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At this moment, the controversy surrounding vaccinations is at it’s high. I can say this justifiably. My husband and I have a 5-month-old entirely unvaccinated, healthy daughter. It wasn’t easy to make the final decisions but after immense research, we decided that it’s best if we don’t let her get vaccinated. She also hasn’t received the Vitamin K shot.

It’s up to you to decide what you believe is best for your family, but whichever path you choose, please make an informed decision. A lot of times, people who have never even read the package insert are the one’s who think they’re entitled to have a negative opinion about our decision.

Here’s why we chose not to vaccinate our daughter…

Vaccines Attack The Natural Immune System

Our natural immune system is made of our skin, throat, ears, eyes, saliva, nasal hair, intestines, tonsils, mucous membranes and the brain; all work together and provide whole body immunity. Vaccinating is the act of injecting a disease in order to get immune to it. This theory is flawed in many ways. One, vaccines contain many dangerous chemicals which aren’t associated with the actual virus you’re supposed gain immunity to. Each of the additional chemicals has their own toxic effect on the body. Secondly, natural diseases are acquired orally or via nasal cavity, not through the skin. Vaccines wound the skin by injecting foreign matter with a needle into our blood supply. This evades the skin’s natural immune function; as well as the tonsils, the throats, and so on. Naturally, the body would produce antibodies after being primed by the tonsils that there is an approaching infection. Consequently, an army of white blood cells would be ready to neutralize the acquired infection. In the case of vaccination though, the infection goes straight into the bloodstream. Injection of vaccines through this unnatural way can use up 70 percent of the immune system’s resources, instead of the typical 3 to 4%. Because the body won’t have extra antibodies ready, it can go into overdrive in an attempt to handle the situation, taking much needed vitamins away from organs and bones in order to produce more antibodies; which in result means that the other vital systems go short on vitamins.

“Herd Immunity” Is A Myth

The herd-immunity concept is based on a faulty assumption that vaccinations offer a life-long resistance to viral infection. An example for the faultiness of this theory is the measles outbreak of 2011 in Quebec, Canada with 95-97 percent measles vaccination compliance in the period of double vaccination against measles. The question that I ask is that if double vaccination isn’t enough to patch those alleged vaccine failures and ensure “herd immunity,” do we have to look forward to triple or even quadruple? Another accusation made against me before is that I risk the health of other children by exposing them to my unvaccinated child. If vaccinations work the way most believe they do, shouldn’t vaccinated children be protected?

The Ingredient List Is Terrifying

Here is a list including description and use of vaccine ingredients. The most disturbing ingredient on that list is from the Hepatitis A shot. It contains human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue. Yes, you’ve read that right; look it up. Another one of the most debated ingredient of vaccinations is Thimerosal. Most of the vaccines routinely promoted for children in the United States contain it; it has 49.6 percent mercury by weight. Mercury’s liquid and gas forms are highly poisonous. When inhaled or ingested, Mercury can accumulate in the body, slowly damaging the membranes of important organs like the brain, nervous system, kidneys or liver. It can cause varying effects from eye irritation and vomiting to DNA and chromosomal damage. Shots including mercury are also highest associated with autism.

Dangerous Side Effects

Some of the side effects include injection site reactions like pain, swelling and redness; fever, shivering, fatigue, headaches, sleep disorder, speech disorder, as well as muscle and joint pain. I’ve experienced latter after receiving my final flu shot. My left arm was hurting for months; I could barely even move it. Scientifically unproved but in my opinion and based off of the knowledge that I’ve acquired from extensive research – vaccines can cause autism.

Whether you choose to or not, I encourage you to do your own research. It’s important to know what you’re injecting your children with and how it may harm them. If you’re concerned about day care, school, college etc., there are exemption forms you can file to opt out of the requirement of vaccinations for acceptance.

If you decide against the Vitamin K shot at birth, eat lots of green leafy vegetables while pregnant and/or get liquid chlorophyll; those have a very high natural vitamin k content. I fully trust in nature to heal us and strengthen our immune systems. My husband and I haven’t been sick in over two years; neither has our daughter. Living a vegan lifestyle is extremely beneficial, not only to your health but also to the planet, animals, body, mind and soul.

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