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Tiny is back at it. And by back at it, I mean calling out the woman her estranged husband has been spending his time with.

We told you in late March that Tiny had some words for model Bernice Burgos, who T.I. has been linked to following the couple’s split. Tiny publicly called Burgos a “side chick” after she responded to people calling her a homewrecker by saying, “always been a homewrecker? That home BEEN broken”:

And despite claiming that “silence is a virtue,” Tiny lashed out at Burgos again this week. Burgos sang Xscape’s “Just Kickin’ It” with a friend on Snapchat, in particular, the “Every man wants a woman, where him and her can just go hang” part. The ladies didn’t remember the words though, so they just stared into the camera awkwardly while bopping to the beat.

Burgos’s choice to record herself jamming to the song may not have been in spite, but who are we kidding? One has to wonder what the point of doing such a thing is, especially with a song by a woman you just had a public squabble with. Whatever the purpose, Tiny took it as clear pettiness and addressed Burgos while bragging that T.I. was with her, “his wife,” the night prior:

I’ve been rooting for Tiny since it was announced that she filed for divorce, but it’s clear that she’s not serious about getting out of a relationship that despite producing beautiful children, has also produced a lot of toxicity. I read her braggadocios statement about T.I. being in her bed, as though he’s a prize pig in this situation, and I could only feel disappointment. “She’s not going anywhere,” I said out loud. If she chooses to stay with T.I., as annoying as Burgos’s antics may or may not be, she’s the last person in this equation that Tiny would or should need to address. If it isn’t Burgos, it would or likely will be someone else.

We sometimes talk about the ways in which women attack other women for correspondences and relationships they may have with one’s man, all while ignoring the antics of the man, who more than anyone else, is supposed to do right by us. Tiny’s situation is unique in that vein because honestly, no one should want to be on the straight and narrow for a woman like her than a man like T.I. Despite whatever image they want to put out there through T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, it’s overshadowed by the many stories, the many social media comments, the many displays of disrespect that have really been the public’s image of their marriage. And despite Tiny, an accomplished songwriter and member of the entertainment industry giving him a chance while he hustled from the bottom into the rap scene; despite the two prison sentences she stood by him through; despite the three children she birthed for him (one passed at birth), along with the three others she’s embraced as her own along with daughter Zonnique; despite publicly calling her out for the things she wears (or a lack thereof) online; despite the reported controlling behavior, including not wanting her to star on BET’s Tiny & Toya while he was imprisoned; and despite past cheating, he’s shown more loyalty to his boys than he has his wife.

She tried to put out a song and corresponding music video to warn him. She likely tried to make him jealous by dancing and canoodling with Floyd Mayweather. She filed for divorce. Basically, she’s given him ultimatums, threats, and warnings in the hopes of seeing a change. But really, it’s just jumping the gun. The pair haven’t showed up to any court proceedings, he didn’t file a response to her divorce filing, and as you can see, she’s still allowing him to be laid up in the bed with her as though all is right in the world and bedroom antics will spur a change in behavior. But here we are a day or so later, and he’s since publicly stated that they would probably be better suited as friends because he can’t cut it as a husband. Or in laymen’s terms, he doesn’t want to try and be better for a woman who has tried to overlook his non-stop slights. Instead of fighting to make things work, he would rather fight Floyd Mayweather to save his ego.

So while it might feel good to call Burgos a side chick, rub in her face that she’s not the “wife” and try to make her feel like nothing but yet another piece of a– T.I. has had but won’t keep around, Tiny ends up looking just as bad in the end. Because truly, the he’s-mine-you-may-have-had-him-once-but-I-got-him-all-the-time type of loving is not healthy, and being a ride-or-die chick is soooo 2000. Not only that, but it’s not sustainable. If it were, Tiny wouldn’t have to do as much as she has had to in order to make others believe in their relationship.

But I get it. I understand how much is tied up in their marriage, how many years they’ve spent together and how much love they have for one another (even if it’s show by him in odd ways). To tell another woman to walk away from something she holds dearly is easier said than done. So it’s fine if she is hesitant or if Tiny has since decided that she doesn’t want her marriage to end at all. However, she needs to go the private route with whatever decision she makes, because she can’t be the only one fighting for it — privately or publicly.


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