Habits That Are Bad For Your Boobs

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Do you ever feel like your boobs have a mind of their own? You wake up on some days and they look a different color, or your areolas have grown, or one boob is looking one direction while the other is facing the ceiling. How do they do that? Well, they’re more affected by the things you do—from what you eat to what you wear—than you may think. Maybe your boobs do have a mind of their own. But not in the way you thought (You totally made up cartoon voices for them didn’t you? It’s okay. We all do it.) You’re conscious of the things you do to keep your brain healthy, your digestive tract running smoothly and your body in good shape. Don’t forget about your boobs! They have special requirements, too. Here are habits that are bad for your boobs.

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Drinking coffee on your period

Research has found that caffeine intake can increase breast pain in some women, particularly those with fibrocystic disease. Since most women complain of breast pain during their period, you could do yourself a favor by kicking the caffeine around that time of the month.







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Failing to wear a sports bra

There are a lot of “sports” bras out there but not a lot of sports bras. You should be able to jump up and down in your sports bra and barely feel movement in your breasts. Spring for the pricier but well-constructed sports bras that actually limit movement.







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Taking too much estrogen

If you are undergoing a sex change, going through menopause, taking birth control or experiencing anything that could require you to take estrogen supplements, be aware that an increase of estrogen can increase your risk of developing breast cancer.








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Counting on family history

Just because nobody in your family has had breast cancer doesn’t mean you are off the hook for receiving mammograms and going in for your yearly well woman’s exam. The relationship between one’s family history, whether or not they carry abnormal genes related to breast cancer, and their risk of breast cancer is a complex one. But every woman should be on alert, regardless of her family history.


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Failing to moisturize when you breastfeed

Breastfeeding can cause the nipples and areolas to become dry, crack and bleed, making them prone to infections. Make sure you moisturize regularly between breastfeeding.







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Wearing the wrong bra

Go into a shop that specializes in bras (in other words, your department store may not be your best bet for this). Have a sales associate measure you and help you pick out a bra that will fit you perfectly. If a bra doesn’t fit you perfectly, then your breasts will move around inside it. Any movement can cause sagging and stretch marks.






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Waxing them

If you’re insecure about the hair on your breasts, stick to tweezers or laser hair removal. Waxing the area is incredibly painful, can cause inflammation and can cause bleeding (which welcomes in bacteria).









Piercing them

If you’re looking to add some edge to your look, try piercing your nose or eyebrow. Your breasts are very sensitive and attached to some important things—like milk ducts! Piercing your nipples could damage your ducts and welcome in infection.







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Forgetting to put sunscreen on your cleavage

You may not be thinking about the sun when you’re just out and about for the day in a low-cut top. But the skin on your breasts is thin and quite sensitive to UV rays. So put sunscreen on the area, even when you’re otherwise covered up.






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Not feeling yourself up

You should get to know what your boobs feel like under normal circumstances so you can notice if anything changes. Give yourself a breast exam at least once a month.








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Being overweight

Being overweight increases one’s risk of breast cancer. Fat cells are involved with producing estrogen, and an increase in estrogen is associated with a heightened risk of breast cancer.





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Drinking a lot of alcohol

Drinking a lot of alcohol can increase one’s risk of breast cancer. Research has found that women who consume more than about three drinks a day are 1.5 times as likely to develop breast cancer as women who don’t drink.








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Poor posture

Poor posture forces your breasts to sit in an awkward position, pushing tissue downward. This can cause your breasts to sag over time.









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You can jog and keep your breasts in good shape, but you need to be militant about having a restrictive bra. The up and down motion that jogging puts your breasts through—repeated daily if you’re a daily jogger—can cause sagging over time.







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Yo-yo dieting

Losing and gaining weight stretches the skin around your breasts and can lead to sagging, as well as stretch marks. The hormonal changes that occur during rapid weight gain or loss may also increase one’s risk of breast cancer.

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