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We get it millennials. You’re always trying to show that you’re edgy—that you’re open minded and cool with whatever. But that should not extend to your method of birth control. Some research found that 33 percent of women use the pull-out method at least once a month. That’s too much. Way too much. Once in a lifetime is even too much because that’s all it takes to become pregnant, pick up a curable STD, or pickup an incurable STD. There are a lot of excuses women give as to why they use the pull-out method; they don’t want the hormones from the pill, they don’t like the intrusiveness of an IUD, they don’t like how condoms feel and so on. But none of those excuses will be comforting if your blood work comes back positive for Gonorrhea or you wind up pregnant when you’re not ready to be a mom. Here is why the pull-out method is just dumb.

What about STD’s?

Even if you think you’ve mastered the art of the pull-out method to the point where you couldn’t possibly get pregnant (you haven’t, but let’s just go with that for a moment), what about STD’s? Hello? Oh, your partner said he’s clean. Okay. Surely he’s being 100 percent honest and has been tested after every new partner and waited the proper amount of time between new partners and tests for diseases to show up in his blood work. Sure he has.







You, the woman, have no control

When you go with the pull-out method, as a woman, you give up control over your birth control. Your partner has all the say in whether or not you’re about to potentially become pregnant. That’s the same person for whom, by the way, not pulling out would feel really nice. Is that really the person who should be in control here?







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There is live sperm in pre-cum (the fluid that exits a man’s penis during sex, before ejaculation) nearly one third of the time. So if you use the pull-out method, you’re really just gambling in a game where the odds are against you at that point.








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Are you a doctor?

Are you a doctor? Do you know exactly when there will and won’t be live sperm in pre-cum? Do you know the precise millisecond a man will ejaculate? Do you know exactly when you’re ovulating, and on what days you can and cannot become pregnant? Oh, you’re not a doctor? You don’t know any of this? Then what the hell are you doing using the pull-out method?




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The mess

I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here and guess your partners don’t stick around to do your laundry for you after they ejaculate all over your bed spread. Am I right? And even if they do, do you know how hard it is to get cum stains out of things?


It tells men you don’t respect your body

If you use the pull-out method, you’re sending the wrong message. You’re sending the message that you’ll put your partner’s pleasure over your safety and well-being. You’re sending the message that you have a very laissez faire attitude about your body. And any man who would want to be with a woman like that isn’t a man who respects women much.








Women in this age group use it

The 15 to 24 age group uses the pull-out method the most. They aren’t notorious for being worldly, responsible, or knowledgeable individuals. As a general rule in life, if women of that age group are doing something, maybe don’t do it.








Men often don’t want to

The moment when pulling out is crucial is, coincidentally and evilly, the most difficult moment for a man to do it. Often, men are too overcome with pleasure to pull out. Just know that every time you use this method, a man is going against every instinct in his body to do it. Is that what you want to be up against to prevent pregnancy and STDs?






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There are really good condoms out there

If you’re worried about hormones in the pill, there are so many great condoms on the market today that feel like you’re not even using condoms. At least give these a shot rather than defaulting to a risky method.






You want to go raw with everyone?

That’s pretty intimate. When you have sex with a man, you let him put his penis inside your body. Maybe that’s something you’d like to save for men you’re in serious relationships with, or even your husband. Use condoms with the rest.









You may get pregnant even if you do it right

Statistically speaking, you have a four percent chance of becoming pregnant if you use the pull-out method correctly every time. With the pill and condoms, you have a less than one percent chance. So you quadruple your chances of unwanted pregnancy by using the pull-out method. Again, that’s only if you do it perfectly each time, which you probably aren’t.








You’ll probably get pregnant if you do it wrong

You have a twenty-seven percent chance of becoming pregnant if you don’t use the pull-out method correctly. Gulp. Do you just have a secret desire to contract an STD? You almost have to at that point.









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Doing it a lot in one night is risky

Sperm gets stuck in the man’s urethra. If you have sex with a man several times in a night, that means each time you do the deed, there is actual sperm just waiting to get into you upon penetration. Essentially, pre-cum becomes the real stuff quickly.








It’s really selfish on the guy’s part

If this is the guy’s idea, that’s really selfish of him. You might just want to walk away from a guy who would put your health and future at risk, all for his own fleeting pleasure.








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There are so many other options

Male condoms, female condoms, IUDs, diaphragms, various birth control pills of varying degrees of hormones, injections, vaginal rings, the patch, an implant, sterilization…When you think about it that way, there’s really no excuse to go with the pull-out method.

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