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So we all watched the Insecure Season 2 finale, and we all know how we feel about the way things turned out for Issa, Molly and Lawrence. Issa finally received some closure, moved out of her apartment and onto Daniel’s couch (he’s better than me…). Molly figured out that her law firm doesn’t know her worth, but neither does she since she is still messing with Dro. And Lawrence, after bombing with Aparna, mended but ended things with Issa after reflecting on the ways in which he’s lately messed things up with everyone.

That was all fine and dandy (and somewhat confusing). But one person whose story didn’t receive closure who should move more into focus in Season 3 is, of all people, Tiffany.

Tiffany Insecure


There wasn’t much to Amanda Seales’s bourgeoise-meets-shady character in Season 1, but here and there, clues about Tiffany’s marriage popped up in Season 2. For example, she slipped up and accidentally told Molly and the girls that husband Derek lived in a hotel for some time the year before. She wouldn’t go into it though because, to her, it didn’t matter since they’d worked through it.

And the finale revealed a lot about this couple as well. While hanging out with Lawrence and Chad, Derek shared that a guy who worked with Tiffany at her job was doing too much and that he had to go (so Derek “dealt with it”). It also came out at Kelli’s marathon that they are expecting a child, which, I thought was an announcement shared with the viewer in a very low-key manner that is odd. Tiffany is the queen of putting together shindigs to showcase a marriage she likes people to believe is perfect, so why would she reveal major news to Molly and Issa in such an understated way?

And then, Derek tells Lawrence and Chad that Tiffany is watching the finale for the hilarious show within a show, Due North, over at Issa’s. However, when we get there, it’s just Issa, Molly and Kelli. I initially became suspicious, especially when it was revealed that she wasn’t coming. But I chalked it up to possible early pregnancy pangs, and that sounded even more reasonable when Issa said Tiffany was already being dramatic about her pregnancy. Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something fishy is going on.

But that’s been apparent for some time. Anyone watching can tell that Tiffany has created quite the facade about her marriage, especially since she spends so much time trying to make her single friends believe that because she has a ring, she has it all. We get it girl, you just loooove your man (as she stated emphatically this season). But there’s a difference between trying to hide the usual marital ups and downs and trying to hide the fact that someone is doing or did something shady.

I don’t want to jump to the conclusion that baby DuBois may not really be Derek’s (a conversation I’ve already seen brewing online), but I wouldn’t be surprised if at the least, the baby was part of a move to strengthen a marriage that hasn’t been going as strong as portrayed. Either way, I’m crossing my fingers (as well as my eyes and toes) in the hopes that Tiffany and Derek’s story will be explored more in Season 3. Because while it’s refreshing to see what it’s really like for Black late twentysomething singles trying to date and get their professional lives together, there’s another side to that age group. It could be dope to explore the realities of late twentysomething married folks trying to learn how to make it work ’til death do them part — or as long as they have patience for one another — while still trying to find their footing as individuals in a partnership who have wants and needs. And Dro and Candace have only scratched the messy surface of that.

And honestly, Tiffany’s so judgmental that it’s just time to find out what is hiding behind that grin and those persistent low-blow jabs at everyone but Kelli. You’re not fooling anyone, sis.

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