Rejection And Breakup Lines That Are Lies

June 20, 2017  |  
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If you’re out there enough, you’ll hear every breakup excuse under the sun. And the truth is that you’re lucky if you find guys who are decent enough to grab a coffee with you, and let you know things are ending. Plenty of men out there just go ghost on a woman—even women they’ve been dating for months. Hey, people have to say something when they want to end things. But the problem with many of the excuses people give when breaking up with somebody is that those excuses can leave the other person with a lot of questions, or a glimmer of hope that they may get back together, or a tremendous amount of insecurities. In reality, if someone ends it with you, it probably just wasn’t the right match. If you’re secure in yourself and happy with how you behaved in the relationship, there wasn’t much more you could do. To that end, here are rejections and breakup excuses that are total lies.


I’m swearing off dating

This guy may claim he’s just been hurt too many times or disappointed by too many women, and even though you two have been out several times now…he’s decided he’s swearing off dating. Often, this guy just knows deep down you’re not the right match. Or, he really likes you, is rather needy, wants you to be his insta-girlfriend, and since he senses you won’t do that, he just rejects you before you reject him. He may be swearing off dating, but you may see that this guy is married in five months.


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I’m still too heartbroken

This guy may actually still be heartbroken over his ex, but the truth is that plenty of people meet the one while they’re still getting over an ex, even if they aren’t ready. You see it every day; somebody is heartbroken one day, and moving in with their new fiancé four months later. No amount of heartbreak makes somebody blind to it when their perfect person walks into their life.




I’m focusing on my career

Plenty of men go through this self-important phase where they believe that A) Their career is god’s gift to mankind and B) It’s their obligation to mankind to thrive and C) A relationship will only get in the way of that. But the truth is, when a man falls hard, he’ll do whatever he has to do to see that woman and pursue his career at the same time. Furthermore, he sees how a healthy relationship can actually help him in his career.


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I can’t afford to date right now

First off, if a man is head over heels for a woman, he’ll take out a payday loan to take her to dinner. Second off, if he really cannot afford to date right now, he wouldn’t just let the woman of his dreams walk away! He’d come up with months of creative, cheap dates to take her on until he was comfortable enough to tell her he’s on a strict budget.





You’re too good for me

If a man really wanted to be with a woman and he perceived her as better than him, he’d just find ways to get on her level. This guy, however, with this excuse—he just wants to screw around and be a lazy boyfriend, and he can tell you won’t tolerate it. He’s doing you a favor by ending things, so take the favor.




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I’m not the commitment type

Oh please. Every man says he isn’t the commitment type until he meets a woman he can’t stop thinking about. I challenge you to find a man who didn’t think, between the ages of 18 and 25, that he “wasn’t the commitment type.” This is the cool thing for men to say. But once they find that one special woman, they don’t give a damn about what’s cool and they’re ready to delete every phone number of every other woman they’ve ever met.

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I need to work on myself

Sure, who doesn’t? There is never a time when any of us should stop working on ourselves. Whether it’s our spiritual wellbeing, our physical health, or our minds, we should all constantly be thriving to improve upon ourselves. But that doesn’t need to stop us from finding our special person. In fact, finding our special person can help us work on ourselves.





You need to explore and get out there

It’s pretty frustrating when a man tells you that you need to get out there, explore, and date more men. What is he? Your life coach? Look, if the guy just doesn’t want to date you anymore, he needs to just say that. You don’t need him implying that you haven’t gathered enough life experience yet. That’s for you to decide.





My family won’t accept you

This one may be true, but in this day and age in America, most men will fight with their family in order to be with the woman they love. They will at least give things a chance to see if their family can accept her, regardless of cultural or religious differences.






You’re too needy

If you know, in your gut, that you were not too needy, don’t listen to this guy. If all you ever did was ask for basic communication (like making plans for the weekend before the weekend, instead of at 6pm on Saturday night) then you’re not needy—this man is a child.





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The timing isn’t right

Some men may tell you the timing isn’t right for whatever reason. Maybe their job is too demanding right now, or you’re about to travel for work for three months, or they’re consumed with taking care of a sick parent. But let’s face the facts: there is no such thing as right or wrong timing. When you fall for somebody, you make the time right.






I’m too messed up

If a guy tells you he’s messed up, listen to him. He’s probably telling you the truth. But also don’t be surprised if you find out this guy is still out there dating. Humans can be selfish, and it’s in their nature to seek companionship. This guy likely just wasn’t that into the relationship and didn’t want to say it. But he isn’t going to let his personal issues get in the way of him smashing.





You’re the marrying type and I’m not ready

What does this even mean? When men say this, do they not realize that you do not want to marry someone tomorrow? Do they not know that you would like a normal progression of things, like dating for a year or two before moving in together, then seeing how that goes before getting engaged. When men say this, what they really mean is, “Honestly, I still want to sleep around.”





I think we dove in too quickly

This excuse can be pretty upsetting since it takes two people to dive in too quickly. A lot of men make the mistake of getting swept up in something, moving too fast, and then waking up terrified because you’re in their bed. But they made their bed, literally and figuratively. How were you supposed to know they would regret asking to see you five nights a week? It wasn’t your job to put the breaks on this when they wanted to put their foot on the gas.

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It’s not you; it’s me

No; it’s everyone! If one person ends things, it’s because the two people in that relationship were a bad match. But whether it’s you or him or both of you, that’s not to say anything is wrong with either of you. You are just wrong together. Don’t try to change yourself; change the partner.

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