Hair Drama: What Not to Do When You Decide to Weave it Up

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2. Not combing/detangling – Bre had three months worth of shed hair sitting in her hair. They say we lose about 100 strands a day, so 100 x 90 = 9,000 loose strands.

Anytime you go on a hiatus from combing your hair, you have to make sure you get the shed hairs out because they are the ones that cause the tangles. They latch on to other hairs, causing knots and breakage if not handled properly.

In this instance I would section my hair into smaller parts and saturate it with a detangler before I begin the detangling process. A good tip is to grab each section and run your hands through them in a downward motion before you start combing. This way you are able to feel for any loose hairs and pull them out gently.

When you start combing your hair, make sure not to comb through any knots. If you encounter a knot, you’re better off taking it apart with your fingers than raking through with a comb.

3. Shampoo method –  Aside from not detangling, she did not wash her hair in sections and had a considerable amount of new growth. Shampooing like the girls in the commercials was definitely the wrong way to approach the situation. All it did was help those 9,000 shed hairs intertwine with the rest of her hair, creating a bird’s nest.

(See How to Make Stretching Your Relaxer a Breeze for more tips on shampooing and detangling dual-textured hair)

After all was said and done, the best advice I could give Bre was to saturate her hair with a detangler or conditioner with good slip and work in sections to try to take the knots apart with her fingers first. She experienced some breakage but was able to salvage most of her hair—nope! no shaving went down at the barbershop.

Remember, in whatever styles you choose to turn heads with, your hair’s health comes first. Fashion comes and goes, but your real hair is yours to keep!

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