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Is there really anything wrong with craving male attention? Well, that depends. First of all, if you’re in a committed relationship, it probably shouldn’t matter to you whether or not other men pine after you, like your Instagram photos, or turn their heads when you walk by. If you do, then A) your partner doesn’t pay enough attention to you or B) you have an ego so large that it takes 1,000 men to stroke it sufficiently. Or one million Instagram followers. There’s also the fact that nobody’s attention—male or otherwise—should determine how highly you value yourself. Sure, male attention can be nice, but some women become addicted to it and let it affect how happy or fulfilled they feel each day. So, is male attention too important to you?

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You tell other men how much men love you

You often tell men how much other men adore you—how many gifts they buy you, how they won’t stop inviting you to VIP events and won’t stop calling you. This is your way of getting the current man’s attention. Even if this is all true, it’s weird to tell somebody about it.

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You post a tremendous number of selfies

Let’s face it; selfies are just about getting attention, and hot selfies are just about getting a certain kind of attention. We all have a certain level of vanity and post a couple a week, but if you post a couple an hour, something is wrong.

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You will miss an event if you can’t do your makeup

If you get a last-minute invitation to an event you know you’d enjoy, you will stay home if you don’t have the full two hours you need to do your hair and makeup.


You hate when guys hit on your friends

It drives you nuts to see men hitting on your friends. It makes your blood boil that that man didn’t choose you.

Even if you had no interest in them

The last point remains true, even if you would never date that man in a million years. It’s just about the attention.

You’re bothered by other women who get male attention

If you go out with a group of women, you find yourself forming a weird frienemy with the one other woman in the group who gets a lot of male attention. You fixate on her.

You get bored at parties where there aren’t any men

You have a hard time remaining interested in a party if there are not men there to drool over you.



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People often call you a flirt

If people call you a major flirt, then you probably have some addiction to male attention. There’s not much point in flirting with men who you don’t want to date unless you just want them to want you.



You always try to get past the bouncer

You think it’s unacceptable that you should ever have to wait in line to get into a club. You love the fact that your appearance gets you special treatment, and you cash in on it every time. If it doesn’t work one night, you feel deeply slighted.


You always find your way into some guy’s bottle service

You can’t just be a regular person at a club—oh no—you zone in on the clearly wealthiest guy there, who could probably invite any woman to his bottle service table, and you insist on being the one he wants.







You still talk to that guy who you know likes you

Even though you’ve already told a guy who likes you that you don’t like him back, you still say sweet things to him, talk to him and hang around him. Why? Because you like the attention.

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You don’t put men in their place when you should

If a man is a jerk, you don’t tell him so because you don’t want to do anything that would make him stop fawning over you.



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You look better than the bride

You somehow always look better than the bride at every wedding you attend. You have your makeup professionally done as if this is your big day.



You get more attention than the birthday girl

At someone’s birthday, you always have to be the one making the speech, singing the karaoke, and calling “Shots!”






Nasty online comments can ruin your day (or month)

If a guy you don’t even know suggests that you need to lose weight or get breast implants, you spend the rest of the week asking people if they think he’s right.

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You spend family holidays talking to the male bartender

You find the one male you aren’t related to at family events and talk to him the entire night instead of to your family.

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You need to approve photos people take of you

If anyone takes a photo of you, you rush to their side after to approve of it before they post it anywhere.



You fish for compliments

You post a lot of status updates about feeling bloated or haggardly. You know exactly the types of responses you’ll be getting.


You do guy stuff you don’t really like

Like, talk about how much you love lesbian sex scenes and sports and strip clubs. No, you don’t.





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You touch up at the gym

You go to the bathroom a few times during your workout to fix your hair and mascara.

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