Pubic Hair Myths That Need To Stop

August 9, 2017  |  
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There wasn’t much talk of pubic hair until recent decades when an entire industry popped up around it. Today, women will openly chat about sugaring, waxing, vajazzling and other pubic trends over brunch. But not long ago, our pubic hair was like our dark, hairy, curly secret. It’s great that there are options out there for women who don’t want pubic hair, or want to alter their pubic hair. But all of the new trends in this area have also brought with them some confusion about pubic hair. Now that we do change, remove, shorten and color it so much, we have to ask: are we supposed to? How are we supposed to? What other side effects might we expect? And what do our sexual partners think of all this? Here are pubic hair myths that just need to stop.


Men don’t like it one bit

Do you think a man is going to complain if you are letting him have sex with you? Show me a man who was going to sleep with a woman and claims he changed his mind because she has pubic hair and I’ll show you a man who just realized at an awkward moment he is actually gay, and looked for something else to blame for his lack of interest in that woman. If you’re letting a man inside, he’s not going to complain about what the entrance looks like.






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It protects you from bacteria

Yes and no. While pubic hair, like your eyebrows, can prevent things like sweat and soap from rolling down into openings where they don’t belong, it can also hang onto STD-related bacteria. Pubic hair is like Velcro for some of the germs that cause venereal disease. That being said, women who go bare down there should still take all the precautions to prevent the spread of STD’s.







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It’s the same color as your other hair

A woman’s pubic hair typically matches her eyebrows more than it matches the hair on her head. And let’s not forget that women can dye their pubic hairs so you never know what you may find down there! If you do decide to dye down there, make sure you purchase dye specifically made for pubic hair—those for head hair can be too harsh.







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It creates a smell

First off, pubic hair can actually mask some of the natural odor of the vagina. Think about it: it’s like a little fuzzy wall keeping the smell in. Furthermore, not only does pubic hair not produce a foul odor, it actually helps produce a good odor—that of pheromones.








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It grows back thicker

Don’t be afraid to shave or wax because you think the hair will grow back thicker; this is simply not true. You will not fight off a growing army of unruly hairs if you do a little maintenance down there. It may, however, grow back coarser. But not thicker.









It’s nasty

No, it’s natural. Women have always had pubic hair and there shouldn’t be any pubic-hair shaming going on. If the argument for it being nasty is that it collects particles from the vagina you should remember that your vagina is actually a very clean place! The hair on your head, however, collects the nasty particles in the air every time you walk around the city.







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Women with it are prudes

Some people believe that women with pubic hair don’t have sex, or don’t like sex. Services like waxing and sugaring have become so highly associated with part of one’s routine to increase their sexual attractiveness that some people believe women who don’t do these things don’t care about being sexually attractive. But that simply isn’t true.







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Or are hippies

Our society’s obsession with going bare down there came long after the days of flower children and Woodstock. Plenty of modern women who keep up with other current trends just don’t like to go hairless down there. Oh, and they don’t have a ton of orgies and do a bunch of psychedelics, either.









It can grow and grow

If you don’t shave your pubic hair, it will not grow down to the ground. Contrary to popular belief, it is not like the beard of the vagina. Your pubic hair will stop growing after an inch or so, then it will shed, and grow a new batch.





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Thick hair means fertility

There isn’t a correlation between the thickness of a woman’s pubic hair and her ability to have a child. So don’t grow out your bush in some misguided attempt to see if you’ll be able to conceive.








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Shaving is better than waxing

Shaving can lead to painful ingrown hairs and cuts. Shaving also opens up your pores and can welcome in bacteria. Furthermore, shaving has to be done quite frequently, while waxing can be done just every few weeks.








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Waxing is better than shaving

When it comes to maintenance down there, no one method is perfect. Ripping hairs out of your vagina with hot wax isn’t a walk in the park. Furthermore, some people’s skin reacts poorly to wax. Finally, the best waxists can be pricey. If you want to go hairless, you just have to face there may be some side effects.






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You can’t use shaving cream

In fact, you should use shaving cream. One of the major concerns with shaving down there is that the area dries up. Shaving cream moisturizes and protects the area so, by all means, use it, just try not to get any inside your vagina.





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It’s itchier

Growing out your bush could cause some itching in the beginning, but once you have a full bush, you won’t itch. Shaving actually causes the most itching because it causes your hair to grow back a little sharper, which can be uncomfortable.









There is a norm

There is really no norm when it comes to how you want to style your pubic region. There also isn’t any sort of maintenance that is significantly safer, more attractive to the opposite sex or more hygienic.

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