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Common said it best, “relationships can be dead but look live to us.” With the advent and now prevalence of reality television, we have the opportunity to literally watch traditionally private moments broadcast across national television. Sometimes the pressures of constantly being watched or the responsibility of entertaining complete strangers can make some people crack. In other cases showcasing your life can highlight issues you should have already addressed. Check out a list of reality TV stars who couldn’t make it last forever…like Keith Sweat.

Whitney and Bobby Brown
We can pretty much assume that there was drama in the Brown household loooong before “Being Bobby Brown” was ever even a thought. But if there was one thing the show did do, it was paint a clear picture of just how crazy both Whitney and Bobby truly were. Though entertaining, it could be absolutely painful to watch. The show was relatively short lived and once it was over so were Bobby and Whitney. Probably…no most definitely… for the best though.

Jessica and Nick Lachey
Perhaps I was a little too invested in the inner workings of Nick and Jessica’s marriage because when they broke up I was too through. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t follow Jessica Simpson’s music and 98 Degrees didn’t do much for me but I watched the mess out of “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” like I was a fan and lo and behold after a three year marriage the couple was finished. Umph. Rumor has it that infidelity…on Jessica’s part may have been what ended it. Who knows? Either way it hurt my heart.

Kate and Jon Gosselin
If you’ve ever seen just one episode of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” you know Kate used to talk to Jon any ole kind of way. We recognized it was a problem but we got so wrapped up in watching all those adorable kids that we forgot there was marriage in the midst. We weren’t surprised to hear the couple was splitting but it was sad knowing those kids were going to have to make some major adjustments.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Did you forget that Britney Spears and former husband/father of her children Kevin Federline starred in a reality TV series called, “Chaotic” on UPN? You just might have. This is back in the day when Kevin still had his back-up dancer body and before the two had their sons. The two chronicled their new life together. Who knows exactly what went wrong with those two crazy kids. But for whatever reason Britney filed for divorce two years after they’d been married. Things got real ugly once issues of custody came into play.

New York and Tailor Made

I was never convinced that New York really liked Tailor Made. It was clear that she had a serious thang for Buddha but alas, he wouldn’t put up with any of her crap and therefore she had to send him home and go with her back up plan. Enter no game having, boring as dead snails Tailor Made. The two rode off into the proverbial sun set together but it wasn’t long before rumors swirled that they were no longer together. No surprise there. There are discrepancies on who broke up with who but I’d put my money on New York. Once those cameras stopped rolling she probably realized she’d effed up.

Jennifer Williams and Eric Williams

It was crystal clear that Eric and Jennifer were done before “Basketball Wives” started. There was infidelity on his part, he didn’t trust her with those friends of hers and they barely ever saw each other. (They used kill me having serious conversations through text messages.) Jennifer held on for a good minute for one reason or another even when Eric seemed to be completely over it. The reality show wasn’t the cause of their split but I’m sure having your business, including your therapy sessions shown on national television was enough to push an already teetering marriage over the edge.

Brandy and Flo Rida

I know, I know. Brandy and Flo Rida barely even had time to establish a relationship before it was over and done with. The Floridan (obviously) rapper was checking for Brandy while she was in the process of filming her family show “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business”. He invited her to some award show and she spent so much time discussing whether she should or shouldn’t go blah blah. Maybe baby boy just got tired of waiting. Who knows. Either way it’s no sweat off our back. She can do better.

Deelishis and Flava Flav

It’s almost impossible to take any of Flav’s relationships seriously when it’s more than obvious to everyone but him that those women could care less about him. Even New York who seemed to be breaking her neck to be with him only did so to further her own career. The same with Hoopz, who’s upgraded in a major way. (Don’t know how Shaq kisses her knowing she’s been in Flav’s mouth?!?) And the same with Deelishis. The big-bootied girl might try her hand at acting considering for a moment I actually thought she genuinely liked dude. But like the rest of these reality show relationships, Deelishis was done with Flav after a hot minute and on to creating her own line of jeans and more recently pursuing a career in music. Surprise, surprise.

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