7 Things You Should Never Forgive

December 1, 2011  |  
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Unfortunately, once the cackooning phase dies down and the honeymoon phase is over, you are just two people who need to deal with the ups and downs of life together. And that is when you see someone’s true character. There are certain pressures that everyone collapses under, and those can be forgiven. But there are other challenges that only a weak, distrustful person fails to rise to, and that is someone you don’t want to be with. Look out for these:


Disrespecting your work:

If your man ever makes a comment insinuating that you’re only working to pass the time until a man takes care of you, or even that what you do for a living is not useful to society, you cannot forgive that. He will forever see you as someone incapable of taking care of her own life, and he won’t be someone you can talk to about your stresses at work, or even your passion for your work.

Being blamed for his shortcomings:
If a man doesn’t get a promotion he is up for, gets in a fight with his friends, gains weight—whatever it may be—and he blames your presence in his life for it, walk away. He is a grown man and no one is responsible for his shortcomings but himself. If he blames you once, he is the type who will always be looking for someone to blame rather than accept the failure himself.

Rude to your parents:

Sometimes, a man needs to stand up for you if he feels your parents are disrespecting you. But, if your man seeks out ways to criticize your parents or get into arguments with them—say they have different political views and he consistently finds a way to bring them up because he enjoys arguing—forget him. He hasn’t learned one of the most important lessons in life which is to learn how to get along with family. If you don’t learn that, you’ll feel tension in your life forever.



This had to be addressed. If you are married with children, circumstances can be complicated beyond comprehension. But, if you’re just dating, there is no reason for him to cheat. He doesn’t have to be with you. There is no contract keeping you together, so his cheating is obviously an indicator of a major character flaw on his part, not a flaw in your relationship.

Sharing explicit photos:

Who a woman chooses to show her naked body to should be her choice and no one else’s—EVER. A man has no respect for you and doesn’t appreciate that it was a privilege that even he got to see you naked if he shows naked pictures of you to anyone.


Pushes you into a threesome:

Your partner should never pressure you into this. If it is something you both talk about and agree on, that is one thing. But, if he pressures you into a threesome with a man, he has no respect for you. If it’s with a woman, he probably has philandering tendencies.

Stealing from you:

When you share your lives, you share lots of things, like pin numbers and user names for online banking. People get into financial crises sometimes, but it is never okay for your man to take a large sum of money from you without asking. That shows that he is able to lie effortlessly and without any qualms, and he will lie about other things.

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