Think About It… Reasons Couples Sleep In Separate Bedrooms

January 6, 2017  |  
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If you’ve lived with your partner for a long time and have been blessed enough to have more than one bedroom in your home, then you’ve likely spent the night in separate rooms a time or two, and you know it’s not a big deal. Couples don’t always decide to sleep separately because of some blowout fight, or because they’ve fallen into a sexless relationship. While some relationship experts might advise you not to make sleeping in separate rooms a habit, long-term couples know that sometimes, catching your zzz’s a few hundred feet apart can be very beneficial. Your relationship isn’t falling apart, and you aren’t growing apart if you don’t share a blanket every night. Here are the top reasons couples sleep in separate bedrooms.


Different wake-up times

If one person needs to be up at 6 am and the other doesn’t need to be up until 9 am, once a week or so the couple may sleep in separate bedrooms so everybody can set the exact sleep hours they want—no alarm clocks disturbing them.


Stomach issues

Hey, sometimes you get gassy. Sometimes you get so gassy that you know the only way you can sleep comfortably is knowing that your partner is separated from you and your gas, by a wall.





You need to watch your show

Sometimes, even if it’s late and your partner wants to go to sleep, you need to watch the two-hour special episode that just came out of your favorite show. You don’t want to wake up your boo when you come to bed, so you just binge watch your show in the other room.


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Somebody’s drunk

We’ve all been there; we come home from a night of partying too drunk to be certain we could be even close to quiet enough to go to bed in the same room as our partner.





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To sleep with the dog

If there is only room for two people or one person and a dog, some nights, you want to snuggle with the pup! So the partner has to go.








If your partner sounds like a chainsaw on some evenings, nobody can blame you for jumping beds.








Climate control

This one might flare up during the winter or summer depending on your personal body thermostats. If you run hot, but your boyfriend needs the heater on during the winter, you may need to move to the colder room.





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Emergency situations

If one of your family members is in the hospital and you refuse to silence your phone for the night in case somebody calls with updates, it’s natural that your partner would sleep in another room.






Hey, sometimes a woman just wants her own space when she’s got on a chunky pad under her ugliest sweats and she’s menstruating.








Eating in bed

If one person has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to eating in bed, and the other one thinks snacking under the blankets is the greatest joy on earth, that snacker may need to move to the other room.






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An argument

Yes, sometimes you sleep in separate rooms because you’re still pissed at each other come bed time, and you don’t want to grace your partner’s bed with your presence for now.







Special alone time

The kind that requires things that vibrate and websites that ask you to confirm you are 18 years old.



If you come down with the flu and your partner simply cannot afford to get sick, you may be quarantined to the other room.






When you’re having one of those restless nights and stress has you tossing and turning, getting up for water, and checking your social media, you may remove your anxious aura from your partner’s bed.







If you have children, and one has a terrible nightmare and refuses to go to bed alone, you may have to go with them.

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