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Sometimes words can sting. Many times we look at physical actions, such as cheating, as grounds for a dismissal when it comes to men; but sometimes the words a man says are just as detrimental to the relationship as him creeping.

Some words spoken don’t deserve the chance for an explanation and are grounds for automatic dismissal.  Although he can attempt to retract his words with an apology, some words stings so badly that they leave a lasting impression in our minds.

If a man says any of these things, unfortunately an automatic dismissal of relationship should soon follow. While you may allow an explanation, there isn’t too much that can be said to rectify these words. So if you find yourself the recipient of any of these words, you may want to do yourself a favor and dip!

What’s Up With Your Friend?

If a man is asking about your friend, even as a joke, he has definitely crossed the line. His inquiry about your friend is grounds for a dismissal. First you would never trust him around your friend ever again, and secondly you may not trust him around any other woman ever again. In addition, if he’s bold enough to ask about a friend, he’s not worthy of your respect. Consider him dismissed!

I’m Still In Love With My Ex

A man confesses that he is still in love with his ex, but because she is in a relationship or hurt him, they can’t be together. The fact that they are not together now and he is with you and not her doesn’t even matter. Why? Because if the opportunity presents itself, his love for her will surpass how he feels for you. Do yourself a favor and dip before she returns to him and you’re left heartbroken.

Why Don’t You Look Or Act Like….

If every time you’re watching television he compares you to a girl the latest video vixen on the TV screen, you need to re-consider if he really likes you. If a man is constantly comparing you to other women, whether it is personality or looks, leave immediately. If he’s suggesting cosmetic procedures that you didn’t even know Chances are he’s trying to mold you into his ‘dream girl’ and it may not be the real you.

I Was With You, But Thinking of Someone Else

One of my girlfriends playfully asked her boyfriend if he had thoughts of other girls when they had sex. Although she opened up the conversation of disaster by asking the question, he answered truthfully admitting that he often thinks of other women while they are ‘doing the do’. Even if she would have stayed after his comment, their sex life would have never been the same. Not only is this a blow to the ego, it suggests that your man is not totally into you sexually.

I Don’t Find You Physically Attractive Anymore

If your man admits that he loves your personality, your cooking, and your ‘good-good’, but doesn’t find you physically attractive anymore this is an automatic bye-bye. Men are physical creatures and if he doesn’t find you physically attractive, there is room for someone else to slide in. Not to mention, his forwardness is just plain rude.

Can We Have Sex With Other People?

So he wants his cake and to eat it too? He wants to be with you but have sex with other women. While open relationships are not as condemned as they used to be, who really likes to share? His honesty and boldness to even ask the question may be appreciated, but the fact that he wants to share you with others and wants you to be cool sharing him is grounds for automatic dismissal. That is, unless open relationships are your thing.


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