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Even if you try to limit your alcohol intake during normal weeks, some weeks are just not normal. If your friend’s bachelorette party spans an entire week on the beaches of Mexico, you’re bound to have a few more rum-filled coconuts than you intended to. If your friend wants everyone to go to Las Vegas for her 40th birthday, you know you’ll be popping champagne bottles beginning at breakfast and going late into the night. Some weekends (and full weeks) call for a little more, um, liquid celebration than others. They are a blast, but they leave you feeling lethargic, grimy, depleted of energy and unhealthy. In addition to avoiding alcohol for a while, you can also try some food and beverages that can speed up your detoxification process and help you feel a little less guilty about all those rounds of shots. Here are foods you should eat after a weekend of binge drinking. up shot of two Bloody Marys with garnishes


Have you ever noticed that your joints hurt after a weekend of binge drinking, making it difficult to exercise? Have you witnessed your skin become puffy after lots of booze? That’s because alcohol is inflammatory. Have some anti-inflammatory tomatoes to help your system calm down.





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It’s common to crave sugar after binge drinking. You want a rapid energy spike, but this could lead you to grab donuts and candy. Berries are low in sugar, but will satisfy your sweet tooth. They’ll also give you some vitamin C after alcohol has depleted your immune system.







Bananas replenish the potassium you lost through all of the alcohol. Furthermore, they are easy on your stomach, which is probably doing summersaults right now. Even the smell of bananas is uplifting, which could help fight the post-drinking blues.


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Rye and brown rice

It’s hard to do anything after drinking because you’re just so drained of energy. Fortunately, whole grains like rye and brown rice give you a great energy boost. Stay away from refined white flour—this will give you a quick energy boost but a crash later.







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Green tea

Green tea is naturally detoxing and can help get you rehydrated. Green tea can also act as an appetite suppressant and regulate blood sugar levels, which may help you control some of the junk food cravings you get after drinking.






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Your brain probably feels foggy and sluggish right now. Perk it up with the healthy fats found in salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids could also help balance your mood and kick post-drinking depression. Plus, getting your protein from salmon could prevent you from reaching for a greasy burger. soup

Chicken noodle soup

The chicken in his comforting soup has cysteine, which breaks down toxins and helps your liver work more efficiently. The broth rehydrates you and gives you some of the sodium you lost over the weekend. And the nostalgia you get from the soup just makes you feel happy.




Avoid Asparagus of Eggs Benedict with Hash Brown Potatoes and Asparagus


Eggs contain taurine, which can protect your liver from liver disease. It also has the same cysteine found in chicken, which can help remove toxins from the body. Plus, there’s just something great about an omelet after drinking.







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Alcohol depletes your body of vitamin B, which is part of the reason you feel sad and get headaches after a weekend of boozing. Asparagus can reload you with this important vitamin. If you don’t like asparagus, leafy greens do the same thing.





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Greek yogurt

Your gut bacteria are not happy with you right now, which you’ve likely noticed from the gas and diarrhea. Eat some Greek yogurt to get your gut bacteria back in balance. Kimchi or Kombucha will do the trick, too.








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Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can help fight some of post-drinking nausea. If you don’t usually handle spicy food well, you could just add some to hot water with lemon. You need the hydration and the bacteria-fighting lemon anyway.







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Coconut water

You lost a lot of electrolytes over the weekend so one of the first things you should consume when you wake up is a big cup of coconut water. You may be tempted to reach for Gatorade, but that has a lot of sugar.







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Apple cider vinegar

Alcohol can cause your pH levels to go completely out of whack, which is one of the reasons heavy drinking can lead to urinary tract and bladder infections. Make a juice with apple cider vinegar to rebalance this important element.

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If you must have a juicy burger during your hangover (we get it) add extra pickles. These will replenish electrolytes and sodium, as well as rebalance your gut bacteria. They’re also a healthier crunchy snack than chips, which you were probably craving.

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The healthy fat in nuts slows the absorption of booze and can give your brain the same nice boost of energy that salmon does. Nuts are good to have on hand during and after drinking.

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