When it comes to date night, especially a first date, we as women often want to be swept off of our feet. We want something out of a movie with the bar set pretty high. Although we leave it up to guys to decide where we will go and what we will do, the expectation is that it will all come together and be nothing short of amazing. I mean, we need to have a good story to run and tell our girls, right?

But what about when the tables are turned and it’s our turn to be creative and plan a date night? If you think brunches and picnics in the park with wine and cheese is going to cut it for him, think again. I asked a few guys to describe their perfect date night and while I wasn’t surprised by how simple the outings were, I was taken aback by how sentimental they happened to be.

For instance, one man’s idea of the perfect date night includes something intimate that allows for much-needed time for talking and bonding. That’s why being out in nature (parks, beaches, canyons), having intimate conversations and doing some star gazing were his answers for a nice way to spend an evening. It sounds so Nicolas Sparks, but who wouldn’t love that type of date night?

Another, who has been in a long-distance relationship for the last two years, said that when he’s able to be in the same place with his significant other, he loves being able to show her new things in his city and enjoys seeing what her town has to offer when he visits. However, his ideal date night is actually one where they stay in, cook a meal together, and watch movies.

Quite a few men I spoke to expressed that their perfect date night involves lot of hands-on activities such as golfing, arts and crafts, and sports. It gives them a chance to teach their date something she might not know, and it encourages lot of physical touch (think Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost).

“To know someone’s musical taste is to reaaaally know them,” one man said. His idea of the optimal date night involves cooking a new recipe together and sampling each other’s music libraries. For another man, he said that creative dates where one pulls out all of the stops are his preference.

Like the time he and his date packed up a car and took a mini road trip to a few different festivals. One in particular was a soul food festival in Montreal.

“The restaurant provided the picnic basket and food and location,” he said. “It was really dope.”

According to popular opinion, men have a hard time communicating their feelings and what they’re thinking. However, if he’s comfortable with you, it shouldn’t be too hard to get him to open up about what would be the perfect outing. For the men I spoke to, the ideal evening varied greatly depending on their tastes, and for them, date nights can be fun, they can be adventurous, and they can be spontaneous. They can also be mellow, intimate, and quite romantic. Either way, now that you know what some guys have in mind when it comes to being wooed every once in a while, you can suggest something a little bit more creative than that picnic basket and blanket idea.

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