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by Selam Aster

Why is it that everything of the past seems so good, so classic, soo…the way things should be. Decades ago, women were fighting for equal rights but, today, we’re fighting for a return to chivalry. No matter how you cut it, many women want to be treated like ladies and many of us imagine that the world of the 1960s was not only a world mired in charged politics but represented a time when American society was filled with an abundance of manly men. Ok, so maybe our memory is in part clouded by the period drama “Mad Men.”

In any case, sometime between my high school years and full-fledged adulthood, it seems that it’s become okay for men to not take the lead. I think I can speak for many women when I say we’re not too happy about this trend. Here’s a few things that we wish most men still did:


Move Out Of Their Mothers’ Houses 

Isn’t it just so Hot when you find out your date has a place of his own? A man maintaining his own bills and residence is ultra masculine and indicates a certain discipline and sense of responsibility. Now, he doesn’t have to have the ultimate bachelor’s pad but just a place where he’s not worried about scheduling living room time with his roommates (read: parents) or making arrangements for a sleepover.

P.S. – With the trying times, we can understand moving back home for survival reasons but if the fact of the matter is that if a 30-year-old man man has never left his parent’s place, well…need we say more?

Insist On Paying The Bill 

It’s nice to offer to help split the bill on your first date with a potential suitor – it shows consideration on your part after all. But we certainly don’t expect him to accept it. What we expect is for him to wholeheartedly, unabashedly insist on paying. Yes, indeed. That shows that he really wants to make a good impression on you.

But what if there is an awkward hesitation from him which ends up with the words “well, you can take care of the tip.” BUZZKILL. There’s nothing more disappointing then feeling that your date is uncertain about covering the costs of a date that he basically set up. This is his time to shine – to show he’s THE MAN. If he doesn’t insist at this point, you can forget about him doing it later.

Dialing Our Number

Texting has replaced calling as a means of communication BUT it’s still not great in the dating world – well, at least in the early stages of dating. If a guy is pursuing us, we want him to really make the effort, which means, making that first shy call to ask for a date.


Hold The Door Open For A Stranger 

It’s just a nice gesture. Period.

Keep Us Warm

Barack – that’s one old-school man right there and he sure is all about keeping his wifey happy.

Women, on average, get cold much more easily than men. And sometimes we just need that extra layer of comfort. So fella, risk a bit of discomfort to show us you care and give up your coat or jacket when you see us shivering.


Help Us With Our Bags

Whether it’s helping us hoist our carry-on into the overhead compartment on an airplane or just helping us carry a heavy load to our cars, a man’s strength is much appreciated. As much as we want to see each other as equals, men are certainly stronger than women, which makes them indispensable.


Having A Signature Aftershave 

A signature scent is so classic, so cool, so retro! If a man finds the right scent for his pH balance, some power is hormonally released that is absolutely irresistible.

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