Make It Last Forever: Travis And Jackie Greene Talk The 7-Year Itch And Other Marriage Myths

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What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from your spouse?

Jackie: I think Travis has made me so much more brave and fearless. I have a lot of perfectionism with me. I was in dental school, and everything had to be perfect. You had to cross every T and dot every I. He lived a much more carefree life. He lived his life on the edge and just took God at His word. Whatever God said, he would just to do. I had crazy faith, but he ignited something in me that made me feel like I could abandon having to live up to everybody’s opinion and be this specific thing. I could just be myself. He really validated who God created me to be, and helped me to go after it.

Travis: For me, I would say that she taught me to kind of chill. I just calmed down, and she helped out a lot with that. One thing that’s great about her is that she’s what I needed for where God was taking me. She’s not impressed by people, and if you can get delivered from that, it helps so much. If you’re not impressed by people, you don’t have to try to impress people or try to prove yourself or be validated by man. She helped calm me down with all of that, and she did it indirectly. Really, just being around her and seeing how she was around different people and different venues.

What are your thoughts on people who say that you won’t be madly in love with your spouse every day. Do you feel like you love your spouse every day?

I would definitely say yes. There are times when you have frustrations or different obstacles that come, but I really believe that a marriage is supposed to be a reflection of your relationship with God. I don’t feel like it has to be that struggle that people talk about. I look at Travis, and even during frustrating times—it’s what helps me get through the frustration—is I remember the thing that caused me to marry him. I remember the sacrifices he made, and it usually helps. You know not falling into the pattern of “Oh, he should do this.” Thinking on the things that are good about him really helps me to transcend, and look at him and say that I definitely love him every day.

Travis: For me, I would definitely say every day, and it only grows stronger over time. I think I love her more today than I did yesterday and more than I did when I proposed because I know her more. I think you’re supposed to, and if not, you probably don’t need to be married.

You’ve been married for five years, but you’ve been together a lot longer than that. What are your thoughts on notions like the seven-year itch? Do you think it has any validity or are people just talking?

I think a lot of times, people are in their feelings. I think a lot of people are really selfish, and they’re always thinking their own ambitions. You know, what I could have done and what I should have done. I don’t think they have the perspective of thinking about themselves and their partners as one, which is what you’re supposed to take on in a marriage. I believe that when you walk in a marriage, you’re really giving up your life for God, and the same thing transcends into your marriage. I don’t think that will ever be something that Travis and I face because I don’t think we walked into the marriage focused on ourselves. We really came in believing that Travis would better me, and I would better him. To even think about living my life seven years from now without Travis, it would be a crazy notion. Even on the day that I’m my maddest, I still think about how he helped me to be better. I don’t believe any of that is real, and I truly believe what you believe about your marriage will be true for your marriage. Please don’t take any of that stuff to heart that your first year will be your worst year and all of that kind of stuff. Believe what God says that your marriage could be and I believe that it will show up in your marriage.

Travis, do you have any new project that you’re working on?

The latest single is called “Made a Way.” There are some possible tours that may be going down with me and some of my friends in gospel. It’s going to be a big year. We’re not stopping, and God is constantly opening doors. Definitely stay connected on social media @travisgreenetv or the website so that you can stay in the loop.

We’re also planting a church in Columbia, South Carolina, Forward City Church. That’s already begun. The official launch is August 21, but we’re doing Bible study. It’s a lot of fun inspiring people to walk closer to God.

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