, sisters and girlfriends who are harnessing their skills and talents to create a shift in the oppressive cultural norms and standards we deal with daily. Some people will call them way makers. Others may refer to them as leaders. We call them change agents.

In truth, the dynamos are all of those things and much more, and that’s why we’ve selected these doers to be MadameNoire’s 2020 Women to Know.

Women To Know: Christina Jackson Scott

From the boardroom to the ballot, Black women are often underrepresented in politics. Christina Jackson Scott is looking to change that as Chief of Staff at She Should Run.

Women To Know: Lavora Barnes

Women to Know: Lavora Barnes

Women To Know: Holli Holiday

Holli Holliday is President of Sisters Lead Sisters Vote.

“The People United Will Never Be Divided”: 10 Of The Most Impactful Voting Orgs Ran By Black Women

Black women continue to answer the call in spearheading civic engagement in their communities, so it should be no surprise that some of the most impactful voter rights movements are led by them as well. 

Women To Know: Kimberly Peeler-Allen

Kimberly Peeler-Allen is the Co-Founder of Higher Heights.

Women To Know: Karen Bass

Chairwoman Bass’ dedication to uplifting the Black community extends beyond American borders.

Women To Know: Nicole Venable

“I’m the rare bird in Washington.”

Women To Know: Stephanie Brown James

Stefanie Brown James is the co-founder of Vestige Strategies, LLC, a Washington, DC-based public affairs firm that specializes in grassroots community and civic engagement strategies.