For The Fellas: How To Recognize A Subtle Curve From A Woman

September 12, 2017  |  
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I’ll just say it. Men are absolutely terrible at reading non verbal cues. I mean horrible. And women are so conditioned to be accomodating and concerned about other people’s feelings that there is often a huge gap in communication when women are trying to let you know that we’re not feeling you anymore (if we ever were). So in an attempt to help y’all out and get some confirmation from the ladies, here are some subtle signs a woman is not checking for you.


Not making eye contact

If you’re trying to talk to her and she’s looking at everything but your eyes, face or body, then she’s not feeling you. At all. We know what it’s like to look engaged. Save everyone’s time and keep it pushing.


Looking at her girl from across the room

This is an S.O.S. If you see that her eyes are fixed on some distant point away from you, you turn around and then she tells you those are her friends, you can be sure that she was likely sending some type of eye message. Don’t be surprised if one of those friends shows up within the next few minutes to offer some excuse why she has to leave.


Nodding with shifting eyes

Are you noticing a pattern here? It’s all in the eyes. If her eyes are shifting to nothing in particular, she’s likely finding fault with the game you’re trying to spit.


Well…nice meeting you

This is my go-to exit line. Before a man can ask for a number or extend an invitation, I sashay away. Buh-bye now. I find this one incredibly effective.

When he texts 10 times in a row

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Via Text

So many dating situations, whether you meet in person or online, start wtih texting first. So while it might seem like you’re having a nice conversation, she might be sending subtle and not so subtle signs that she’s pulling away.



This is kind of an ironic one. The truth is, the joke’s on you. Most of the time, this “ha” response doesn’t come after a joke. It comes after you’ve said something with complete seriousness.



“Lol” is basically like punctuation these days. So you’re bound to see it with almost anyone you text back and forth. But if the lol is the only responses you’ve been getting, you’re either communicating with someone who isn’t all that bright or someone who genuinely doesn’t care. Not even an exclamation point… Anyone who is interested in getting to know you further will do quite a bit to keep the conversation going.


I don’t know

This one is actually an area where women could stand to be more clear. We know. We just don’t want to have to deal with the possible feelings of rejection. Lord knows men and rejection don’t always end well for women. This “I don’t know” will likely be followed by ghosting.


We’ll see

Yeah… you probably won’t. Someone who wants to see you, will at the very least make alternate arrangements.

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