What Is Gigantomastia? Woman Gets Help With “Incredibly Uneven” Breasts On Botched By Nature

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Botched by Nature


Have you been tuning into Botched by Nature? A spinoff of the E! hit Botched, I would say it’s a lot better than its predecessor. Instead of helping people who’ve gone way too far with certain plastic surgeries to scale things back, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif help people with genetic abnormalities or individuals who have faced traumatic incidents this time around. Very interesting TV.

Anywho, a young woman named Sharice was featured on the E! show recently. She was hoping to get some help for her uneven breasts. And while many women have unbalanced breasts (myself included), Sharice actually had gigantomastia, which caused her left breast, 34 centimeters, to be a substantially smaller size than her right, coming in at 40 centimeters.

So what exactly is gigantomastia? Also known as breast hypertrophy, it’s when the breast connective tissue exceeds three percent the total body weight, or more than five pounds. When this enlargement happens (and it can happen during pregnancy, to pre-teens, and there have even been times where it’s happened to infants as well), stretching of the skin and the weight of the breast can be incredibly uncomfortable. Aside from grooving in the skin from bras fighting to keep your breasts up, some rashes and ulceration may also occur. This enlargement can happen bilaterally or just in one breast. A cause is not 100 percent clear, but it’s presumed that such growth takes place because of hormone sensitivity, and different growth factors.

After checking out the differences for Sharice, Dr. Dubrow noted that her breasts are “incredibly uneven.” While Sharice did need a breast reduction for both, her right breast was deemed an “extraordinarily high-risk breast.” The distance her nipple would have to be raised on that right breast was the largest Dubrow had seen. To deal with it, a lot of breast tissue would need to be removed, challenging the remaining tissue.

“Sharice really has all of the factors you don’t wanna have when you’re doing breast reduction and lift surgery,” Dubrow said. “There ultimately may not be enough blood supply to keep her remaining breasts alive.”

Thankfully, things worked out. The procedure was a success, and Dubrow was able to save both breasts, which ended up perfectly even after the fact:

Botched by Nature via Pinterest

Botched by Nature via Pinterest

Sharice was pretty excited about her results, saying she couldn’t wait to show off her body in a more confident way.

“This is something that I’ve wanted for so long,” she said. “I’m excited for the summer, I’m excited to wear a bathing suit, I’m excited to go to water parks, to the beach. I’m excited to buy sexy clothes. I’m excited about all of that, it’s kind of life-changing.”

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