Lies Thin Women Tell Their Curvy Friends

August 3, 2017  |  
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I’ll admit it; thin women don’t always know how to talk to curvier women about body topics like shopping and nutrition. When it comes to discussing things like that, women tend to be most comfortable talking to other women who are around their size and shape. And can you blame them? The female body is a sensitive subject. We all have our own journey with self-love and body confidence. While your choices may not be right for me, that doesn’t mean I judge them. And while my choices may not be right for you, that doesn’t mean you disapprove of them by living differently. But when two women, of vastly different shapes and sizes hang out, each can feel like by simply eating the way they want, shopping the way they want and exercising the way they want that they are rejecting the other one’s choices—this awkwardness can lead us to say some weird things. Here are accidental lies thin women should stop telling their curvy friends.


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I just don’t carry my weight well

Thin women will often tell their curvier friends that they would be happier to be heavier if only they carried their weight well, like their friend does. But the truth is, most thin women have never even taken a crack at carrying extra weight, and have no idea where it would fall on their bodies.











I eat just as much as you do

No, you don’t. And you don’t need to say you do to make your curvier friend feel better about her menu choices at the restaurant. You want the salad and she wants the turkey melt and we can all stop pretending this, “Isn’t usually what I order.” Plus, this lie blows up the moment your curvy friend asks if you want to split fries and you say no.










You just have bigger boobs than I do

You don’t need to deny the rest of your curvy friend’s figure to make her feel good. She may have big boobs, but she knows she also has a larger waist than you, larger thighs, larger arms and larger everything. She’s okay with that. But the blatant lie that you’re pretty much the same size, other than the boobs, is insulting. Your curvy friend has eyes, you know.










You’re not fat; you’re just curvy

This may or may not be true. And it’s a fragile moment when your friend—any friend, regardless of size—calls herself fat. But if your friend is in fact fat you do not help her by saying she isn’t. As uncomfortable as it may feel, when she calls herself fat, the best thing you can do is smile and stay silent.







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Men prefer curves

Many of them do! But the thin women who say this are then surprised and even a little upset when the guy they were eyeing is interested in their curvy friend. They may not say it, but they’re thinking, “He’s choosing her instead of me?” What happened to the “men prefer curves” mentality?











I didn’t know what size to buy you

No woman knows exactly what size any of their friends are, but thin women usually have no problem at least guessing what size their thin friends are, and buying them clothes as a gift. Meanwhile, thin women can feel uncomfortable having their friend know they guessed they were a size Large or Extra Large, so they just don’t buy her clothes at all, and claim they didn’t know what size she is.


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You’ll love this guy; you have a lot in common

Every curvy woman has had this experience: a good friend wants to set you up with a guy and insists the two of you have a lot in common. When you meet the guy—surprise—he is a little heavier set. While thin women may go on and on about how men prefer curves, why does it seem they can only set up their curvier friends with heavier men? It seems like they don’t think all men love curves—just the larger men.






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I just didn’t think that (exercise) was your thing

Thin ladies, invite your curvy friends to beach jogs, diet/cleanse resorts and CrossFit at the park. If they want to say no, they can. Don’t worry about making them uncomfortable by asking. Curvy women exercise too! And your friend would rather you ask and she say no then you not ask at all.







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Who cares what society thinks

Thin women love to go on rants about how society is stupid and how their curvy friend shouldn’t give a damn what anyone says about her body. Then those same thin women will buy the entire diet and fitness magazine isle at the grocery store.








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Your doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about

If your curvy friend’s doctor tells her she needs to lose weight, you may feel tempted to protest against the doctor, in solidarity with your friend. You may want to proclaim, “Your doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” But, he probably does. He is a doctor, after all. This is another instance when thin women would be better off smiling and nodding.





I just ate terribly yesterday

It seems every time your curvy friend wants to eat somewhere mildly unhealthy, you just “happened to have eaten unhealthy yesterday” and are “feeling a salad today.” Hmm. Curious those “unhealthy eating days” never fall on the day you’re hanging with your curvy friend. Or when anyone even sees you eat.







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You should ask; you have the boobs

Thin women love to pawn off their curvy friends on tasks they don’t want to do, like asking the bouncer to skip the line or asking the flight attendant for an upgrade since business class is empty anyways. They’ll always say something like, “You have the boobs—you should ask him.” The truth is they just don’t want to ask.








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I hate my tiny butt—you have a great butt

Oh thin women, stop it. You don’t hate your tiny butt. You don’t even think about your tiny butt. All you think about is your tiny stomach, and you’re perfectly okay with whatever comes with that. You’d never trade in your tiny stomach for a bigger butt if that meant a bigger stomach came with it.







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Women’s bodies are supposed to be soft

Ironically, many thin women will go on feminist tirades to their curvy friends about how women are supposed to be soft and supple—how the female form should be curvy to make room for babies and so on. Meanwhile, those same women are underweight and step on the scale every day to ensure they remain underweight.







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Your mom is wrong

If your friend truly needs to lose weight and her mother tells her that constantly, well, you may just need to sit this discussion out. Your friend’s mom won’t appreciate you telling your friend lies that could harm her health. You can have your friend’s back on every other argument with her mom, but maybe not the weight one.

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