Raven Goodwin’s ‘HUGE’ Breakthrough on ABC Family

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MN: You have a rapper side as well. Is it intimidating being a young female rapper?

RG: No! It’s not intimidating at all. It’s something that I’m passionate about. Being in this industry is weird but it’s not gonna stop me from doing it.

MN: What does weird mean?

RG: I’m really into old school music when hip-hop first came out with Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Run DMC. I’m really into that! Hip-hop these days isn’t the same and doesn’t have the same sound anymore. I’d rather listen to the old school hip-hop.

MN: Aren’t you about 16 or 17? What were you listening to growing up?

RG: (Laughs) I will be 18 on June 24th. My mom is a big oldies goodie (laughs). I listened to a lot of Anita Baker, Teena Marie, Rick James, Temptations, Michael Jackson, and the Jackson 5. Just total old school heads. Real music!

MN: Real music right! (laughs) Nice! Your rap flavor – do you do freestyles by the way? Am I putting you on the spot?

RG: I freestyle but I’d rather sit down and write down my music to map out what I’m doing. But if I’m out with my friends, I will freestyle, you know?

MN: So when you do HUGE and wrap on all your sitcoms and possible film opportunities, are you going to debut with a CD like Raven Simone? Will there be a Raven Goodwin CD?

RG: I would love to make an album one day. My schedule right now is just crazy! (laughs) Acting comes first. I would love to make an album. I was at an event…for Dionne Warwick and we got to go in the studio and go crazy. I love singing, but it’s very time consuming. I have to make time for it.

MN: Give us a typical day of what your schedule is like.

RG: If I have a six o’clock call-time, depending on where I’m working, I get up at 4:45am. I have breakfast, hair and makeup. It used to be school, but I just received my diploma.

MN: Congratulations!

RG: Thanks! And so it used to be breakfast, makeup, school and on set like a ping pong ball. I never sat down, but now I have some chill time.

MN: That’s phenomenal! What message would you give to aspiring young women or actresses who are looking up to you?

RG: A message to women in general is be happy with yourself first. Be sure that you take care of yourself and find yourself. Be comfortable! And you will be way more appealing. Do what’s best for you and everything will fall into place.

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