Denzel Washington Shares 10 Things You Never Knew About Him In Reddit Chat

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Denzel Washington

How much do you know about Denzel Washington?

Well, for one, he’s an amazing actor with a lovely family. But aside from that, not much right? He doesn’t get to open up that often about his favorite things. But Washington did just that yesterday when he did a Q&A with fans via Reddit to promote Fences. He was asked everything from his favorite turn-up songs to the quote that sticks with him and even his snack preferences. It was a fun little chat with some of his biggest fans. (In case you’re wondering, Reddit offered multiple options of proof to show everyone that they were really talking to Washington — including a picture of the actor holding a sign saying he is Denzel Washington.) Check out some of the very interesting information your favorite actor shared about himself.

If He Prefers Playing the Hero or the Villain

“I like mixing it up. I don’t have a preference. I don’t want to. More heroes earlier on my career, and then when I did Training Day all I got offered was villains, I guess they didn’t know I had it in my, but I don’t have a preference. Good scripts.”

Favorite Song to Hype Him Up

“Depends upon what I’m doing…In different movies I’ll get into a particular artist. I’ve used Mary J Blige when I was doing a darker movie Courage in the Fire, and some of her music just helped me with that. When I did Magnificent 7 I used War because they have some kind of cowboy stuff, ‘Southern part of Texas’ was one and ‘Gypsy Man’ was a couple of songs, bands from the 80s, 70s. It depends I gotta find that vibe and it gives me a certain feeling that I like. Training Day ugh, whatever I wanted to. It was just filthy.”

His Favorite Quote From a Character He’s Played

“What came right through my head was ‘King Kong’, but that’s not necessarily my favorite line, that’s the line that I hear the most from other people.
I don’t have one. Some people walk up, ‘my man’ from American Gangster, but I don’t have one that I walk around and repeat because I’m onto the next one, so I’m not thinking about it that much.”

The One Thing Someone Has Said That Stays With Him to This Day

“My mother said, ‘Keep it simple.’ It took me a long time, wading through a lot of stuff, to realize how much of it you don’t need. I don’t even mean material, professionally, I’ve said this before, Sidney Poitier told me, “if they see you for free all week, they won’t pay to see you on the weekend.” So don’t be everywhere for everybody. This is an age when we think the more you’re seen, the better. In the movie business, that’s not the case. Prime example, when is the last time you’ve seen Daniel Day Lewis? Right? Lincoln. Last movie did 3-400 million. That’s the movie game. You want people to say, ‘where is he?’ Like you just said, ‘When’s Equalizer?’ Those are two good things. Keep it simple.”

How He Deals With Nerves

“Sometimes nerves are good for you. I still get nervous, it’s ok, that means you’re alive. The only thing to fear is fear itself, so that’s a part of it. Being fearful is a part of it, but keep going. There was a saying fall down seven times, get up eight, so just keep going. We all have fear. Believe me I have as much as anybody else and we all have to face them. Face your fears.”

His Favorite Snack

“Häagen-Dazs Ice cream. Cherry Vanilla, number 1, Chocolate, number 2, and Butter Pecan, number 3.”

Which Character He’s Most Like

“That would be a good question for my wife. I don’t know. I don’t think any of them, not completely. There’s a piece of me in all of them and all of them in me, but I can’t say this one is really like me. Training Day was close. No, that’s the old me. The younger me.”

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If He Has a Favorite Director He’s Worked With

“I’ve learned so much from so many of them, I wouldn’t pick one. I mean I love Tony Scott, God rest his soul. I’ve had great success with Spike and Ed Swick. Obviously great success with Antoine Fuqua, those are the ones that I just mentioned. I love and miss Tony. One of the best filmmakers is really…I’m going to say everybody and all the ones I leave out are going to be pissed but…c’est la vie. That’s a good group right there. I’m sure I left out somebody.”

The Most Famous Person He’s Played Ball With And That Time President Obama Challenged Him to a One-on-One Game

I don’t play ball anymore, those days are over, and I grew up in a town called Mount Vernon NY, and as you know coming from Brooklyn we had some good ball players…The most famous person…well I’ve hung up my knees so my ball days are over, so I didn’t get a chance to play with the president, that would be interesting. Cause he kept saying he was gonna serve me, and the NY ego was like hey you better check with us down here, check with the knees.
I don’t know who is super big. When I first got to LA, the hollywood high school they would have different celebrities, but a lot of the biggest named guys didn’t play, they just talked a lot. Arsenio played, but not a big big star. Who is the best movie star player? I rest my case. My days are over. In my time it was me, hahaha.”

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