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Our society glorifies celebrities so much that it may be hard to believe that they started off as little babies just like we did. Take a trip down memory lane and see if you can guess who the children in these pictures eventually grew up to be. Check it out there are bound to be some surprises along the way.

Who’s this adorable little baby this woman’s cradling? Any guesses?

Sorry I had to trick you on this one. If I showed you the woman holding her, you would have known instantly who this was. It’s our girlfriend Tracee.

Who is this young man?

It’s R&B crooner, comedian and actor Jamie Foxx.

Who is this chunky, little baby girl?

It’s the world’s sweetheart Beyoncé. Study that picture to see if the future little Mr. or Miss Carter looks anything like his/her mother.

The picture is kind of blurry but if you look closely maybe you’ll be able to tell who this little boy grew up to be.

Ha ha! You know we had to put Bey and Jay next to each other. No need to try and morph the two baby pictures. It’s already been done. We’ll just have to wait and see what mother nature comes up with.

Well… well. The fact that this child is a lacking a little melanin might just give you a clue or two as to who this might be.

None other than Mr. Justin Timberlake.

This one is just too easy. You’d be blind not to see the resemblance.

Of course this is Usher. Bow your head in shame if you didn’t recognize him. Incidentally his sons look exactly like him.

Ok enough with the men for a minute. Can you guess who this little girl is? This is a tough one.

Don’t let the mini baby afro fool you. It’s Rihanna.

Do you know who this happy baby girl grew up to be?

Tyra Banks ya’ll. If you look at the eyes in her baby picture you can see that not much has changed.

This is a no-brainer right? (Sooo very cute by the way!)

Of course it’s Drizzy. The only thing that’s changed is the hair. He looks exactly the same.

Look at this little boy having a “Celebration.” That’s a hint ladies and gentlemen!

Kanye still has a baby face if you ask me.

Bet you don’t know who this is… or maybe you do. Just trying to build up suspense.

It’s Nicki Minaj. That was just her before all the antics of course.

I’m wiling to bet beaucoup money… Monopoly money of course, that you DO NOT know who this is.

WOOOOOooooooW. Yes Flavor Flav used to be that studious looking, adorable little boy in the picture before. Things sure do change.

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