Being Mary Jane, Season 4 Ep. 3: Butt Play, Cardi B And Mary Jane Gets Ratchet

February 1, 2017  |  
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Being Mary Jane - Cardi B

We missed out on a new episode of Being Mary Jane while finding ourselves fully engrossed in The New Edition Story last week. But no worries, MJ and the crew are back, and we’re picking up right where we left off. After seeing Ronda’s true colors and being forced to work with her nemesis Justin, Mary Jane Paul is trying to keep her head above water in episode three — and her job. As it turns out, keeping it gutter might be her saving grace, and guest star Cardi B helps her do just that. Here’s what went down in last night’s episode.

MJ Can’t Seem to Get Her Respect

Feeling the heat now that Justin, the guy who helped her lose her big gig at CNN years ago, is working as a producer for Ronda, MJ tries to hold it together. Unfortunately for her, it becomes clear that she’s being held back big time. An idea for a serious news story that could help her get back on top is approved by Garrett and the team, but Ronda passes MJ and Kara’s idea to another reporter. Mary Jane is left with a fluff story on a new social media app. She begrudgingly agrees to do the story, but confronts Garrett about why she’s being played like a flunky.

Justin Is Just in Time to Be Yet Another Pain in Mary Jane’s A–

As it turns out, Garrett says he’s not the one with an issue with Mary Jane and her interviewing style, which was brought up during the morning meeting. You guessed it: It’s Justin. He’s called in to address Mary Jane’s concerns and brings up an old interview from her SNC days where she told a White reporter that she’s “an ugly Black woman too.” (I knoooow you remember that.) Justin tells her that her interview style focuses too much on race baiting, and “I just don’t think that’s what our viewers want with their morning coffee.” It’s decided that serious stories aren’t for MJ.

Cardi B to the Rescue

Mary Jane tries to proceed with her fluff piece on the new app while working from her hotel room. Lee is there to keep her company and ends up inspiring her by turning on a reality show called Family Brawlers. She’s introduced to a star named Mercedes Wilkerson (played by Cardi B) and thinks that having Mercedes on Great Day USA will help MJ tap into the star’s young audience and help her get some respect in the office. Unfortunately, when she tries to pitch the idea, Garrett likes it, but makes her work on it with Justin.

MJ v. Justin

While going over plans for the story with her arch nemesis, Mary Jane and Justin end up getting real about their issues with one another. “It saddens you doesn’t it? “To know I’m not selling perfume at a kiosk in the mall.” Mary Jane addressed him about her feelings that he got her fired from CNN and calls Justin a puppet of Ronda’s. But he checks her right back and says she didn’t have what it took to keep her job then and she doesn’t have it at Great Day USA.

As a cute side story, Kara ends up making quite the connection with a handsome athlete named Orlando who she helps mold into a better interviewee, and possibly, down the line, a sports anchor. The two get close, and by the end of the episode, he stops by her place in the hopes of making an even stronger connection — if you know what I mean.

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Doing the Butt

While riding around the city with Lee who, I guess, is now her official boyfriend, MJ and Lee talk about the apartments she’s been checking out in the city. Despite having clearly different tastes, Mary Jane seems quite interested in having Lee move in with her. After lightening the mood by having the pair stop at a sex shop, they find themselves more on the same page when it comes to sex in comparison to preferences for homes. That is, except for butt play. Lee ends up pointing out that he enjoys a good poke from time to time, so Mary Jane, again, begrudgingly, takes on another less than glamorous task. She uses her finger to please Lee and isn’t crazy about it.

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MJ Gets Ratch

It’s the day of Mary Jane’s interview with Mercedes. While she’s excited about the opportunity, Justin quickly rains on her parade. He doesn’t want MJ asking her anything about being a Black woman, and instead, wants her to stick to questions about the reality star’s swimsuit line. In an effort to shake up her confidence even further, Ronda tells her that she needs to find better subjects to talk to. According to the lead anchor, “We’re only as good as the people we sit next to…”

The segment goes just as bad as you would think. While Mary Jane tries to keep it professional, Mercedes ends up telling her that she’s too old and her a– is too bony to wear the star’s swimsuits. Things eventually go fully left, and MJ says, on camera, that you can find Mercedes’ designs in the trunk of a car behind a strip club. Justin loses his sh-t and so does MJ. After hearing Mercedes talking crazy about her in a dressing room, Mary Jane goes full ATL on the reality star, even telling her to “Next time, swallow your kids, b—h.” The incident goes viral.

With a Lack of Success at Work, Mary Jane Looks for Success in Love — and Blows It

Feeling like a failure, Mary Jane hopes to have better luck finally closing on an apartment. She finds a dope space that her brother Paul (remember him?), now in real estate and more responsible than ever, shows her. She ends up putting the pressure on Lee pretty thick to move in with her, but he feels she’s moving too fast. The woman hasn’t even met his kids! When she pressures him one more time, Lee says, “I’ve told you, I’m not moving in with you.” What she finds to be a reasonable response is to tell him to “Get the hell out.”

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The Internet’s Love of Drama Works in MJ’s Favor — Sort Of

Back at work, Mary Jane finds that she ends up being a big hit on social media. After one of the members of Mercedes’s entourage taped MJ’s argument with the reality star, MJ finds a new fan base online, the idea of black double consciousness is brought up across the Internet, and even Melissa Harris Perry wants to interview her. Unfortunately, just when MJ thought she was moving on up at Great Day USA, Garrett lets her know that she’s been promoted to web correspondent, meaning she’ll only find her audience online instead of on air. Of course, it was Ronda’s idea…

Lee Gives MJ Her Best Relationship Advice Yet: Stop Being Thirsty

At the end of the episode, despite pushing Lee away, he comes back around as if nothing happened. When he asks her why she was being so pushy, she admits that with her 40th birthday two months away, she just wanted her life to be in a more serious place. Lee, who at this point seems to be the most mature person in this situationship, tells her that she needs to let go of what she thinks is supposed to happen and just let things be. Seriously though, homegirl works too hard to ruin a good thing…

What did you think of this week’s episode and Mary Jane’s decision to go off on Mercedes? What do you think of the direction the show is taking? 

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