Meagan Good: Why Are Women Blamed When Men Lust After Them?

March 15, 2016  |  
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Splash News

Weeks after a woman attempted to call her out for being too revealing in her manner of dress, Meagan Good is clearing the air. During a discussion at Essence’s Women In Hollywood event, the actress addressed her critics.

“What is considered modest or appropriate differs depending on any given culture and context,” Good told Essence. “It also changes from woman-to-woman. You have to consider each woman’s body type, her personality, personal perspectives and what season of life she’s in, meaning what I considered appropriate at 20 is different than what I consider appropriate at 30.”

Good, who co-authored The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love, also discussed the double standards perpetuated by many Christians when it comes to modesty.

“[In terms of modesty] I think that it’s kind of unfair that there’s a picking and choosing on how some people make it the woman’s fault or responsibility if a man lusts after her,” she shared. “But then, in the same token, if I go to Ralphs, and I’m shopping for dinner for my husband in sweatpants and a t-shirt, and a man is still in there lusting after me, how it’s fair that he doesn’t have to pluck out his right eye, but the expectation is that I’m supposed to do something or that I’m supposed to manage any given man in the world and what may turn him on.”

She continued:

“I think to expect women to manage every kind of man’s different attraction is kind of crazy and unfair to women. And, I think modesty is also about your intention: What are you trying to accomplish? What are the intentions of your heart? And I know my intention is genuine.”

“I work at that daily in how I carry myself and what I project, but anyone trying to manage their life around what might affect or offend any given human being in the entire world, it is an impossible feat.”

Meagan raises an excellent point. It’s highly unlikely that the average woman, Christian or not, dresses herself every single day with the intent to cause a man to fall into sexual sin. And some women with certain features and body types will be the object of a man’s lust regardless of what she puts on. As the actress previously stated, it’s nearly impossible for a woman to manage herself in a way that’s going to allow her to avoid turning every single man on.

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