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Before this year, I knew Bernice Burgos only as the woman who may or may not have been linked to Drake. I wasn’t sure but I saw pictures of them kicking it at a pool together. I thought she was pretty and went on about my day.

Years later, Bernice would be all up in the headlines in the midst of the very public and very petty separation of T.I. and Tiny. While we can argue that T.I. has stepped on Tiny numerous times throughout the course of their marriage, Bernice was one of the few people who were named in the drama. And, as we reported earlier, it all came to a head on Instagram. Assuming that she was sleeping with her husband, Tiny called Bernice a “pass around b*tch.”

Bernice responded with a video saying she was no homewrecker and then with another video with an Xscape song in the background. It was a mess.

Anyway, today during her interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Bernice said she was remorseful about the way all of that went down.

Charlamagne: I was shocked when you replied to Tiny.

Burgos: Well, I was shocked in myself too. I’m very disappointed in what I did. I’m not saying I regret it but I learned that being on social media–social media sometimes will put you in a place that you have to fight with people that you don’t know.

DJ Envy: What made you reply?

Burgos: Because I was listening to social media. So many lies and so many ‘You this’ ‘You that.’ Like what? Wait a minute. It was only for business. I got introduced for a movie.

Burgos: It was only for business, only for a movie. People need to stop–just because I’m pretty. Just because they so called say video vixen. Just to let y’all know stop with the video vixen sh*t.

Then, finding a segue, Burgos started speaking to Angela directly calling her out for using the term bartender, during an interview with La La, as a way to demean her and other young ladies.

Burgos: “The other day, La La was here. I heard the interview and you were saying ‘Do you speak to the bartenders and video vixen?’ Even though you was trying to say my name but it’s like, you know me. ”

Yee: But it’s based on the show that she has.

Burgos: So, you could have said what about the young ladies that are on the show.

Yee: I thought I did say…

Burgos: Noooo, you didn’t.

Yee: I gotta listen to it because I’m pretty sure I said Bernice.

Burgos: I listened to it twice.

Thankfully, when The Breakfast Club posted the video, they included the interview with La La in Bernice’s video.

And Angela Yee said almost verbatim what Bernice wanted her to.

Yee in the interview with La La: “These young women that are on the show that you’re producing they used to be bartenders and Instagram models…”

Burgos: Just because La La is up here and you’re going to pull out like we’re down here.

Angela explained her line of questioning again.

Yee: “The way you’re saying it, you’re saying it great right now. But when I heard it was just like ‘Oh you speak to bartenders and video vixen.'”

They cut back to another clip where Angela Yee called Bernice’s name specifically.

Yee: I got to listen back to that and I don’t think I would ever say that like that because I actually know some of the women that are supposed to be on the show.

Burgos: Yeah, I’m like she know me. She know my name.

Yee: And I thought the show was based on bartenders.

Burgos: Entrepreneurs. Urban models.

Yee: But they used to be bartenders right?

Burgos: Right. But it’s just like the way how you said it…

Charlagmagne: You’re talking about the stigma around the word bartender.

Yee: I don’t think I’ve ever tryied to put somebody down for being a bartender.

Burgos: That’s how I took it…

She was in her feelings with that one.

Anyway, check out the rest of the interview where Bernice speaks about loving her plastic surgery, having a daughter at 15-years-old, the judgments people make about her and more in the video below. (The stuff about T.I., Tiny and the video vixen/bartender/urban model discussion starts around the 21:00 mark.)



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