Parts Of The Wedding The Groom Dreads

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Brides may have a lot to complain about when it comes to planning and having a wedding. It’s supposed to be the most magical day of your life but, let’s admit it: it’s more like six to 12 months of the most financial stress you’ll ever go through, losing some friends over wedding-related drama, and fights with your in-laws leading up to one magical day. Just one. Twenty four hours that you put thousands of hours into making happen. So, yes, of course brides can end up with a migraine. But people often overlook what the grooms go through on their end. They have to fulfill certain expectations that they really don’t want to. Here are parts of the wedding that the groom dreads.

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Selecting his groomsmen

Men know that other men don’t really enjoy all the pre-wedding activities. Brides are excited to pick their bridesmaids, because they’ll have fun doing the bridal showers and bachelorettes with these ladies. Men, however, feel like they’re just signing some of their best friends up for tasks none of them want to partake in.

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Picking out suits for his groomsmen

Men do not enjoy telling other men what to wear. They don’t even want to think about what their friends have to wear. Hey—they barely want to think about what they want to wear themselves! For a man, telling his friends that they need to coordinate this color shoe with this color belt feels unnatural.





Asking his groomsmen to buy suits

Then there is the part where the groom has to ask his groomsmen to buy or rent suits. Bridesmaids can get away with dresses that cost a couple hundred dollars. But suits—bought or rented—are usually far more expensive. The groom hates putting that financial burden on his friends.




Engagement photos

Men can feel like they are throwing their relationship in the faces of their single friends. For the groom, his relationship is very personal. His marriage is between him and his wife. He doesn’t want it to be a spectacle. Taking a, “Look how in love we are!” photo and asking everyone to schedule a date and pay for plane tickets to celebrate their love feels uncomfortable.




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Doing the registry

Let’s face it: the groom doesn’t care if you get these champagne classes or those, that silverware or the other, the Ralph Lauren towels or the generic ones. When you walk him around the department store with that little registry gun, every question that comes out of your mouth sounds like gibberish.





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The bachelor party

Men enjoy their bachelor party, but they dread it as it is approaching. They never know if one friend will go too far and hire a stripper (or an even more, um, dedicated type of professional). They’re also worried their friends will play some prank on them like dropping them off over the border of Canada.






Keeping track of the rings

If the groom is in charge of keeping track of the rings—even if he is simply in charge of deciding who else should keep track of the rings—he is under a lot of stress. If his friend somehow loses these rings, he knows his wife will hate that friend forever.






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The vows

Again, marriage is just very personal for men. They aren’t as concerned with showing it off. They’d often rather tell you their vows in private, than in front of a lot of people. There are some things they’d like to say to you that they don’t necessarily want to be broadcasted over a speaker system.





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The first dance

Nobody knows how to dance the waltz or any of the preferred first dances these days! You and your fiance probably had to take extensive classes to get this dance right. But the groom is still terrified he’ll step on your $500 shoes, or trip.







Really, all the photos

Nobody enjoys taking all the photos. It takes you out of the moment. If it were up to the groom, you’d take one photo, and then go get drunk with your friends the rest of the night.






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Receiving money

Considering that the groom sees himself as a provider to his bride, it makes him uncomfortable when hundreds of other people provide money for the both of them. It can feel like admitting that he doesn’t make enough money to take care of his wife.





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The garter toss

Oh sure—what man doesn’t dream of putting his head up his wife’s dress in front of her father?





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Color coordination

Considering men are actually more color blind than women, this is just a confusing task for your partner. And he doesn’t take that much joy in matching the flowers to the trims on the bottoms of the chairs.








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Seating charts

Women are just better at understanding the intricacies of certain relationships. When it’s time to do the seating chart, your groom knows he’ll somehow get it wrong. He’ll somehow seat one guy next to a woman that that guy tried to sleep with five years ago, when she was married, and it’ll all be a mess.






Asking for her hand

Men dread asking their bride’s father for her hand in marriage! They usually know he’ll say yes, but it’s still a high-tension moment. Then they have to ask the bride. These poor guys are put through two moments that could easily cause somebody a panic attack.

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