Clothes You Shouldn’t Wear If You Love Your Body

February 16, 2017  |  
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There comes a time in life when you just love your body too much to put it through certain trends. Those include diet-related trends, exercise-related trends and, of course, clothing-related trends. When you’re young, you want to show this off, cover that up, suck that in and push that up. But there just comes a point when you say, “I love my body too much to put it through all of this to get some attention.” And you realize that the best friends out there will hang out with you in sweats, and the best romantic partners out there would never ever want you to torture yourself for a little cleavage or a higher butt. So, if you truly love your body, here are clothes you should never wear.

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Backless tops

When you wear a backless top, you’re forced to wear sticky boobs (otherwise known as chicken cutlets). These not only leave a sticky residue on your breasts that just won’t wash off, but they don’t let your skin breathe.



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Nobody who loves herself should wear a corset. You naturally end up restricting your breath all day and, plus, since you love your body, why pretend that it’s shaped any differently than it is?





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Butt-lifting jeans

If you have ever worn a pair of these then you know they can feel a bit odd, and you spend the whole day aware of the fact that your denim is holding your butt cheeks up as if they’re on a platter.




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Daisy Dukes

Otherwise known as the denim that shoves itself up into every crevice you have, and makes you feel like you’ve developed a freaking urinary tract infection every time you sit down.





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A thong bikini

This one is up for debate. If you love your tush, of course, you should show it off! But if you love your hygiene, you probably shouldn’t put such a teeny tiny strip between your private parts and that public bench.




Sloan Fit Faux-Leather Ankle Pant, Banana Republic


What did your body ever do to you to cause you to shove it in the equivalent a plastic sauna all night?! Try peeling these off after dancing for two hours.






Any fabric that doesn’t breath

Most synthetic fabrics do not breathe, and your skin doesn’t like that. This can lead to excessive sweating, chafing, and even rashes.






Necklines that plunge to your belly button

Sure, these look hot, but they make you spend the entire night wondering if your nipple is about to pop out. And that’s after you’ve already applied the sticky tape, which you can’t rely on, thatalso leaves a residue.



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Jeans with zero stretch

These can’t make you feel too good after putting on one little pound of water weight. Jeans that feature no stress also restrict your movements, so they’re just not fun to spend the day in.




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Haram pants

If you love your body, then why are you implying to the world that your body took a dump on itself? Because that’s exactly what haram pants make you look like.







Super tight dresses

It’s impossible to drink two glasses of champagne without your stomach poofing out a little bit. If you’re in a super tight dress, it begins to feel as if your stomach is trying to rip through the dress after just a couple of bites of food.




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A moo moo

Hey, didn’t you say you loved your body? So why have you put a tent over it? This is another item that’s up for debate because it is, of course, quite comfortable. But it also covers up all the hard work you’ve put into your gorgeous body.





The skinny-pant romper

Why would you make your poor bladder wait while you took off each of your sleeves, unzipped the back of your romper, and shimmied your tight pants down your ankles?





Most strapless bras

The good ones use so much underwire that you fear a titty may be stabbed, and the bad ones pull your breasts down, making them look saggier than they are.


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Low-cut jeans

There is no sitting down in low-cut jeans—oh no. Not unless you want the world to see your full a–, that is. But doesn’t your body like to sit down throughout the day? And also, is that a pube hair sticking out at the top of the fly?

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